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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Charm of Shabti

Rock / Effect Monster
Discard this card from your hand to the Graveyard to make the damage inflicted to monsters that include “Gravekeeper’s” in their card name 0 until the End Phase of the current turn. However, the damage to your Life Points is calculated normally.

Type - Dark / 1 / 100 / 100
Card Number
- PGD-074

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 10.06.04

Coin Flip Wed 10.06.04 - Charm of Shabti

It's not that this card is necessarily garbage, it's that Waboku does such a better job. Let's compare the two.

Stats/Cost: No cost to play. This is a good thing. Since it's a Multi-Trigger effect monster, you have a fun thing in that it is both unexpected and nigh unstoppable (save Prohibition). You don't have to have this on the field to use, it, too. This is also good. Its stats are something to point and laugh at. Both this and Waboku are free and spell speed 2, but this can be activated on your turn. It wins here.

Effect: Well, this would be the reverse of Tornado Wall. Your monsters are saved but your LP are not. If you are running a Gravekeeper deck, this might be good if people play a lot of 2000s in your area. For example, if everyone is running Berserk Gorillas, this might be good since you can activate it on your turn as well. So your Spear Soldier will have a lot more luck. Waboku is much more powerful an effect, so it wins here.

Combos: This stands alone... It will let you ram your Chief (with Necro out) into a Jinzo and not die, something Waboku can't do. But Gravekeeper's Assailant already does that, and does it better. Why bother? Waboku and this stand alone.

Post-Ban: Well, less m/t removal = more excuse to run traps. Why would you bother using this over Waboku? All this has is the surprise tactic and the speed, while 'Boku protects your Life Points and ALL of your monsters? I'll take Waboku, thanks.

Any deck: 1/5
Gravekeeper's deck: 2.8/5 (surprise tactic does a lot here)

Any deck: 1/5
Gravekeeper's deck: 2.4/5 (With one MST and no Witch for Jinzo, there's a much higher chance you'll use Waboku more effectively.)

Overall, I'd say that this is one of the more decent cards we get this week.

As always, my e-mail is Cakepie (at) I'd love to hear your feedback!
ExMinion OfDarkness Wednesday:
Charm of Shabati

Here we have one of those cards that is JUST poor enough that newbs will think about playing it, but we get to laugh at it.

Charm of Shabati protects your Gravekeepers like Kuriboh protects you. It protects ALL of your GKs but doesn't save you one single Life Point. This thing would stay in your hand until your GKs need saved from an assault (which usually isn't often, because with a GK swarm deck, you'll have more monsters out than they do for most of the Duel). Obviously, the Charm should never hit the field with that horrible 100/100 stats. (At least Kuriboh is REASONABLE with 300/300 :P)

Again, this ends up being one of those "quick and dirty" reviews because I've said everything I've wanted to say on the card's playability -- except that a player should play Waboku over this every day of the week.

1.25/5 all around (not just because we have a better card, but we have a better card that sees play in almost every Traditional deck) 
Tranorix Charm of Shabti

Charm of Shabti is actually a little more playable than Vassal and Watcher, though its playability is certainly not very high. With stats of 100/100, it's extremely weak, though it's searchable via Tomato. Of course, like Watcher, CoS needs to be in your hand to use its effect, so it's essentially unsearchable in the Advanced Format (which, if you haven't guessed, is what I'm basing my reviews on).

You can discard it from your hand to save a Gravekeeper. You'll still take damage, but your monster will survive. Think of it as a reverse Kuriboh; whereas Kuriboh saves your Life Points but not your monster, Charm of Shabti saves your monster but not your Life Points. It can be useful, if you really need to keep your Gravekeepers on the field. A nice bonus is that it will protect all of them for the turn, not just one.

You can also use Metamorphosis on it, should the need arise, to summon Thousand Eyes Restrict, always a nice surprise. Charm of Shabti isn't entirely unplayable, but it's definitely not a necessity like some other, more useful cards.

Traditional – CCCC: 1.5/5
Traditional – Gravekeeper: 2/5
Advanced – Gravekeeper: 2.5/5 
Snapper Charm of Shabti

The monsters this week seem to be increasingly useful (effect wise anyway).

Stats: Charm of Shabti’s stats are horrible. With 100 ATK and DEF, it just
screams to be killed by almost any monster. But like all the monsters this
week, you can get it with Witch of the Black Forest and Sangan. Being an
EARTH monster allows you to search for it with Giant Rat, and gives it the
few support cards EARTH monsters have. Finally, it’s a Rock Type. Rocks are
of course the most neglected monster type there is. With zero cards that
benefit Rocks, Charm of Shabti’s type is really irrelevant. Stats – BAD.

Effect: The effect is Charm of Shabti’s only positive feature. Just discard
it from your hand and you have a Waboku exclusive to your Gravekeeper’s
until the end of the turn. With an effect as simple as that, what more
explanation is needed? Effect – Average.

Combos: Not a lot of combos for Charm of Shabti I’m sorry to say…

Usability: Charm of Shabti should only be used in hardcore Gravekeeper Decks that have shunned Waboku. Use it in any other deck and you’ll have a useless monster.

Sorry about the short review today, but the card really doesn’t need much analysis.

Advanced Format: 1/5. As much as I’d like to give it a zero, all cards have
uses, few as there may be...
Traditional Format: 1/5. See above.
Art: 1/5. Reminds me of some Egyptian Grocho Marx Glasses. 

Wednesday: Charm of Shabti

Rated For: Gravekeeper’s Deck, The Trash Can          

The golden rule of thumb is, if a card is absolutely horrible in the themed deck it was designed for, it becomes an absolutely unplayable card in ALL DECKS.

This is a perfect example; on that note, I’d like to apologize to all the loyal Pojo readers who have to read about this kind of garbage.

If you’re ready and have some medicine by your side, let’s go on to the review.

Advantage F/H: Why you would use this card over Waboku is beyond me. Remember, you still take life point damage as well. There’s no way you’re going to save 2-3 GK cards with this one, so you’re basically wasting a card in hand to save 1 card on field, and you’re stuck with a 100/100 monster in all other situations. What garbage. 0/10.          

Best Draw for the Situation: The only situation I can see you using this card well is when you have 3-4 GK’s on the field, and your opponent brings out a crazy monster. Even in those cases, Waboku is far superior.                  1/10.

Attributes/Effect:       Decent effect, but the attack and defense make this card completely unplayable.            1/10.

Dependability:            You can trigger his effect whenever you want; just make sure you have enough Gravekeeper’s on the field to make the cost balance the advantage. It’s also a 100 attack monster.                        2/10.

The Bottom Line:       Don’t stay tuned. Go to bed, and wake up next week for better Card of the Day Reviews!

A BAD Score:            1/100

Cards it functions well with:  Standard Gravekeeper support.

Otaku Stats : The Charm of Shatbi is part of the Gravekeeper’s clan, though not in name. Bummer. This is an Effect Monster that really wants to be a Spell. It has minimal stats: a Level 1 Dark/Rock combination. At least you could use Metamorphosis on it to get a Thousand Eyes Restrict out. The Dark aspect is good for Chaos Food, and the Rock sub-type is just… there. Well, variety is a little nice. Too bad it didn’t help. It has an ATK and DEF of just 100! Whew. Well, it means you can get it through the effects of Sangan, Mystic Tomato, and Witch of the Black Forest. Of course, the only reason to play it is for its effect.

Effect(s) : Argh! This is just… so… close! This is another card you have to discard from your hand to activate. That’s actually good-I can’t think of a card that can negate it. There might be one or two, but they aren’t commonly seen. The actual effect is so close to being great! So is it good? No. Is it bad? No. The effect lets you chuck this to save all of your Gravekeeper’s cards from getting killed in battle… and if there is a card that would destroy cards with battle damage, this would also work to render it useless.

Uses and Combinations : Gravekeepers are all about field dominance. They do this by a) cutting off access to the Graveyard, a common source of support. Through revival or through removal from play to Special Summon something Black Luster Soldier, Graveyards are important. Gravekeepers then swarm. Limited to mostly normal Summons, it’s pretty hard for opponent’s to keep up. Since once needs to protect Necrovalley, there’s often a good deal of Spell negation, and besides that, in Advanced most widespread removal is gone anyway. So your opponent’s main shot is trying to drop something big and just running your guys over. Well, that or dropping a Tribe Infecting Virus (can you believe they didn’t ban that thing). Since the Gravekeeper’s top out at 2400ATK (Gravekeeper’s Chief with Necrovalley), if Necrovalley does get taken out, nearly any beatstick can slap you silly.

So where does Charm of Shatbi come into play? In a Gravekeeper’s deck, you need to keep your guys alive at key times.

But didn’t you say they excel at swarming?

If you have to “re-swarm”, that gives your opponent a chance to set up. Re-swarming once is feasible. Re-swarming twice is hard. So this little baby means is a nice little insurance policy.

So why do I say it’s so close? Since it’s got a restricted effect, it would be nice if it would be a “Super Kuriboh”, protecting your LP too. Still, it does cover all your Monsters.

Oh, and you can activate it during the damage step. Yes, this will annoy Lily users. “You did 2000 to yourself, and 1400 to me, but my Gravekeeper’s Assailant still lives!”


Traditional : 1.01/5-Well, if BLS is about to run over a monster to get its second effect (to attack again), it could annoy them.

Advanced : 2/5-If your opponent has the monsters to overwhelm you, this could save your butt. Gravekeeper’s Assailant can take out most monsters… if it survives. Similarly, they think your Spear Soldier is going to be taken out by GAF. Boy will they regret that.

Limited : 3/5-Actually pretty useful here, since as long as you have a few Gravekeeper’s, you can use this to keep them alive for Tribute fodder.


This card is very close to being good. As is, look at your area’s popular decks. If they are going for a pure burner, it’s not going to help. If the deck tries to overwhelm through stronger monsters, this could save your butt. If you can squeeze it in, put it in your Advanced side deck. 


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