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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Twinheaded Beast
Super Rare

Beast / Effect Monster
This card can attack twice during the same Battle Phase.

Type - Fire / 6 / 1700 / 1900
Card Number
- DBT-EN003


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 11.17.04

Tranorix Twinheaded Beast

Twinheaded Beast isn't very good. 1700 ATK for a tribute monster is about as low as it gets, and he isn't even Level 5 so you can't morph him into Balter. He is a Beast, and he has relatively high DEF (1900), which makes him work fairly well with Wild Nature's Release; but as WNR is only slightly playable anyway, that's not too big of an advantage. Of course, using WNR on this guy when your opponent has a clear field will do 7200 damage...but that's not likely to happen.

He can attack twice per Battle Phase. Okay, great. Kill something weak with him and he can hit again. If there's nothing on your opponents side of the field, he can hit for 3400 damage. Sure, it's an okay effect; but you have to think for a moment, "why bother?" If you summon this normally, you're gaining no advantage at all, even with his effect. Why not just summon a 1900 one turn and another one on the next turn? You'll still get two attacks, and you'll do more damage.

He may be a good casual card, but avoid him for tourney play.

Traditional – CCCC: 1.5/5
Traditional – Beast: 2/5
Advanced – Beast: 2.5/5 
ExMinion OfDarkness Wednesday:
Here we have Twinheaded Beast, which just like Emes, falls into the "can do better with an equip instead of a Tribute" category.

This is a 1700 double attacker. It's Beast, so it works well with the tramplers in Beastdown, and that's about it. Looking at other double attackers:

Hayabusa Knight is a 1000 double attacker who belongs to a more used category of card -- Warriors, and gets the benefits from the heavy Warrior support.

Mataza the Zapper is a 1300 double attacker who can't be stolen from you via Change of Heart or Snatch Steal, and is also a Warrior.

Black Luster Soldier -- Envoy of the Beginning double-attacks fairly often and does so for 3,000 damage.

I know it's not fair to compare the card to BLS, but it IS fair to compare it to Mataza. For only 400 less attack you still get to attack twice -- that 1,300 can also be an asset rather than a detriment considering Messenger of Peace and the other stall cards out there.

Conclusion: Only useful in a Beast deck.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5 
Snapper Twinheaded Beast

Today’s card is Twinheaded Beast, a monster that is really the pure definition of ‘filler card’.

Stats: Twinheaded Beast has the appalling ATK/DEF of 1700/1900, an unholy combination for a Level 6 monster. Sadly, Twinheaded Beast doesn’t get better. Not only is it a Beast monster, but it’s also a FIRE monster, two of the more neglected classifications in the game. Stats – Self-Explanatory (aka. Bad).

Effect: Twinheaded Beast can attack twice in the same Battle Phase, a usually good effect; but not for Twinheaded Beast. Effect – Good.

Combos: Obviously an Equip Spell Card would do wonders for Twinheaded Beast.

Usability: You could try it in a Beast Deck. You could try it in a FIRE Deck. You could try it in an Equip Spell Card heavy Deck. You could also try finding something better, which I’m almost positive there is.

Don’t go out of your way to get Twinheaded Beast unless you really like the picture.

Advanced Format: 1/5. The reasons are obvious (I hope).
Traditional Format: 1/5. The reasons are obvious (I hope).
Overall: 1/5.
Art: 3/5. The artwork is as good as Twinheaded Beast gets. It’s obviously what a Centaur, a lion, and toxic waste make. Right?
JAELOVE Twinheaded Beast


Rated For: His Own Deck, Beast Deck



Twin-Headed Beast is much like Hayabusa Knight and Mataza the Zapper. Unfortunately, those two cards will lead directly to this one’s downfall. Why? Let’s examine him.


Advantage F/H: He’s a tribute monster, but only has a completely pathetic 1700 attack. The difference between his attack and Mataza’s, to an empty field, is 800 damage (they attack twice). But ordinarily, tribute monsters boost about 500 attack (think of the jump from 2000 attack Gorilla to 2400 attack Jinzo) for pure control of the field. In this case, the jump from 1300 to 1700 offers nothing, meaning you’re going to have to augment Twin-Headed Beast with equip spells. But what’s the difference between 2300 and 2700? Both will dominate, both will create heavy damage, and so there is no justifiable reason to “upgrade” from Mataza to Twin-Headed Beast. Even in a Beast Deck, Manticore is far superior. Sadly, 1700 provides no advantage whatsoever.                    

             Traditional--               0

             Advanced--                 0


Best Draw for the Situation: Logically, if a card provides no advantage whatsoever, you’re never going to want to draw it. But let’s assume, for a moment, that you have a clear field to destroy them with. If you have a monster like D.D Warrior Lady, Tribe-Infecting Virus, Don Zaloog, or Berserk Gorilla against their open field, are you really going to want to dump resources for a 1700 attack monster? I think not! This card becomes a liability even in the best case scenarios, and also forces you to burn the hand/resources for quick damage (ex: You pump him up to 4000 with Mage Power).

                  Traditional--               4

                  Advanced--                 4


Attributes/Effect: He’s inferior to Mataza in every aspect, since they’re both going to need equips to function. It’s almost the same reason that Des Scissors owns Needle Burrower, but even more drastic; they’ll need equips anyways, so why waste a tribute on them? Good effect gives them a few points.               Traditional--               2

                        Advanced--                 2


Dependability: This is the perfect example of a card that needs an entire deck revolving around it. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, the tribute monster status makes this far worse than Mataza the Zapper. In fact, there’s no reason you should run this over Mataza period, unless you’re running a Beast Deck. But in a Beast Deck, you should never run this over Manticore, so this guy is stuck no matter what.

                             Traditional--               2

                             Advanced--                 2


The Bottom Line: Superior alternatives in every flavor of deck this card was designed for makes him worthless. He should at least have had 1900 attack.


A BAD Score:      Traditional--               1/5

                           Advanced--                 1/5


Cards it functions well with: Mage Power, Axe of Despair, Big Bang Shot, equip spells, field removal spells.
Coin Flip Our final lackluster card this week is going to be Twinheaded Beast.

Another monster with Hayabusa Knight effect. Attack the first monster, kill it, and then attack LP directly has always hurt. 1700 is rather large and will get you past DDWL (assuming you attack second), Tribe, Breaker without Token, and a large assortment of other cards. If need be, you can equip an Axe of Despair to it to boost it up. Of course, you can do the same thing with a Mataza, so you should know that there ARE better options for a good deal of decks. You could use this in a Fire-Themed deck, though, and Beast gives you capabilities of going with this in Beastdown (combo it with Inferno Hammer, Enraged Battle Ox, Bazoo and Dimension Fusion and you can RULE THE WORLD!)

Overall, still pretty lackluster because of its stats.

2.8/5 Traditional.

3.3/5 Advanced.



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