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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

An Owl of Luck

Winged Beast / Effect Monster
FLIP: Select 1 Field Magic Card from your Deck and place it on top of your Deck. If ďNecrovalleyĒ is active on the field, you can add the selected card to your hand.

Type - Wind / 2 / 300 / 500
Card Number
- PGD-073

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 10.07.04

Coin Flip Thu 10.07.04 - An Owl of Luck

Once again, I am going to point out the fact that there is a better card. And there is. Let's compare this to Terraforming.

Stats/Cost: An Owl of Luck has lackluster stats at best - 300/500 won't win much, but it can fit under all three stall cards. The effect is slow since you need to flip it and you need a field card in deck, which loses it some brownie points. Terraforming is a normal spell with no cost. Terraforming wins here.

Effect: Well, you can search out a specific field card from your deck. This offers no card advantage whatsoever until Necrovalley is on the field. I, personally, would not run any field magic cards but Necrovalley in a deck with Necrovalley in it. By that time, you don't need another Necrovalley out. =\
Why would you want to use this when Terraforming gets you a first turn Necrovalley? Terraforming wins here, too.

Combos: It does quite well with Necrovalley and other field cards, as you can see. It would go somewhat well in a deck with Archfiend's Oath, I suppose. Terraforming offers no advantage, but this offers little or no advantage. Owl has more combos, though, so it wins here.

Post-Ban: Erm, Necrovalley kicks arse here. But why use this over Terraforming with more people running Noblemans? Terraforming wins here.

Any Deck: 1.4/5 (Terraforming = speed)
Gravekeeper's deck: 2/5 (why bother)

Any Deck: 1.5/5 (more field cards about)
Gravekeeper's deck: 2.2/5 (more likely to actually use the effect.

Why bother?

As always, my e-mail is Cakepie (at) Gmail.com. I'd love to hear your feedback!
ExMinion OfDarkness Thursday:
An Owl of Luck

Necrovalley-enhanced field magic search. Basically, this thing is like Magician of Faith -- it's intended to die from whatever attacks it, and when it does, you get to throw the Necrovalley on top of your Deck. If you already have a Necrovalley down, you get to put another one in your hand for later. It's good and bad -- good that it won't hurt you by losing the card advantage you'd give up if you had to draw it next turn, and bad because if your opponent somehow gets on the winning end of the Duel while you have Necrovalley out, what good is another Necro going to do you?

Again, this card gets a low score because we have a better card; Gravekeeper deck players will usually pack 2 Terraforming along with those 3 Necrovalley to ensure they get the card -- Terraforming doesn't have to wait for a flip, it can just immediately go fetch the Necro.

Same thing for players who might consider this to get their A Legendary Ocean faster.

1.5/5 all around. 
Tranorix An Owl of Luck

An Owl of Luck is an interesting card, one of the few semi-playable Winged Beasts available in the game. While the stats aren't impressive, you would only play it for its Flip Effect, which can be absolutely incredible in the right deck (namely Gravekeepers).

In a Gravekeeper deck, you activate An Owl of Luck's Flip Effect and (presuming Necrovalley is on the field) get another Necrovalley into your hand. While this may seem counterproductive, it's always good to have a backup copy of a Field Spell handy in any deck revolving around Field Spell Cards. If you don't have Necrovalley on the field, the Field Spell goes to the top of your deck. It isn't quite as useful, but it can be more of a lifesaver; remember, if Necrovalley isn't on the field, that usually means you need one. Ensuring that you draw it next turn certainly isnít bad.

This can also see limited play in other decks, such as those based around A Legendary Ocean or Pandemonium. Of course, it won't work quite as well in those as a Gravekeeper deck; but it couldn't hurt. It'd be more useful if it were Level 1, since it would be able to Metamorphose into TER...but oh well.

Traditional Ė CCCC: 1/5
Traditional Ė Gravekeeper Deck: 2.5/5
Advanced Ė Gravekeeper Deck: 3/5 
Snapper An Owl of Luck

I might have been wrong yesterday about the monsterís effects getting better. Tomorrowís is pretty good thoughÖ

Stats: With ATK and DEF being 300 and 500 respectively, An Owl of Luck fits the stereotype FLIP Effect monsters have; to only be used for their effects. Like most weak monsters, you can get it with Sangan, Witch, and Flying Kamakiri #1 . Itís a WIND monster, which gives it access to a few cards that utilize WIND monsters to their benefit. And itís a Winged Beast, whose uses grew when IOC was released. Stats Ė Bad.

Effect: An Owl of Luck has a terrible effect just like it has terrible stats. When it is flipped, you get to put a Field Spell Card on top of your Deck; and if Necrovalley is in play, you get to add the Field Spell Card to your hand. That isnít an effect that will be helping you out a whole lot, seeing as there are only a few deck types that use Field Spell Cards. Effect Ė Bad.

Combos: There arenít many combos for An Owl of Luck. You can use a combo of Book of Moon with Book of Taiyou or use Tsukuyomi to add lots of Field Spell Cards to your hand by reusing An Owl of Luckís effect, but those cards are better used on GOOD Flip Effect monsters.

Usability: An Owl of Luck really has no deck that it fits in well. Any deck using Field Spell Cards have a much better alternative in the form of Terraforming; a Spell Card that adds a Field Spell Card in your Deck to your hand.

Just use Terraforming. End of Story.

Advanced Format: .5/5. Donít expect this card to become a common sight.
Traditional Format: .5/5. HA!
Art: 3.5/5. As a fan of the Harry Potter books, Iíve grown a liking to owls. 

Thursday: An Owl of Luck

Rated For: Gravekeeper Deck, Field Spell Requiring Decks

Thursday is a good time to bring out one playable card from the bunch, I presume. And magically enough, Thursday does bring a rather playable card for the week! Itís An Owl of Luck, a card that can serve a purpose in the typical Gravekeeper deck.

Unfortunately, the speed of Terraforming rather limits its use, but An Owl of Luck is certainly a good idea for a card and is well-balanced to boot. Good job, Konami!

Advantage F/H: With Necrovalley on the field, this one equates to even hand advantage (you get a field spell for a monster). Without it, you can manipulate your deck to get your field spells faster, but obviously Terraforming is far superior.            5/10.

Best Draw for the Situation:  This card is rather solid in the opening game because it really lets you plan your options and get the field spell out onto the playfield. It starts losing effectiveness later, however, because flip effects are generally slow, and this one burns your draw phase on it.                                  5/10.

Attributes/Effect:       This one really does have a well thought out effect. Unfortunately, the simple fact is that it is seriously upstaged by Terraforming.        5/10.

Dependability:            Of course in the post-ban format, you might have a better chance of using this card, unless your opponent is wisely packing Crossouts and Ceasefire. It is slightly more dependable, but it usually wastes your draw phase on the field spell, meaning that the field spell HAS to be the VERY BEST option to make it worthwhile. 6/10.

The Bottom Line:       This card is the poor manís version of Terraforming. Yes, I realize this review sounds like an advertisement for Terraforming.

A BAD Score:            21/40=             53/100

Cards it functions well with: Necrovalley, any other field spell card.

Otaku Stats : An Owl of Luck is a Level 2 Wind/Winged Beast. Being Level 2 means it can slip under things like Level Limit-Area B and Gravity Bind, though this card isnít for attacking. This is something of a shame; the Wind aspect doesnít lend much to the card, but Winged Beasts have great support that nearly rivals Warriors. Enraged Battle Ox and Manticore of Darkness are potent and since their effects apply to Winged Beasts, it boosts their use. The ATK/DEF of 300/500 means you wonít be attacking it with it except out of pure desperation. Yeah, that sounds promising. At least this means you can search it out via Sangan and Witch of the Black Forest, and Flying Kamakiri #1 (though since it is a Flip Effect, I would not recommend Kamakiri).

Effect(s) : This cardís Flip Effect lets you top deck a Field Spell card. If Necrovalley is out, it goes to your hand. The second part seems rather trivial. Why would you Set this if you already have a Necrovalley at the ready? I suppose in Advanced, itís not completely unsafe in hand. Since it searches out a card in your deck, itís just altering your top deck, not replenishing or depleting the deck.

Uses and Combinations : So, where to use it? If you have room, and your deck is oriented around a Field Spell, this is another method of getting it out. Is that enough to use it? Well, we already have a Spell called Terraforming. Same set even. Terraforming letís you grab a Field Spell right from your deck. So why use the bird? Well, if you run it maxed out, itís not unlike having nine copies of the Field Spell in your deck, at least for the purpose of drawing. Of course, you might prefer a Magician of Faith instead, since it can serve as Chaos Food and get a ďspentĒ Field Spell back into your hand. If there is room, a few of both could be useful.


Traditional : 1.75/5-Decks relying of Field Spells take a hit here, due to all the removal. Still, it can come in handy. Better this gets nuked than something important.

Advanced : 2/5-Itís pretty specialized, but again, you just might just get a boost from it. Terraforming is good, but also screams to be negated. If they have already burned up their Nobleman of Crossouts and arenít running something like Dark Ruler Ha Des, you have a good chance at getting it off.

Limited : 3/5-If you pulled Necrovalley any decent Gravekeepers, you want this. If not, ignore it (it becomes a 1/5).


Not totally useless, but very specialized, and not the only potential candidate to use. 


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