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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Ultimate Baseball Kid

Warrior / Effect Monster
Increase the ATK of this card by 1000 points for each FIRE monster on the filed other than this card. Send a FIRE monster other than this card to the Graveyard to inflict 500 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points.

Type - Fire / 3 / 500 / 1000
Card Number
- SOD-EN021

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 10.26.04

Coin Flip Ultimate Baseball Kid had a small error in text in Edo's files. These
errors turned into a lot of people thinking an infinite loop existed
with this card and 2x Manticore of Darkness. Now it clearly is a Cost
effect by its wording and people still think there's a OTK. ~_~

UBK has okay stats - 500/1500 won't win anything. It does have the
benefit of getting a 1000 effect, making it a nice hitter for
Pyro/FIRE based decks. Once you have three monsters out (one of which
is this) you have an interesting thing where your opponent starts to
get hurt. Even moreso if the other two monsters are Solar Flare
Dragons. The effect is basically something that says Konami was
thinking this when they made this card: "What can we give this card
that would be a mostly useless but sometimes effective effect to make
it seem better?" And yes, it is a cost, so no, you can't do 500 for
cards offered by other cards' effects.

1.5/5 in any deck
4/5 in a FIRE/Pyro based deck. 
Tranorix Ultimate Baseball Kid

Ultimate Baseball Kid is an interesting monster. Its ATK isn't spectacular, at a mere 500; but you shouldnít be summoning Ultimate Baseball Kid unless you have other FIRE monsters on the field. He's also a Warrior, meaning you can search for him via Reinforcement of the Army or Freed the Matchless General.

UBK has two effects. One is a Cannon Soldier for FIRE monsters. If you have other FIRE monsters on the field, launch them for some quick damage. While it's not as reliable as Cannon Soldier's launch-any-monster-including-himself effect, it can certainly be useful and can easily win you a game after you attack for some damage.

The second effect makes UBK simply deadly in the right deck. He gains 1000 ATK for every FIRE monster on the field aside from himself. Play Scapegoat on your opponent's turn, activate DNA Transplant (not Surgery, Transplant), and summon UBK on your turn. You now have a guaranteed 4500 ATK monster who can easily get you 2000 damage. UBK is likely to be even more powerful than 4500, however; his ATK increase counts your opponent's side of the field too.

Added to all of that, he's Level 3! He can attack under Gravity Bind and Level Limit, and I don't know of many Burn monsters that can stand up to 2500+ ATK. In his own deck, he is absolutely brutal.

Traditional Ė CCCC: 1/5
Traditional Ė Fire Deck (Beatdown, Burn, or Both): 4.5/5
Advanced Ė Fire Deck (Beatdown, Burn, or Both): 5/5 
Snapper Ultimate Baseball Kid

Todayís card is a monster that shows that the FIRE Attribute has not been
forgotten; itís Ultimate Baseball Kid.

Stats: Ultimate Baseball Kid has 500/1000 ATK/DEF, allowing you to search
for it with Sangan, Witch of the Black Forest, and UFO Turtle. The ATK by
itself is terrible, but luckily Ultimate Baseball Kidís effect helps him out
there. Itís a FIRE monster; and as I said earlier, FIRE monsters have been
getting a large boost in support cards as of late, and when RDS is released,
will be a useable deck-type. Itís also a Warrior, allowing you to search for
it with Reinforcement of the Army, and giving it multiple cards to combo
with. Stats Ė Bad.

Effect: Ultimate Baseball Kid has two effects. The first boosts its ATK by
1000 for all FIRE monsters on the field other than Ultimate Baseball Kid,
giving you the possibilities to have a 9500 ATK monster. As you may be able
to guess from my example, Ultimate Baseball Kidís effect includes your
opponentís side of the field as well as yours. Another fun fact; if you have
two face-up Ultimate Baseball Kidís on the field (and no other FIRE
monsters), youíd have two 1500 ATK monsters; Ultimate Baseball Kidís effect
only prevents it from powering itself up, not other Ultimate Baseball Kids.
The second effect is similar to Cannon Soldier's; send 1 face-up FIRE
monster on your side of the field to the Graveyard to inflict 500 points of
damage to your opponentís Life Points. I should note that this isnít the
exact wording of the effect; I tried to work in the rulings of the card into
the effect. Now, this effect is different from Cannon Soldier in one big,
sad way; you canít use this effect on tokens since they canít be sent to the
Graveyard. Other than that, FIRE monsters just go another burn card. Effect
Ė Good.

Combos: Before I look at working combos, let's look at some non-working
combos. It is (or was) popular belief that you could combo Ultimate Baseball
Kid with Manticore of Darkness to get a FTK. This doesnít work in the way
people thought it did. The main reason for this is the fact that you canít
use Ultimate Baseball Kidís effect in the End Phase, which is when Manticore
of Darknessís effect activates. So, you could use the effect with two
Manticore of Darknessís to do a constant 500 damage every turn, but you
couldnít bring your opponentís Life Points to 0 in one turn in this way.
Another incorrect belief is that you can use Ultimate Baseball Kid with The
Thing in the Crater, which also doesnít work in the way some think. For The
Thing in the Crater to get its effect, it would need to be destroyed, which
Ultimate Baseball Kid doesnít do. Now that weíve gotten that out of the way,
lets move on to working combos. One thing is clear with Ultimate Baseball
Kid, it loves DNA Transplant. Using DNA Transplant gives you some
opportunities. It gives you plenty of monsters to send to the Graveyard to
damage your opponent. It also somewhat guarantees Ultimate Baseball Kid will never be defeated in battle (aka. a high ATK). You may also enjoy using
Solar Flare Dragon in combination with Ultimate Baseball Kid to give some
extra burn, make Ultimate Baseball Kid stronger, and possibly save your Life
Points (if you have 2 or more Solar Flare Dragons). Use Command Knight to
make Ultimate Baseball Kidís ATK 1900 (1000 for a FIRE monster and 500 for
Command Knightís effect), and force your opponent to attack Ultimate
Baseball Kid (because of Command Knight's effect).

Usability: Ultimate Baseball Kid fits in Burn Decks, Fire Decks, and Burning
Fire Decks. The reasons should be obvious.

Ultimate Baseball Kid is an easily devastating card to your opponent when
used in the right deck. When RDS is released, its uses will Sky Rocket.

Advanced Format: 3/5. Burn Decks are all the rage in Advanced, as well as
original deck-types, giving Ultimate Baseball Kid a good home-er-un.
Traditional Format: 2/5. Traditional Format is plagued with a tendency for
recurring deck-types, which hinders Ultimate baseball Kidís uses.
Art: 3.5/5. I enjoy cartoony cards. I also wouldnít enjoy being hit with
that batÖ 
ExMinion OfDarkness Tuesday:
Ultimate Baseball Kid

Fire monsters don't typically get a lot of support. Solar Flare Dragon is a notable exception, and Blazing Inpachi gave fire beatdowns a boost they needed dearly. This card is attempting to mix burn and beatdown.

He's only 500 on his own, but respectable with 1 other fire-type, and a beast with 2 or more other fire-types on the field. Typically, he won't be seen in attack position unless there is another Fire type out, so I'd assume him as a 1,500 attacker at least. The burn aspect allows a player to get rid of extra UFO turtles and Solar Flares for a quick boost at the end.

But remember what I said yesterday about other cards doing the job better? Sorry, but we already have Cannon Soldier. A good fire-type Burn won't be attempting a beatdown -- usually they WANT the opponent to build up a force of monsters that can't attack so they can be tributed for Lava Golem...and fire Beatdowns do better off with the 3 Blazing Inpachis than anything else, and this card ends up being unnecessary.

Conclusion: Burn and Beatdown don't belong in the same Deck and this card shows why.

1.25/5 all-around, for that one scenario where a player can get a big whack off with this guy and then launch other fire-types for a win. 
dawnyoshi The Ultimate Baseball Kid is a little warrior I'm quite passionate to. His ATK, while not that impressive at first glance, is increased to 1900 with a single Command Knight on the field. In fact, this little guy becomes HUGE with a barrage of fire monsters. Solar Flare Dragons, Command knights, and Impachis are great here. Oh, and a Rise of Destiny fire beatstick that will make Baseball Kid's burner effect quite useful...oops, did I just spoil something?

Of course, while this card's great in casual, it's not going to see much tournament play. It's hard enough to maintain field advantage. If you really want to, you could combine DNA Transplat and Scapegoats to make baseball kid simply massive, then sacrifice all those goats afterwards to end the game. However, these combos are situational and not very reliable...those same descriptions can be applied to Baseball Kid.

Baseball Kid may be useful in limited. There are a few decent fire types in the set, and multiple Baseball Kids on the field are always nice.

Traditional: 1.5/5

Advanced: 2.5/5

Limited: 3/5 
Tony You at, at this pace, I'm going to run 3 kinetic soldier main deck because of the MANY warriors that are in this format! >_<

hahaha...this is another warrior that has potential of being very nutty. Now imagine having a 2200 defense wall...the football dude on your field and then u summon this guy...he is a 1500 beat stick...okay more like a hitting stick really... dxP

yeah this guy isnt the best because you need at least 2 monsters that are FIRE to make this card very good. Sure you could run gravity bind and all sorts of things to have this guy protected but still...not the most reliable u know?

I wouldn't just brush off this guy though...imagine this combo: You have this kid on your field...ur opponent attacks with a Don Zaloog to this monster. U chain scapegoats chaining a replay but your opponent doesn't care about it. so they attack again. You play the DNA Transplant? (forgot the actual name) making all your monsters fire type and ur kid now just became Barry Bonds with 4500 attack! lol

I don't' know...i think it's real funny.

Constructed: 2/5
Draft: 1/5 

Tuesday: Ultimate Baseball Kid

Rated For: Fire Decks

To start off, I think this is a horrible name for a card, and fits in rather wonderfully with the terrible Ancient Sanctuary names (Absorbing Kid from the Sky?).

It obviously belongs in a burn-related theme(nope, nice try, but you can only send monsters on your side of the field.) Letís take a look at his use.

Advantage F/H: He obviously gains great synergy from use with other fire monsters, but there are a few problems here. First, youíre either going to want to run stall cards in the burner to protect him, and allow him to get his attack points up, or youíre going to want to send fire monsters to the graveyard to do life point damage. Either way, his effects end up hurting each other, and ultimately himself. Either have a 500 attack weakling that does 500-1500 burn damage, or have a massive 2500+ beatdown force thatís prevented from attacking by his own traps.                                   4/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: If heís the only monster in your hand, youíre in a good deal of trouble. In fact, this guyís use depends on such a thick variety of cards (other fire monsters to pump his attack, defense spells/traps to protect him for the first view turns, hand replenishment to add ďfuel to the fireĒ) that heís almost never a good draw, on his own. Definitely not worth it, in my book.                 2/10.

Attributes/Effect: It would have been great if UBK either had 1800+ defense, or 1400 attack like Cannon Soldier, with smaller increases in attack for having other fire monsters. Sure, as he stands, you could run some gimmicky combo with scapegoat+dna transplant, but thatíll certainly weaken all other parts of your deck that donít rely on UBK. His horrible attributes prevent his two decent effects from being of much use. Good idea though, and slightly well balanced.               3/10.

Dependability: Heís a bad draw because heís not dependable.           2/10.

The Bottom Line:       Nice try, but just a bit short. Fortunately, Konami is almost at the point of making solid, well-balanced cards which each attempt.

A BAD Score:            11/40=                         28/100

Cards it functions well with: Fire monsters, defensive support, burner spells.


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