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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Ultra Rare

Card text.

Type - Dragon
Card Number
- LOB-070


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 11.26.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Red-Eyes Black Dragon

Can a two-tribute 2400 attacker without an effect be playable again?

Even with the new support out there, I'm still not convinced.

Since the days of old, Red Eyes has learned a couple of new tricks. Inferno Fire Blast allows a player with a Red Eyes on the field to deal 2400 direct damage in exchange for not attacking with REBD that turn, and Red Eyes B. Chick helps get the Dragon onto the field.

There's simply one word on one of the cards that makes a Red Eyes Theme Deck fall just short of being a Tier 2 tournament deck (one that wouldn't win each week but may shock some people.) The word isn't even on REBD -- it's on Inferno Fire Blast. That word is "original" (see, I have a reason to be anti-originality now!)

If Inferno Fire Blast allowed a player to do direct damage equal to the REBD's current attack then it'd be a viable combination -- but it only does the REBD's original damage -- 2400. If it DID deal its current ATK score in damage, it would create another one turn win combination -- REBD + attack boosting cards + Inferno Fire Blast + Ring of Destruction. Yes, it would take 5 cards, and there's no such thing as a good 5 card combo because Exodia is the best 5 card combo out there. But it would have at least breathed some life into the Deck.

I understand trying to give attention to the much-neglected Tribute monsters out there -- but when a 2400 ATKer requires 2 tributes and 95% of the other ones only require 1 for that same attack score, I just don't see any way to make that card playable, short of creating a "Skilled Dark Magician"-type card for REBD.

1/5 in all formats.
Snapper Red-Eyes B(lack) Dragon

Our final card this week is Red-Eyes Black Dragon, a monster that gained many more uses upon the release of SOD.

Stats: With 2400 ATK and 2000 DEF, Red-Eyes Black Dragon is made one of the worst two tribute monster in the game. Itís a DARK monster, allowing you to use it with Double Coston to make it a one tribute monster. Itís also a Dragon (obviously), giving it a good amount of support. Stats Ė Bad.

Effect: What effect?

Combos: Red-Eyes Black Dragon really only combos with cards he was meant to combo with. Summon Red-Eyes B(lack) Chick to allow you to Special Summon Red-Eyes Black Dragon in the same turn. Use Inferno Fire Blast to do an amazing 2400 damage to your opponentís Life Points at the small price of not letting a Red-Eyes attack during the same turn. Then of course use Flute of Summoning Dragon while Lord of D(ragons) is on the field to ignore the whole two tribute thing.

Usability: Obviously Red-Eyes Black Dragon works great in a Red-Eyes Black Dragon Deck, and could work equally well in a Dragon Deck if you wanted to use it. And if youíre bored, make a Joey Deck; that could be fun.

In conclusion, has Red-Eyes Black Dragon increased in playability? Yeah I guess, but only casually.

Advanced Format (Casual): 3/5. Could be successful.
Traditional Format (Casual): 3/5. Could be successful.
Overall (Casual): 3/5.
Art: 4/5. Iím partial to the Shonen Jump version myself.
Coin Flip And for the last card of the week, we have another interesting addition from JAELOVE. Red-Eyes Black Dragon.

Wow. Just wow. Such a useless card on its own. There's nothing to speak of with this card. Nothing.

So what is nice about this card? Very little. It's easier to get out with Red-Eyes B. Chick. And, um, it's cool with Inferno Fireblast.
... I can't think of anything else. Sorry.

5/5 Red-Eyes B. Dragon deck.
1/5 Traditional overall
1/5 Championship overall
1261/5 Art. This thing has the best variant arts in the GAME, and sick art on its own.

I really wish we could've ended the week with something more interesting. All that's happened so far is a sad attempt at making this card playable. Dark Magician has loads of support in the Japanese game, and even BEWD has Paladin of White Dragon and Horobi no Burst Stream (Burst Stream of Destruction), as well as its own version of Red-Eyes B. Chick in Japan. This has 2 cards. 2. And a third in Japan that can only be Special Summoned by its own effect, by sacrificing a REBD on the field, and only gets a meager attack boost.
~.~ I mean, I'd love to give this thing a high rating. Playing Dark Magician and BEWD decks is fun, but the support for REBD isn't even meager.

Red Eyes Black Dragon!


Rated For: Red Eyes Black Dragon deck


Friday brings us the return of the great one, Red Eyes Black Dragon! Too bad they made him a 2400 attack weakling, instead of a more muscular 2700-2800 attack range huh!


Nevertheless, the release of certain Soul of Duelist support cards (Inferno Fire Blast and Red Eyes B. Chick) makes him almost playable!


Advantage F/H: Obviously you'll almost never want to sacrifice two monsters for a 2400 attack weakling. However, the chicks are highly searchable, you have the Lord of D. route, and 2400 attack is still nothing to scoff at. Throw in the fact you'll have Red Eyes support cards doing 2400 attack per turn and you have a mean go-getter. You don't even want to consider creating this deck in the Traditional format, so ignore that rating.

Traditional--                                                   0/10

Advanced--                                                     7/10


Best Draw for the Situation: He's actually not bad if you have some form of searchability for Chick, or have Chick in hand. If you run 2 of these in your deck (maybe 3), you'll have numerous options for bringing him out onto the field. The Chick REALLY makes this guy far more playable than otherwise.

Traditional--                                                   0

Advanced--                                                     6/10


Attributes/Effect: First of all, he's puny and weak for a 7 star monster. However, keep in mind that Red Eyes Black Dragon has support cards that can absolutely devastate your opponent, and 2400 attack will dominate the field versus almost everything. He also has numerous ways of bringing him out since he's a dragon. Not bad for an LOB era geezer.

Traditional--                                                   0

Advanced--                                                     6/10


Dependability: Two tribute monsters with no effect would get almost a zero in this category. The chick gives him about 3 points.

Traditional--                                                   0

Advanced--                                                     3/10


The Bottom Line: Konami will have to introduce about 4-5 more REBD support cards to make this archetype anything more than a gimmick.


A BAD Score:                                               

Advanced--                                                     2.75/5


Cards it functions well with: Flute of Summoning Dragon, Lord of D., Red Eyes B. Chick, Inferno Fire Blast, Masked Dragon

Tranorix Red-Eyes B. Dragon

Well, when REBD was released, he was worthless. A two-tribute 2400 ATK monster had little to no use anywhere, even in a Dragon Deck, since BEWD and Tri-Horned Dragon were still superior.

And, more or less, this lack of use for REBD continued through every single set. Until Soul of the Duelist. Red-Eyes B. Chick and Inferno Fireblast gave new life to Red-Eyes. Now, you can summon him first-turn and blast your opponent for 2400 damage (or 4800, or 7200, if you're lucky) before he even has a chance to respond. Summon the Chick, sack it for Red-Eyes, and Inferno Fireblast away.

A Dragon-Burner based around Red-Eyes is a very viable deck-type now, especially in the Advanced Format, where monsters tend to stay on the field a little longer. Combined with a few other Burn cards, a deck focused on using Inferno Fireblasts and/or getting out Red-Eyes quickly to attack is very deadly.

Of course, without the right support cards, Red-Eyes is still worthless a terrible draw, just a rentsy card in your hand. But don't let that deter you from giving him a try.

Traditional CCCC: 1.5/5
Traditional Dragon-Burn: 3/5
Advanced Dragon-Burn: 4/5


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