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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Abyss Soldier
Super Rare

Aqua / Effect Monster
Discard 1 WATER monster from your hand to the Graveyard. Return 1 card on the field to the owner's hand. You can only use this effect once per turn, during your Main Phase.

Type - Water / 4 / 1800 / 1300
Card Number
- CMC-EN001

Traditional: 4.25
Advanced: 4.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 11.19.04

Tranorix Abyss Soldier

Abyss Soldier is an awesome monster, simply put. He's Level 4 with 1800 ATK, and he has a beneficial effect. Not bad, right? Add that to the fact that he benefits from A Legendary Ocean, becoming a Level 3 2000 attacker, and that your opponent is unlikely to kill it with Tribe-Infecting Virus, being an Aqua, and you already have a very solid monster.

The effect might not be game-breaking, but it's certainly great. Discard a WATER monster from your hand (Sinister Serpent, anyone?) and you get to return a card on the field to its owner's hand. Is your opponent's BLS-EotB bothering you? Summon this guy and he'll have to summon it again. That Messenger of Peace in your way? Summon this and get a turn without it.

There is really no reason not to run this guy in WATER Decks, and he could even be used in Bounce Decks (with things like Compulsory Evacuation Device, Hyper Hammerhead, and Penguin Soldier), presuming you have some other WATER monsters to discard.

Traditional Ė CCCC: 2/5
Traditional Ė A Legendary Ocean: 3.5/5
Advanced Ė A Legendary Ocean: 4.5/5 
ExMinion OfDarkness Friday:
Abyss Soldier

Ahh, now we hit the playable promo of the week.

Abyss Soldier can totally rock for Water decks. The 4 star 1800 thing really works when A Legendary Ocean turns it into a 3-star 2,000. At this point it gets around Level Limit and G-Bind. Speaking of those, this card can get rid of them temporarily -- by discarding a Water monster, you can bounce one thing on the field to its owner's hand. They set a F/D monster they topdecked? Bounce it. They set a trap you don't like? Bounce it. BLS on the field? Not anymore.

The specific discard doesn't hurt that much either -- it can get those Giga Gaggagios and Levia-Dragons in the graveyard to reborn later -- a welcome addition to Advanced Format Water decks, whom lost Graceful Charity, the 2nd best way to dump cards in the game (Painful Choice being the best.)

Getting away from one spell/trap a turn isn't that great -- but getting a monster off of their field, setting them back, is.

Conclusion: If you're running a Water deck, run 2 or possibly even 3. It's a decent attacker with a great effect.

Traditional (Water deck): 4/5
Advanced (Water deck): 4.95/5 (bouncing that Wave-Motion cannon is evil) 
Snapper Abyss Soldier

The last card this week is Abyss Soldier, a monster that really only works in a WATER Deck.

Stats: Abyss Soldier has a solid ATK/DEF of 1800/1300, allowing you to search for it with Sangan. Some may call the ATK a poor manís beatstick, but in a WATER Deck itís a poor manís savior, giving it 2000 ATK (assuming A Legendary Ocean is in play). Itís an Aqua monster, a Type whose only advantage is that Tribe-Infecting Virus is also an Aqua monster. Abyss Soldier is also a WATER monster, giving it benefits in the only deck it should be used in. Stats Ė Good.

Effect: Abyss Soldierís effect could be very helpful in the right deck; at the price of discarding one WATER monster from your hand to the Graveyard, you can return any card on the field to the ownerís hand. BUT, you can only use the effect once per turn. Now the effect is two-sided. For one, you can only discard WATER monsters, a fact you canít get around. Another point is that you can only use the effect once, but if that werenít part of the effect, Abyss Soldier would be potentially broken. Other than that, Abyss Soldier has a kick-butt effect. That face-down S/T Card worrying you? Just return it to your opponentís hand. Want to reuse a Flip effect monster? Return it to your hand. Donít like that Horus LV8 your opponent has, return it to your opponentís hand. Effect Ė Good.

Combos: Sinister Serpent is an obvious combo, giving you Abyss Soldierís effect for free every turn.

Usability: Abyss Soldier should only be used in a WATER Deck. Anywhere else and itís just an 1800 ATK monster.

If you have a WATER Deck you should rally consider using this card. If you donít, sell it on eBay.

Advanced Format (WATER Deck): 4/5. No reason not to use it.
Traditional Format (WATER Deck): 4/5. No reason not to use it.
Overall: 4/5
Art: 4/5. It is obviously what happens when Swamp Thing, a humpback whale, and a manta ray pull a Dr. Frankenstein with each other.

Friday: Abyss Soldier

Rated For: Water decks, D.D Designator/Mind Crush decks, Any Deck!

This card is already one of my favorites, because heís one of the best options for dealing with any number of threats your opponent can throw at you. Abyss Soldier adds another element of power to the Water Deck, but can also function in numerous other ones as well.

His effect is not quite as powerful as Tribe, but it does serve a variety of uses against Tribute Monsters, face-down spell/traps, and even on its own as an 1800 attack powerhouse.

What a fine example of balanced card-making!

Advantage F/H: For starters, 1800 alone is a magic number, and itís what made Kycoo last so long. It lets him overpower most Tech cards, including Strike Ninja, Enraged Battle Ox, Tribe-Infecting Virus, and others. His effect doesnít destroy the monster, but itís just as good against Tribute monsters and Black Luster Soldier. Now TIV is one of the best cards in the game, so anything even remotely close to it is great in its own right.

Traditional--               8

Advanced--                 8

Best Draw for the Situation: Once again, a card so versatile makes him downright deadly in the right situations. Support him with discard fodder like Thunder Dragons, Sinister Serpent, and Night Assailants, and you have a fearsome powerhouse capable of negating any threat in your opponentís deck! Heíll take down BLS, Jinzo, and many others, paving a way to key life point damage and such. Hardly ever a bad draw, because even if youíre topdecking, he has 1800 attack!

Traditional--               8

Advanced--                 8 

Attributes/Effect: A very good effect, mixed with very good stats, adds up to a very good score. Also, being a water/aqua type makes him good in almost any type of deck, including A Legendary Ocean!

Traditional--               8

 Advanced--                 8

Dependability: Rock solid. Simply rock solid dependable. 1800 attack, an effect you arenít forced to use (because of said 1800 attack). Great.

 Traditional--               9

 Advanced--                 9

The Bottom Line: I love Abyss Soldier! His versatility is amazing; mix him with Mind Crush, D.D Designator, Trap Dustshoot, and others for much fun!

A BAD Score:       Both Formats:            4.13/5

Cards it functions well with: Mind Crush, D.D Designator, Trap Dustshoot, Sinister Serpent, Night Assailant, Thunder Dragon.

Coin Flip And we jump back to Capsule Monster Coliseum for what might just be the best card of the week. Abyss Soldier is something a lot of people have been anticipating, and for very good reason. Let's take a gander, shall we?

The stats are g0dly. 1800/1300 with 4 stars is so A Legendary Ocean friendly that my head is spinning (not in the demonic The Exorcist way, either). But if you think that's good, take a peek at the effect. I prefer to say the effect as "Every WATER monster in your hand can become an awesome Compulsory Evacuation Device that can be activated this turn." Really, this card is the thing ALO decks have been waiting for. I mean, let's list a few combos this card has.

Discard a WATER monster, and:
Return Swords of Revealing Light to your hand after two turns have passed for the Infinite Swords combo.
Return an opponent's sacrificed monster to their hand to have made them waste a monster.
Return Premature Burial to your hand for Infinite Recursion.
Return their Snatch Steal or Call of the Haunted to their hand to rid their field of a monster.
Return their monster to their hand for free direct attack.
Return a used-up Flip Effect monster to your hand.
Return Breaker to your hand for reusage.

All of these combos, by the way, are essentially free. Use 'em with Sinister Serpent and you get a free once per turn combo. Use them with Mermaid Knight, Cure Mermaid, Amphibious Bugross MK-3 and Salvage and you get nearly free card advantage.

If you aren't running one in a WATER themed deck, your excuse had better be "I don't have one."

Good stats + g0dly effect = Great rating.

5/5 in an ALO deck in ANY format.
5/5 Limited (yes, it is THAT good
5/5 Traditional
5/5 Advanced.

Logically, I would avoid using it elsewhere if it is at all possible, but it still goes well with Sinister, so chances are it will still kick ass in a non-ALO deck as a decent attacker and occasional game-breaker. Still, though, don't use it outside of ALO if you can avoid using it outside of ALO.



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