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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Element Dragon

Dragon / Effect Monster
This monster gets the following effect(s) while there is a monster(s) with the following Attribute(s) on the field:
* FIRE: Increase the ATK of this card by 500 points.
* WIND: If this card destroyed your opponent's monster as a result of battle, it can attack once again in a row.

Type - Light / 4 / 1500 / 1200
Card Number
- SOD-EN023

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 10.27.04

Coin Flip Well, here's one of the most solid cards we get this set. It really
doesn't get much better than this. The Element monsters (continued
next set with a Dinosaur and Spellcaster, also DARK and LIGHT
respectively) gain effects for subtype monsters on the field. The
only real problem with some of them is that they lose their
playability due to the fact that barely anyone uses a good deal of
most of the elements besides DARK and LIGHT. Earth is the best, and
therefore comes with the best effect - Effect Negation. Water is most
oft-used, but comes with no control change? Fire comes with more
attack, and Wind with BLS-type effect. We've yet to get a
double-attack effect negation combination yet.

That little explanation said, Element Dragon is overall pretty solid.
Why? He's a Dragon. Most good Dragon types are WIND, and the Horus
monsters + Masked Dragon are all FIRE. Therefore, you could make a
dragon deck where you get both effects rather easily. Expect four
more such cards (besides Element Soldier) to be released.

2/5 in any deck
3.5/5 in an appropriate Dragon Deck
Since Cookie Cutter Chaos Control dominates Traditional, you're not
using him in Traditional EVER unless you're playing casual. 
Tranorix Element Dragon

Element Dragon isn't a bad monster. There's nothing incredible about it, but it's definitely playable in the right deck. With 1500 ATK, it can hold its own; being a Dragon gives him a bit of support and being LIGHT makes him food for BLS-EotB, though playing Element Dragon in a deck focused on getting BLS-EotB out would be a relatively stupid thing to do.

If there's a FIRE monster on the field, Element Dragon becomes a 2000 ATK monster. That's definitely not bad for a Level 4. If there's a WIND monster on the field, he can attack again if he kills a monster first (just like BLS-EotB). It would probably be better just to play Element Dragon in a WIND OR FIRE deck than to try to combine both of them. Choose one of his effects and build a deck that utilizes it; if you try to mix and match, the overall theme of the deck is likely going to be weaker.

He's nothing spectacular, but he can add a lot of support to a WIND or FIRE deck. I would avoid him elsewhere, however.

Traditional Ė CCCC: 2/5
Traditional Ė WIND: 3/5
Traditional Ė FIRE: 2.5/5
Advanced Ė WIND: 3.5/5
Advanced Ė FIRE: 4/5 
Snapper Element Dragon

Todayís card is one of the Element monsters in the form of a Dragon. Whatís
its name? Element Dragon of course.

Stats: Element Dragon has 1500 ATK and 1200 DEF, allowing you to search for it with Sangan, Witch of the Black Forest, Shining Angel, and Masked Dragon. The ATK is very slightly below average for monsters these days, but Element Dragon can get an ATK boost through its effect. It is a LIGHT monster, which doesnít really help Element Dragon because I canít imagine it being in a deck that focuses on LIGHT monsters. Itís also a Dragon, giving it a good deal of support. Stats Ė Average.

Effect: Element Dragonís effect is different than that of most monsters.
When a FIRE monster is face-up on the field, increase Element Dragonís ATK
by 500, and when there is a WIND monster face-up on the filed, Element
Dragon can attack a second time if it has destroyed a monster first.
Something that should be said about the effects is that they arenít
cumulative. This means that if there are 2 FIRE monsters, Element Dragon
still only gains 500 ATK points, not 1000. Itís the same case if there are 2
WIND monsters; Element Dragon canít attack up to three times, only two. With all that said, it is apparent that Element Dragon can be a useful monster.
Both its effects work well by themselves, and they work even better
together. Effect Ė Good.

Combos: There arenít a lot of combos with Element Dragon other than using
DNA Transplant and/or Scroll of Bewitchment to turn a monster into the one
of the desired Attributes.

Usability: For the time being, Element Dragon works best in Dragon Decks,
which tend to use the two Attributes that power up Element Dragon in bulk.
The other possibility is an Element Deck, which I believe will be useable
upon the release of RDS. I must warn you my knowledge of the OCG is very
limited, so I may be wrong about this.

Element Dragon can be a very powerful monster in or against decks that use
lots of FIRE or WIND monsters.

Advanced Format: 2.5/5. Element Dragon is tied down to being used with two
Attributes that are, at this time, uncommon. They appear more often in
Advanced, but still arenít played as a deck-type very often. Fortunately
there are Dragon Decks, giving it some playability.
Traditional Format: 2/5. As was the case with Ultimate Baseball Kid, Element
Dragon is shunned in Traditional because it isnít Chaos Emperor Dragon.
Fortunately there are Dragon Decks, giving it some playability.
Art: 2/5. Itís a little too muscular for a dragon in my opinion. 
ExMinion OfDarkness Wednesday:
Element Dragon

Konami has recently been trying to jump-start multiple type decks -- this will REALLY be seen in the next expansion with some of the cards we see there. Basically, in order for the card to be any good it has to have another monster alongside it with a compatible type. If a fire-type is out (assuming Blazing Inpachi, UFO Turtle, or Solar Flare), he's a 2000 attacker. If a Wind type is out, he's a stronger Hayabusa Knight.

The 1500 ATK makes it searchable by many cards, but that along with the fourth level star makes it vulnerable to all three big blockers (G-Bind, Level Limit, and the Messenger of Peace.)

The card has potential for a "mixed" deck that Konami will be begging us to make with a couple of cards in Rise of Destiny, but for now, I can't warrant a high score for it. Theme decks with streamlined types seemed to do better than anything else, and playing another type of card just to get a boost out of this isn't exactly the smartest way to go about utilizing cards.

Traditional: 1/5 for now, may get better with Rise of Destiny
Advanced: 1.5/5 (Note that with my old Traditional scores, I focused on how the card works in Chaos/Control or against it. With Advanced, I look at how the card works in a Burn or Warrior deck, or against either type.) 
dawnyoshi Element Dragon is potentially one of the best level 4 dragons that could be used in today's game. This card is just begging to be placed into a Horus/Armed combo deck, though combining the two highest levels may prove to be annoying. With a fire attribute monster out, this little dragon becomes 2000 ATK and can go head to head with Berserk Gorillas. Its second effect, if you have a wind monster out, makes it an annoying 2000 ATK dragon that can attack more than once...yeesh.

Unfortunately, I can't imagine how playable these decks are, and haven't seen a combo deck using horus and armed dragon do well so far. Unfortunately, this monster is just a bit lacking right now I believe, but this card would be insane in limited. It's definitely worth a third or fourth pick.

Traditional Format: 1.5/5

Advanced Format: 2.5/5

Limited: 3.5/5 

Wednesday: Element Dragon

Rated For: Dragon Decks, Element Decks

Again, this is another bit of inspired card design focusing on themes and cohesiveness; gone are the days of single-handed powerhouses like Yata-Garasu. In todayís championship format, Konami hopes to force duelists to create decks that have strong synergy and harmony.

Element Dragon falls a bit short of playability, however, due to weak stats and such. Great card design does not alone a good card make; this is a perfect example of a card that falls just a bit short.

Advantage F/H: All dragon decks should be running Luster Dragonís. In todayís environment, nothing much separates a 2000 attack monster from a 1900, both will control the field equally. The problem with this card is that there arenít many offensive fire monsters around to help support it. Even if you find a way to use one if its effects, youíll have either a 2000 attack monster (which isnít that great), or a 1500 attack weakling that can attack twice. Not much advantage with this one.                        4/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: Itís hard to justify the use of a card that depends on other elements to gain weak effects. Iíd understand if the attack boost was greater, or the wind effect was better, but theyíre not, so this card isnít a very good draw. It gets a score as if it were a basic 1500 monster; 2000 attack isnít even very spectacular anyways, and the WIND effect is almost worthless.          2/10.

Attributes/Effect: With a paltry attack score of 1500, a monster needs a very good effect to justify its inclusion into a deck. More than the actual numerical score of the attack, itís more important to note the value of an attack score; for example, you donít gain much field advantage by moving from 1900 attack points to 2000, but the drop from 1700 to 1500 is huge. Itís huge because it prevents Element Dragon from killing numerous threats, such as Breaker, Tribe, D.D Warrior Lady, and others. This makes Element Dragon a liability in most decks.              5/10.

Dependability: Youíre going to have to rely on fire monsters (which there arenít much of) and wind monsters (Luster Dragon and Spear Dragon spring to mind). Of course, the WIND effect of Element Dragon is weak, and the FIRE effect turns him into a Berserk Gorilla (which is far superior to Element Dragon).                     1/10.

The Bottom Line: A great card in theory, a weak card in practice.

A BAD Score:            12/40=             30/100

Cards it functions well with: Fire Dragons (Tyrant Dragon, Masked Dragon), Wind Dragons (Luster Dragon, Spear Dragon).


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