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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Super Rare

Warrior / Effect Monster
FLIP: Select 2 face-down Spell or Trap Cards on the field and destroy them.

Type - Dark / 3 / 650 / 900
Card Number
- HL1-EN002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 10.19.04

Tranorix Greenkappa

Predictably enough, I suppose, today's card is Greenkappa, the other (harder to get) promo from the Hobby League. Instantly you can see it's superior to Lord of the Lamp; for one thing, it actually has an effect. The stats are poor but actually not that terrible for a Flip Effect monster. It's a Warrior, which gives it a lot of support (you can take it with Reinforcement of the Army and/or Freed the Matchless General).

Flip Effects are either easier or harder to pull off in the Advanced Format. Easier because there is no longer a Raigeki or Dark Hole to kill the monster before it goes off, but harder because of the increased play of Nobleman of Crossout, and now, the advent of the Mystic Swordsmen. Regardless, they're viable.

Greenkappa's effect destroys a mandatory two face-down Spells/Traps on the field. That means if your opponent has one and you have one, you will have to destroy them both; you can't choose UP TO two like you can with Mobius. I haven't seen any rulings for Greenkappa yet, but I am making the assumption that if there is only one Spell or Trap on the field, you can't destroy it. This ruling is based on the ruling for Tornado Bird.

So that limits the playability of Greenkappa quite a bit. Your opponent very well may have two face-down Spell or Trap cards you want to destroy...but he may not, in which case Greenkappa is essentially worthless. I'd say he's good Side Deck material for the Advanced Format, but not much more.

Traditional – CCCC: 2/5
Traditional – Side Deck: 3/5
Advanced – Side Deck: 4/5 
ExMinion OfDarkness Greenkappa

With the horrible lack of M/T removal with MST down to 1, and this thing just getting released, some may say Konami is trying to coerce us into playing this card. Let's look closer.

When it's flipped, it's a double MST on F/D M/Ts.

I'm fairly sure they have to be F/D at resolution (much like the Nobleman cards have to have their target F/D at resolution.) Therefore, the worry here is chainability -- even with Continuous cards (like Gravity Bind).

What good is destroying 2 M/Ts if one of them is just going to get flipped on you?

It's good, but there are other cards in Advanced that can do a better job.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2.5/5 
Snapper Greenkappa

Today’s card is the second Hobby Store promo card released recently, with
Lord of the Lamp being the first. Greenkappa is an odd monster to say the
least, but it’s got some uses.

Stats: Greenkappa has 650/900 ATK/DEF, allowing you to search for it with
Witch of the Black Forest, Sangan, and Mystic Tomato. Obviously, Greenkappa
has bad stats to start with; it will not serve much use outside of the
effect. It’s a DARK monster, which isn’t as much of a pro in Advanced Format
as it is in Traditional, but is nevertheless good. It is also for some
reason a Warrior-Type monster. When looking at the card, you’d think it
would be a Fiend or maybe an Aqua monster, not a Warrior. Anyway, Warriors
have recently become godly with the release of the new tins and the start of
Advanced Format. Stats – Bad.

Effect: When Greenkappa is flipped, you must select two face-down Spell or
Trap Cards and destroy them. This effect has a few sides to it; for one, the
effect is mandatory. This can backfire on you if your opponent has less than
2 S/T Cards on their side of the field, which would force you to destroy
your own. A second con is the fact that the effect works on only face-down
S/T Cards. While not really that bad considering there aren’t a lot of used
S/T Cards that stay face-up, most people would still prefer to be able to
destroy any S/T they want, regardless of its position. With that aside, it
is still a pretty good effect, giving some extra S/T Card destruction in
Advanced Format. Effect – Good.

Combos: Greenkappa combos in the same way as all Flip Effect monsters; use
Tsukuyomi or the combination of Book of Moon and Book of Taiyou to allow
multiple reuses of the Flip Effect.

Usability: Greenkappa isn’t tied down to just a few deck-types. If you want
to use it, use it.

Greenkappa is a monster you may want to try for fun, but that’s about it.

Advanced Format: 2/5. There are better S/T card destruction in Advanced, but
you may be surprised and find someone using Greenkappa.
Traditional Format: 1/5. There are many better S/T card destruction in
Traditional, lowering Greenkappa’s likeliness of being used.
Art: 1.5/5. I still don’t think it looks like a Warrior… 
Coin Flip Greenkappa was a card released in the Japanese Booster Chronicle set. This set REVOLUTIONIZED the game because it had Mechanical Chaser and Gemini Elf in it, changing beatdown forever right there. As well, cards like Royal Decree, Needle Worm, Morphing Jar, General of Impenetrable Defenses, Magic Thorns and good ol' Fusion substitutes made their introduction here.

Imagine how revolutionary Greenkappa would've been in Metal Raiders. MONSTER EFFECT. Unless it is Flip Summoned, NOTHING can negate that in MRD days. Then MRL came along and everyone played 3 MST. Then people played Jinzo and Dust Tornado. Then they played Harpies' Feather Duster. Then they got into keeping you from even drawing the card, much less using it.

Then we got Breaker, Blowback, and Mobius plus CED. Honestly, with all the better replacements there are that aren't as pathetically weak, slow, and nonversatile, why use this? It can only target f/d m/t... It must destroy 2, even if that means destroying your own.... And considering all the m/t removal we have, Chainability > all, making this effect situational and overall somewhat useless. At least you can kill your own m/t, getting the effects of Dark Coffin and Statue of the Wicked in, should you choose to do something with those.

It's a warrior, though, which is interesting. That's all I'll say for its stats.

Ratings: (from this point onward, all ratings will be in Championship unless otherwise noted)
1.8/5 in any deck
3/5 in a deck using Dark Coffin and Statue of the Wicked 
dawnyoshi Greenkappa is the slightly better Hobby League promo card. It at least has an effect, unlike Lord of the Lamp...though I'm not the biggest fan of it.

This card, when flipped, destroyed 2 face-down spell or trap cards on the field. This includes your own if you have any, and this effect is a requirement for the effect to be activated. That means if your opponent and you don't have a total of at least two face-down spell or trap cards out, and this little guy is flipped, it gets no effect. Pretty sad, huh?

There's better choices out there for spell/trap destruction. Breaker the Magical Warrior with Pitch-Black Power Stone and Apprentice Magician do the job well. Dark Magician with Dark Magic Attack can be useful. Mobius the Frost Monarch's relatively good. This guy just doesn't make the cut.

Traditional Format: 1.5/5

Advanced Format: 2/5

Limited format: promo/N/A 


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