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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Gravekeeper's Watcher

Spellcaster / Effect Monster
When your opponent activates a card that includes the effect of making your opponent discard from his/her hand (this does not include the cost of discarding cards), you can activate this card by discarding this card from your hand to the Graveyard. Negate the activation and effect of the card and destroy it.

Type - Dark / 4 / 1000 / 1000
Card Number
- PGD-064

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 10.4.04

Coin Flip Mon 10.04.04 - Gravekeeper's Watcher

Hello out there in Dreamland! This is Coin Flip, and I'm a new reviewer at the site. I hope you'll enjoy my reviews, and ever so often, send me a pie. Pie is the best. If you ever want to get ahold of me, my e-mail addy will be on the bottom of every CotD I write. Send me your feedback! :)

Monday's card is rather lackluster... Well, this could have been good if they hadn't included one line of text.

Stats/Cost: Easy to summon. Free effect. Low stats. There isn't much to say here, there are better 4 star Gravekeeper's to be using.

Effect: Here's where I'm confused. Why bother making an effect that negates 6 cards in the game tops? I mean, it would be fine and dandy if it had either A, stats that match Gravekeeper's Assailant, or B, no line of text stating that it couldn't negate cards with costs. As of now, there are enough cards for me to tick off on one hand (counting in binary) that this can negate. Card Destruction (restricted), Morphing Jar (also restricted), Graceful Charity (banned), Dragged Down into the Grave, and perhaps one or two more that skip my mind. Why bother?

Combos: You can give them YOUR card through Exchange and then use this to negate it for a total of 2 cards lost and 1 card lost for your opponent. =\

Post-Ban: The only card commonly run in decks that this will negate is Graceful Charity. That is now banned. =\

1/5 in ALL decks (including Gravekeeper's) and ALL formats. Well, okay, 1.3 in a Gravekeeper in Traditional, since you might break a Graceful Charity.

If it could be activated against COST effects, that would be peachy. A lot of people run Tribe-Infecting Virus, Raigeki Breaks, and soon, Abyss Soldiers in WATER-themed decks. This would've stopped a bunch of them in their tracks and been a somewhat good option for sidedeck.

As always, my e-mail is Cakepie (at) I'd love to hear your feedback!
ExMinion OfDarkness EDIT: Sorry about the misreview, folks -- having never read Gravekeeper's Watcher in my life before this week, I naturally assumed that it would negate hand discarding from YOUR hand. It negates that of your opponent.

So instead of this card countering Delinquent Duo, it can negate Mirage of Nightmare, Magic Jammer, Card Destruction, and Morphing Jar.

Having said that, it gets a 1/5 all around. 

Monday: Gravekeeper’s Watcher

Rated For: Gravekeeper’s Deck

Okay, so here’s a week you certainly will not understand, but arrives anyways. With this Gravekeeper themed week, we’ll now have 3 out of the past 6 weeks devoted entire to Gravekeepers! (If you love them that much, I’d suggest reading my article on them).

Of course, a third week of ANY themed deck is likely to introduce numerous, unplayable pieces of junk. All of which entails a fabulous segue to Monday’s card, Gravekeeper’s Watcher!

Advantage F/H: In the post-ban format, most of the cards you use will have to provide some sort of hand or field advantage. This card does neither. In addition, with the loss of Graceful Charity and Mirage of Nightmare, you’re not going to have many opportunities to use this card. In fact, I see only Tribe-Infecting Virus, Judgement of Anubis, and Magic Jammer as viable options to use this card. Needless to say, it’s still rather worthless in the best-case scenario.                            0/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: It’s still rather worthless in the best-case scenario (you negate their cost effect).              0/10.

Attributes/Effect: Some of the worst stats in the game mixed with one of the most questionable, useless, specialized, and specific effects gives it a 0/10.

Dependability: Pick your poison. Either you have a 1000/1000 “powerhouse” on the field, or you have a card that can really negate only one playable card (Tribe). 0/10.

The Bottom Line: A flat ZERO means the card is unplayable in every format, every deck, and should see ZERO use.

A BAD Score: 0/10.

Cards it functions well with: Skull Servant, Uraby, Flame Champion, in an all garbage deck.

If you think I’m joking and want to find serious, thoughtful uses for this card:

…………………………. you’re out of luck! Sorry : (.

Tony Ewww...gravekeeper's watcher?

*sigh* This is ONLY useful for cards like Don Zaloog and Delinquent Duo. Back in the old, non-ban list format....well this card never saw any play because of Electric Snakes.....yeah this card sucks dxP

It's only a 1000/1000 monster and being 4 stars makes him a LOT less playable (gravity bind...). know, I didn't even realize this card was a rare when I first opened it >_<. It's SOO bad

Remember, if you want a card with this type of effect, find some Electric Snakes from Magic Ruler and put them in your decks

Constructed: 2/10 (since there are better cards than this...)
Limited: 4/10 (I guess it IS a 1000/1000 monster?? o_O) 
Tranorix Gravekeeper's Watcher

We finish up the Gravekeepers this week (and yes, we are out of good ones), starting with Gravekeeper's Watcher, a card renowned for being near-useless. With stats of 1000/1000, you can search it out via Mystic Tomato...but as his effect only works if he's in your hand, I don't see why you would ever do that. The stats are just bad for a Level 4; he can’t kill much and can't stop much either.

The effect is usually the reason you DO want to play a card, but in Gravekeeper's Watcher's case, that isn't so. Just about the ONLY card that you would ever get a chance to use Gravekeeper's Watcher against was Graceful Charity. Guess what? Graceful is banned.

So what does that mean for Gravekeeper's Watcher? A nearly useless card has now become officially useless. You can use it against Card Destruction and that's about it.

Traditional - CCCC: 1.5/5
Traditional – Gravekeeper Deck: 1.5/5
Advanced – Gravekeeper Deck: 1/5 
Snapper Welcome to a 3rd installment of Gravekeeper Week! We’ll start off with
Gravekeeper’s Watcher.

Stats: Gravekeeper’s Watcher is not one of the best Gravekeeper monsters. It
has and ATK and DEF of 1000 each, of course allowing it to be searched by
Witch of the Black Forest, Sangan, and Mystic Tomato. But, those lower than
ideal stats will not allow it to do a lot on its own. It’s a DARK, which
gives it a seemingly unlimited amount of support. And, to finish up, it’s a
Spellcaster, which doesn’t really help Gravekeeper’s Watcher. Stats –
Somewhere Between Good and Bad.

Effect: The effect is relatively simple; when your opponent activates a card
that forces them to discard, you discard this card from your hand to negate
the card and destroy it. Now I’m sure you learned as much from reading this
as you did by reading the card, but that is really all it does. It doesn’t
stop a lot of cards come to think of it; Graceful Charity and Card
Destruction are two that come to mind. And no, it doesn’t stop discarding as
an effect. If it did, its uses would increase dramatically. Overall,
Gravekeeper’s Watcher is just not a card that will be using its effect very
often. Effect – Bad.

Combos: There aren’t a lot of cards you can ‘combo’ Gravekeeper’s Watcher
with. Reason is that you can’t really do any planning for what your opponent
is going to do. This small fact takes away most, if not all, combos this
card could have.

Usability: Gravekeeper’s Watcher could of course be used in a Gravekeeper
Deck, making it a 1500 attacker when Necrovalley is on the field. But, the
question is, would you really want to put this in a Gravekeeper Deck when
there are so many better choices? My guess is no.

Gravekeeper’s Watcher is a card that should not be at the top of your To Get
List, plain and simple.

Advanced Format: 1/5. This isn’t a card that is going to be played here…
Traditional Format: 1/5. … or here.
Art: 1/5. A guy pointing… Wow. 
Otaku Welcome to the final week of Gravekeeper’s/Necrovalley cards. *Dodges rotten produce and a few bricks* I don’t know about anyone else, but I will be referring to this as “Gravekeeper’s Leftovers” Week, because that is what these cards are: the leftover Gravekeeper’s that probably should never see use in your side deck, let alone your main deck. Still, they do have some, tiny, infinitesimal use in some obscure deck we’ve missed. If it’s there, we’ll try to find it! Mainly we are doing this because there’s going to be one card this week that actually has a use in the Advanced format, or at least I think it will. Gravekeeper’s Watcher is not that card.

Stats : Gravekeeper’s Watcher is a Level 4 Dark/Spellcaster, like the majority of Gravekeepers. These are fairly solid stats. Being a Level 4 monster means you can summon it without Tribute. Dark cards can function as Chaos food. Spellcasters do have some supporting cards. Of course, as a Gravekeeper card, it has the Gravekeeper’s support available to it: Rite of Spirit to Special Summon it from the Graveyard, serving as fodder for Gravekeeper’s Cannonholder, being used for Tribute for Gravekeeper’s Chief and then being revived by the effect, and of course, getting a 500/500 boost to ATK/DEF from Necrovalley. Sadly, that boost won’t help a whole lot, as Gravekeeper's Watcher has a tiny 1000 ATK and DEF. On the bright side, this means you can search it out via Witch of the Black Forest and Sangan, or search and Special Summon it via Mystic Tomato and Gravekeeper’s Spy. Too bad you won’t want to be summoning it.

Effect(s) : Why won’t you want to summon it? This card has an obscure effect that can only be activated by discarding it from the hand (like Kuriboh). What’s the effect? What is it indeed? It is worded rather in a rather confusing manner. Simply put, when your opponent would activate a card that makes them discard a card (or cards) from their own hand, you can discard this to do a) negate the activation of the card, b)negate the effect of said card and b) destroy said card. Negating the activation of the card sounds odd, and I don’t know of any current rulings pertinent to it. The rest is pretty basic. Now for an example: your opponent activates Graceful Charity; you can discard this card to do “a”, “b”, and “c”. That’s going to annoy the opponent, unless you just emptied your hand and they can now go for a Yata-lock. Note that cards that have a cost of discarding, like Raigeki Break, are not legal targets. The discarding must be part of the “effect”, not part of the cost (“Discard X card(s) to play the card”).

Uses and Combinations : If everyone in your area relies on Card Destruction (in the Advanced Format), then I suppose this is just nearly useless (instead of totally useless). Otherwise we have a card that relies on your opponent’s deck and play choices, and all it is then is a simple negation card. You might as well play Magic Drain/Jammer. One might be uncertain, and the other more costly, but in the end both are more versatile.


Traditional : 1.05/5-It is a Gravekeeper, so it’s not totally worthless, and here there is one card in nearly every serious deck (Graceful Charity) that it can negate. Too bad Gravekeepers aren’t as strong here.

Advanced : 1.05/5-Gravekeepers are stronger, but now you probably won’t get the effect off. So many better Gravekeepers you can run.

Limited : 1.15/5-Unless you drafted PGD to supplement some Starter decks, the effect will be useless, and chances are, even here, you don’t need Gravekeepers that bad.


I am not seeing any real use for this card. I tried to find one, but it’s just not their. If you could use it against an opponent’s card that made you discard. At least now you know not to use it. 


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