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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Spellcaster / Fusion Monster
"Sangan" + "Witch of the Black Forest"

Type - Dark / 6 / 2100 / 1800
Card Number
- SOD-EN036

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 10.21.04

Tranorix Sanwitch

Yes, Sorcerer of Dark Magic just got that much more playable. Today's card is Sanwitch, a Fusion of Witch of the Black Forest and Sangan (both of which, ironically enough, are banned). Being Level 6 with 2100 ATK, he can be summoned via Magical Scientist and serve as a decent monster as far as the one-turn-kill goes; but that isn't the true purpose of Sanwitch.

Nor is the true purpose to fuse Witch and Sangan. I can you, right? The true purpose of Sanwitch is for use with Magical Scientist and Sorcerer of Dark Magic. Summon Scientist, pay 1000 Life Points twice to summon 2x Sanwitch, and sacrifice them both for Sorcerer of Dark Magic. You have now have an awesome attacker on the field who can negate Traps.

Aside from that, there is little reason to run Sanwitch – but there's little reason not to. Though Fusion Decks have a limit of 60 cards and 20 different monsters, I'm sure you'll be able to make room for this little guy on the off-chance you need a few Level 6, 2100 ATK Spellcasters on the field. Maybe your opponent will give you Sorcerer of Dark Magic with Exchange; who knows?

Traditional – CCCC: No rating, no reason to run him or not to run him
Traditional – Sorcerer of Dark Magic Deck: 5/5
Advanced – Sorcerer of Dark Magic Deck: 5/5 
ExMinion OfDarkness Sanwitch

Yay for a card that sounds like food! (Cory's mom would be happy.)

It's the best 2100 fusion we have. We obviously know no one is ever going to fuse it, because the smart way to fuse is from hand and then you wouldn't get the search. Maybe if this card had a built in combo of Sangan and Witch's effects...

It's the best 2100 fusion we have not for the attack, but for its TYPE. It's a spellcaster. And it's a DARK spellcaster.

This means two things:

1. A player who wants to use Sorcerer of Dark Magic may summon Scientist, pay 2000 LP for 2 Sanwitches, and sacrifice them both to special summon the Sorcerer of Dark Magic.

2. In Traditional Format, typically the Chaos player had trouble getting the Light monster in the graveyard. In Advanced Format, the Chaos player has trouble getting the Dark monster in there. This allows the Scientist player to either (A) pay 1,000 LP to pull this out, ram it into a stronger monster, and summon Chaos on their Main 2, or (B) pay 1,000 LP to pull this out, use Metamorphosis on it to pull out Ryu Senshi, and now they have the Dark monster in the graveyard to summon BLS or Chaos Sorcerer.

This card gets a 5/5 based on principle -- having a card in your Fusion deck can not hurt you in any way (unless you already have 60 cards in there, which is the new maximum -- 20 different fusions x 3 of each of them = 60 cards.)

But actually concerning the card's playability, it gets a 4.75/5 for main type and sub-type (not a 5 because we're getting an UBER card for Scientist fusions next set.) 
Snapper Sanwitch

Today’s card is Sanwitch, a card that I can only assume was a comical coincidence when the name was being translated.

Stats: Sanwitch is a Fusion Monster with 2100 ATK and 1800 DEF, allowing you to ‘search’ for it with Magical Scientist. It’s a DARK monster, giving it all the privileges they have. It’s also a Spellcaster, giving it a few cards it can work with. Stats – Adequate.

‘Effect’: Sanwitch is, like I said, a Fusion Monster Card. Its Fusion material monsters are Sangan and Witch of the Black Forest, which are of course banned in Advanced Format. Not much else to say; Fusion Monsters are difficult to use without Metamorphosis or Magical Scientist.

Combos: The only real combo Sanwitch has is with Sorcerer of Dark Magic. Use Magical Scientist to Special Summon 2 Sanwitch’s from your Fusion Deck, allowing you to then Special Summon Sorcerer of Dark Magic, giving you a monster that can negate any Trap card you want.

Usability: Sanwitch only works in a Magical Scientist FTK Deck or a Sorcerer of Dark Magic Deck that uses the above combo.

Sorry for the short review but Sanwitch is a monster whose uses are very limited.

Advanced Format: 1/5. Not enough uses to be widely played, but may turn up in a Magical Scientist Deck.
Traditional Format: 1/5. Not enough uses to be widely played, but may turn up in a Magical Scientist Deck.
Art: 3/5. It’s cute, I guess… 
Coin Flip Today we have a flavorful card, Sanwitch! This delicacy of a fusion monster has DELICIOUS combos running rampant.

First off, it goes well with Mustard Scientist, since you can pay 1000 sesame seeds and have a giant 2100 attack bun out on the field! This card single-handedly makes Sorcerer of Dark Lettuce playable because you can just summon two out and sacrifice them for the 3200 beast, having full protection from all traps except for soggy bread, since they are sandwich flavor 3. This also is served on a plate with many other delicacy monsters such as Duck Flare Knight and Roaring Ocean Sushi, plus the standard Mayonnaise Scientist fusions of Rye Senshi or Dark Balter the Tomato.

... Wow, I never thought I could make so many stupid puns in my LIFE, much less in one paragraph. Like all Scientist Fusions, it is useless unless you don't have better monsters to use for it. Dark Flare Knight is the better choice, but this is far easier to get and has the funniest name and picture ever.

5/5 for a Scientist Fusion deck. 
dawnyoshi Sanwitch, for the record, is one of the coolest sounding names in Yu-Gi-Oh. ;)

It's a 2100 ATK fusion, which certainly isn't bad if you manage to have both Witch and Sangan on the field. IN the traditional format, this is very difficult, and in the advanced format, it's impossible since they're banned. Magical Scientist if the preferred way to summon this.

Aside from being used as a fusion for the Scientist OTK, It could also be used to easily special summon the Sorcerer of Dark Magic, which is basically an improved Jinzo. In limited, this thing is dead weight.

Traditional Format: 2/5

Advanced Format: 2.5/5

Limited: N/A 

Thursday: Sanwitch

Rated For: The Fusion Deck.

This review, again, will be rather brief because it’s a fusion deck card, and fusion decks aren’t limited.

Sanwitch is a nifty 2100 attack 6 star fusion, but the important thing is that it is a spellcaster. This makes it the only 5 star or greater spellcaster fusion, making it important for only one thing: Sorcerer of Dark Magic.

Otherwise, he’s just a basic 2100 attack fusion, meaning you should probably be running Super Roboyarou and Dark Flare Knight over it. Great low-cost alternative, though.

In a non Sorcerer of Dark Magic deck, it gets a 0 in every attribute, unless you can’t afford Dark Flare Knights and Super Roboyarous. In Sorcerer Decks, it gets a ten in every stat.

0/10= In a non Sorcerer of Dark Magic deck.

10/10= In one.


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