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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Gravekeeper's Vassal

Spellcaster / Effect Monster
The Battle Damage this card inflicts to your opponent’s Life Points is treated as the Effect Damage of this card.

Type - Dark / 3 / 700 / 500
Card Number
- PGD-063

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 10.05.04

Coin Flip Tue 10.05.04 - Gravekeeper's Vassal

The Gravekeeper counter to Waboku and stall decks.

Stats/Cost: The stats are lackluster, but that is the point. This thing, even with Necrovalley out, fits under Messenger of Peace, Gravity Bind, and Level Limit - Area B. It's easy to summon, which is another plus.

Effect: Well, I think I about summed it up at the top. It gets past Waboku and other cards that save you from battle damage. It's basically effect damage as opposed to battle damage. That simple.

Combos: Dark Room of Nightmare. That's about it, unfortunately.

Post-Ban: It gains a lot of playability here - Waboku, Spirit Barrier, and the three Bind cards can't touch dis.

1.4/5 in any deck both formats
Gravekeeper's deck: 2.3/5 Traditional, 2.6/5 Championship.

As always, my e-mail is Cakepie (at) I'd love to hear your feedback!
ExMinion OfDarkness Tuesday:
Gravekeeper's Vassal

This card is basically just the "filler" for the Gravekeeper clan. Konami decided they wanted one more Gravekeeper for people to have a choice from -- not that many smart players choose it.

700/500 is dismal, and only goes up to 1200/1000 after Necrovalley. Damage from this card is treated as Effect damage. Okay, so a direct attack from him would get through Waboku. That's good for Traditional, since a lot of players who like chainable traps will run 3 of those. However, Advanced opens up all those possibilities of Hallowed Life Barrier (which will see some play with increased hand size) and Barrel Behind the Door (to stop all of those stupid Burn decks!) Gravekeeper's Vassal CAN NOT be counted with Barrel Behind the Door.

Honestly, there's not much more to say about this card. He gets under Gravity Bind and Messenger of Peace, but who is playing those in a Gravekeeper deck, which relies on Necrovalley for power boosts and the swarming ability of the GKs as a whole?

1/5 in both formats. 
Tranorix Gravekeeper's Vassal

I try to give cards honest chances. I try to see their potential. Gravekeeper's Vassal, along with Gravekeeper's Watcher, has virtually none. It has pitiful stats of 700/500, making it searchable by Tomato and Spy but extraordinarily weak. Why you would search for this in the first place is beyond me.

Then we get to the effect. There has been a bit of confusion about it, so I'll clarify: His damage DOES NOT count as Battle Damage. It counts as Effect Damage (though you can't use Barrel Behind the Door against it). Basically...your opponent can't stop damage from a direct attack from Gravekeeper's Vassal with Waboku. I guess that...might be useful, right? Waboku is played quite a bit.

But that brings into question why your opponent would bother to use Waboku on Gravekeeper's Vassal at all, with his pathetic ATK of 700 (boosted to a still-mediocre 1200 with Necrovalley). The obvious solution is to put a good equip card or two on Gravekeeper's Vassal. But...WHY? Why bother using a monster so weak just to circumvent Waboku, a card that doesn't hurt you at all anyway?

There is absolutely no reason to run Gravekeeper's Vassal.

Traditional – CCCC: 1/5
Traditional – Gravekeeper Deck: 1.5/5 (only because it's a Gravekeeper)
Advanced – Gravekeeper Deck: 1.5/5 (only because it's a Gravekeeper) 
Snapper Gravekeeper’s Vassal is a peculiar monster that manages to slip past a few
annoying Traps let’s see why.

Stats: ATK=700. DEF=500. That’s not very impressive. But of course, you can
get it with Witch, Sangan, and Tomato. It’s DARK, giving it all the uses
DARK monsters have. And like all Gravekeepers, it’s a Spellcaster.
Spellcasters as we all know, do not have a great deal of cards that benefit
them as a Type. Most Spellcaster support goes to the Dark Magician, which
does no good for Gravekeeper’s Vassal. Stats – Bad.

Effect: The effect is all that Gravekeeper’s Vassal really has going for it.
All Battle Damage it does is treated as Effect Damage. This lets it get
around Waboku and Magic Cylinder to name a few, which only stop/negate
Battle Damage. These bonuses somewhat make-up for the terrible stats it has
been given, making it an adequate monster. Effect – Average.

Combos: There aren’t a lot of in depth combos for Gravekeeper’s Vassal.
Giving it an Equip Spell Card would help it out greatly. Having Dark Room of
Nightmare on the Field would also help by giving your opponent a little
extra damage.

Usability: Just like yesterday’s card, Gravekeeper's Vassal fits in a
Gravekeeper Deck with ease. Also like yesterday’s card, the question arises;
would you really want to use this card? I think the answer to this question
really depends on the variant of Gravekeeper Deck. If you are using a Burn
Styled or Equip Heavy Gravekeeper Deck, this card might work for you, but I
don’t find it to be the best choice in your average Gravekeeper Deck.

Try out Gravekeeper's Vassal casually to see if it works for you. You never
know what a under-used common could do.

Advanced Format: 2/5. You may see this card in Advanced. With less S/T
destruction, Equips could be more common, which benefit this monster.
Traditional Format: 1/5. You’ll have a much more difficult time doing a lot
of damage with this card in Traditional.
Art: 1.5/5. He looks like he could be Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant Igor. 
Otaku Stats : Gravekeeper’s Vassal is Level 3 Dark/Spell Caster. As a Level 3 Monster, it is able to slip under Gravity Bind and Level Limit-Area B. That actually might be important to using this. Dark means at least it can serve as Chaos Food, and Spellcasters do have support, though no where near as much as Warriors. Sadly, its ATK is a mere 700 and its DEF is an even punier 500. At least since it is a Gravekeeper, it receives a +500/500 bonus to its ATK/DEF if Necrovalley is on the field. Also, it’s very searchable; both Sangan and Witch of the Black Forest can grab it from the deck, and Mystic Tomato and Gravekeeper’s Spy can grab it from your deck and Special Summon it to the field. Maybe the effect can save it?

Effect(s) : Hmmm… the effect itself isn’t too bad. It’s not going to win you the game on its own, but it can be nice to mess with your opponent. The battle damage inflicted by this card to your opponent’s Life Points, it counts as effect damage. This can really mess with an opponent, since some cards won’t protect like they normally word, and other cards can be triggered.

Uses and Combinations : I love Waboku. Such a useful card. Surprisingly, there are still several duelists (and of course many new players) who don’t think it’s that good. They demand tangible card, field, or Life Point advantage. Those are wonderful things to gain, but sometimes Waboku’s main selling point is buying that one extra turn of life you needed for yourself… and likely a Monster. I know when I use Gravekeeper’s, a Waboku can mean the difference between keeping control, and losing it: they take out my Necrovalley, and all my Monster’s become weak. So I Waboku to keep them alive (if the opponent has a Tribe Infecting Virus or something, they’d have been dead even with Necrovalley on the field) until next turn, when I probably have another Necrovalley ready. So what does that have to do with Gravekeeper’s Vassal? Waboku won’t stop the overflow damage from it. Neither would Kuriboh. This is one of the few cards that is almost impossible to block the damage of. Sure, they could have something like Barrel Behind the Door down… oh wait, it was ruled that doesn’t work. Oh well, they need something that can chain to a Dust Tornado like Waboku can. And is there something that can block “effect” damage straight from hand like Kuriboh?

Sadly, the lost stats of this monster mean that even with Necrovalley, it would only be “safe” to use for the finishing blow. Of course, since it sneaks under Gravity Bind and Level Limit-Area B, decks using that might want to consider it. And added bonus-cards like Dark Room of Nightmare can tack on some more damage, are not unheard of in burn decks.


Traditional : 1.05/5-Well, it’s a Gravekeeper, and every now and then, it could be nice. Not, last I knew, a “1” was the lowest we could give, so it’s getting a teeny, tiny bonus.

Advanced : 1.25/5-I think it miiiiiiiiiight barely be useful in certain decks, or side decks anyway. If you just can’t get that last blow to count.

Limited : 1.05/5-Only take it if it’s combined with Starter decks (Waboku) or if you already have a bunch of other Gravekeepers and you just need one more.


Like yesterday’s card, we have a really specialized effect. Both might have been useful, if only they were a bit beefier. If this was a 1700 ATK monster, Gravekeeper’s could use the extra brute force… or even if it were another 1500 ATK monster. 

Tuesday: Gravekeeper’s Vassal

Rated For: ????

It’s almost a shame; receives two brand-new, shiny reviewers to break in and this is what they’re faced with: a week of unplayable, downright unbearable garbage. But onward we press, together intrepidly, to view Tuesday’s card, Gravekeeper’s Vassal.

Yes yes, I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have a single clue what this card can do. Perhaps there is some sort of combo I am unaware of, or some sort of effect damage trigger card that stacks damage upon each other, but I must say I have no idea how to effectively use this card.

Not to sound brash, but I know a lot about deck-building and Yu-Gi-Oh! in general. I’m quite sure I’m not missing some game-breaking combo involving a 700 attack card, so here goes.

Advantage F/H: The only thing advantageous about using a 700 attack card with a worthless effect is (insert witty line here, I have none). 0

Best Draw for the Situation: You don’t ever want to draw this card, period. 0

Attributes/Effect: 700 attack, worthless effect, no discernible combos… 0

Dependability: A combo involving this card would have to be so far-fetched and far-flung, it would be off the map.      0

The Bottom Line: Two cards rated 0’s in a row! Remember, a zero means the card is unplayable in any deck in any format.

A BAD Score: 0.

Cards it functions well with: Whatever cards that stack damage upon effect damage.


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