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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Inferno Hammer
Super Rare

Fiend / Effect Monster
When this card destroys your opponent's monster and sends it to the Graveyard as a result of battle, you can select 1 face-up monster on your opponent's side of the field and flip it into face-down Defense Position.

Type - Dark / 6 / 2400 / 0
Card Number
- CMC-EN002

Traditional: 2.85
Advanced: 3.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 11.15.04

Tranorix Inferno Hammer

Evidently, the game needed another one-tribute DARK/Fiend monster, so along came Inferno Hammer. With 2400 ATK for a Level 6, he's pretty powerful; 0 DEF is pretty bad, so the solution is not to put him into DEF.

His effect is mediocre, to say the least. If you kill an opponent's monster, you can flip another one into face-down DEF. It's only going to be useful if 1) your opponent has more than one monster on the field, and 2) your opponent has at least one powerful monster with low DEF. So you can take out his Tribe-Infecting Virus and flip his Jinzo face-down to make it easy prey for something else. You can kill his Archfiend Soldier, then flip down his End of Anubis to make it easier to kill.

It isn't bad, but there are times you won't want to use this at all…like when your opponent has a face-up Magician of Faith. Of course, there's also no guarantee that your opponent will even have a second monster, which renders Inferno Hammer's effect useless. He's okay, but he's nothing spectacular, unless your deck calls for this sort of thing. He might work well in a Trample Deck.

Traditional – CCCC: 2.5/5
Traditional – Trample: 3/5
Advanced: Trample: 3/5 
ExMinion OfDarkness Monday:
Inferno Hammer

Welcome back! After technical difficulties *ah hem* gave the CotD review team a week off, it's glad to be back looking at new cards. This week involves many video game promos. Let's see how playable they are, shall we?

Inferno Hammer is a Tribute monster with an interesting effect -- 2400 Attack means it's on par with the Mobius, Jinzo, and Zaborg everyone else seems to be using. 0 Defense can be bad -- it will usually never be placed there, but Enemy Controller could cause some problems -- especially with Trample monsters. However, this does allow it to be Witchable in Traditional.

Inferno is best when your opponent has two monsters. You kill one, and flip the other into face-down Defense. If they have a Flip effect monster as that other monster, guess what? The effect is OPTIONAL -- you DO NOT have to flip another of their monsters face down. Most of the time, the "high ATK/low DEF" monsters that are played will be vulnerable to this effect.

Optimal situation: You have two monsters on the field and so does your opponent -- stronger ones. You tribute for Inferno Hammer, kill one of their monsters, the other flips face-down, and your other monster (Mystic Tomato, perhaps?) kills their weak defense monster (like an Archfiend Soldier.)

It's a good asset to Beatdown (where people who run pure Beatdown are running 2 Noblemans ALREADY and that can be a combo here...).

Traditional Format rating: 3/5 (Beatdown can be good, and the effect is good, but non Jinzo, V-Lord, and Parshath Tributes need reason to be maindecked. Playtest this first.)
Advanced Format rating: 2.5/5 (More stall/burn decks = harder time for this to kill anything.)

Overall: 2.75/5 
Snapper Inferno Hammer

Welcome to Monday! This week we’ll be reviewing some of them new fangled game promos that were released a few weeks ago. Today’s card is Inferno Hammer.

Stats: Inferno Hammer has been given the decent ATK/DEF of 2400/0, allowing it to be searched for by Sangan. The ATK is standard for useful one-tribute monsters, giving Inferno Hammer the ability to destroy monsters with relative ease. The DEF however brings Inferno Hammer down a few pegs; with 0 DEF Inferno Hammer is an almost guaranteed casualty if in Defense Position. Of course, if you were to put Inferno Hammer in Defense Position, I would vomit with rage. Anyway, it’s also a Fiend, a Type that has been on the receiving end of an attempt to lower additions to its vast amount of monster support. Inferno Hammer is also a DARK monster, giving it the usual benefits of most. Stats – Good.

Effect: Inferno Hammer has a somewhat nasty effect; when Inferno Hammer destroys a monster as a result of battle and sends it to the Graveyard, select one of your opponent’s monsters and change it to face-down Defense Position. Relatively easy to understand and equally beneficial; just think of it like a Book of Moon that only works on your opponent's monsters. Effect – Good.

Combos: One of the more obvious combinations is to use Inferno Hammer’s effect on a monster that is a threat to you, and then follow up with a Nobleman of Crossout to erase the threat from the field.

Usability: Inferno Hammer would work best in a Fiend Deck, but could work in other decks as well.

Inferno Hammer is an easily good monster that could be an annoyance to your opponent. Its only problem is competition, a factor that leaves Inferno Hammer in the dust.

Advanced Format: 3.5/5. As I said, a good monster, but there are superior alternatives.
Traditional Format: 3/5. As I said, a good monster, but there are superior alternatives.
Overall: 3.25/5.
Art: 3/5. It’s got that, “WTX is that thing?” going on doesn’t it?

Inferno Hammer


Rated For: Fiend Decks



Sorry for the one week hiatus, but we’re going to ring in the new week with the fiery Inferno Hammer!


By the way, yours truly is really an idiot. In my last review on Luminous Soldier two Fridays ago, I calculated his stats as if he got a 1000 attack bonus, instead of a 500 attack bonus. Apologies, it’s my first mistake on the COTD reviews and I’m sure many more are yet to come :D.


But anyways, we’re going to ring in the new week with the coolest name of all, Inferno Hammer. But is he cool enough to rule A BAD System? I think not!


Advantage F/H: One of the things I do on my reviews is compare the reviewed cards to its competitors; Return from a Different Dimension, An Owl of Good Luck, and other cards had their ratings lowered because there were better alternatives (Dimension Fusion, Terraforming respectively). This card is another that has to be slammed down because of far better Fiend Tribute monsters available, namely Dark Ruler Ha Des and The End of Anubis. 2400 attack is going to give a good advantage, but you can basically treat this guy as a non-effect monster, since it won’t make a difference if you get to use his effect or not. The only thing stronger than this guy is Black Luster Soldier, and your opponent is going to move his weaker remaining monsters to defense the next turn anyways. So you’re basically giving up one card to get a 2400 attack monster on the field. Summoned Skull is better (sadly enough).                          Traditional--               4

                           Advanced--                 4


Best Draw for the Situation: Every fiend tribute monster is a better draw than this card in all but one situation. Sure if you have a Nobleman of Crossout, it might be better to use this guy’s effect, but even then the ability to negate graveyard effects or monster effects is far superior in nearly every other situation. I can’t recommend this guy, simply based on the strength of his peers (Ha Des and Anubis) alone.   

                            Traditional--               2

                             Advanced--                 2


Attributes/Effect: Yes, Inferno Hammer is going to get owned in this section. He has 0 defense, making him very susceptible to Enemy Controller, Book of Moon, and such. His effect can be a liability, especially when your opponent has no monsters on the field. Finally, 2400 attack doesn’t preserve him from the ubiquitous Jinzo. He’s inferior to the other two fiend tributes in every way possible. Sure, you can argue that he can be used in a face-down control deck, but Ha Des and Anubis negate most effect monsters anyways!                             Traditional--               3

                            Advanced--                 3


Dependability: Assuming you want to use his effect in some sort of face/down lock deck, consider a few factors. One, your opponent was going to move his sub 2400 attack monsters to defense position anyways. Two, if you have a Crossout in hand, your opponent was going to set a face-down monster the next turn anyways, because 2400 attack is very high. So basically, you have a very worthless effect, making this guy a basic 2400 attack monster.                     

                               Traditional--               5

                              Advanced--                 5                                 

The Bottom Line: In a fiend deck, Ha Des and The End of Anubis are far superior. Superior enough, even, to make this otherwise decent card unplayable.


A BAD Score:            

                           Traditional--               1.75/5

                          Advanced--                 1.75/5


Cards it functions well with: Zero Gravity, Nobleman of Crossout, Change of Heart.

Coin Flip We begin the week with one of the three videogame promos from Capsule Monster Coliseum, Inferno Hammer. Let's all look with awe at his 2400 attack. Yay.

Now, his effect. I've never been one to really care about the stats of a card, because quite frankly, there are ways around that (Sakuretsu Armor, Book of Moon, Enemy Controller come to mind). The effect is what breaks the game. A 1400 direct attack from Don Zaloog will hurt you more than a 2000 attack from Berserk Gorilla. People have been talking about that, so I thought I'd clear that up. That in mind, his effect is nifty. The only problem is that if they have 2 or more monsters on the field at one time, you probably have none, much less the chance to kill one in battle after attacking and killing the other. What IS nice about this card is that Nobleman of Crossout gets a very easy setup... It also gives something like an Airknight Parshath or Trample attacker a free shot at something with low DEF, and works very well with the Mystic Swordsmen and Sasuke Samurai.
It's optional (something Tsukuyomi can't boast) so you won't be flipping a Command Knight into DEF mode unless you want to. It's a nice card. The only problem is that Tsukuyomi does the job MUCH better, can do it EVERY turn, and can act as a reusable Book of Moon with Ultimate Offering. Chances are, if you are running a deck that can benefit from this guy's effect, you're already using 2 or 3 tributes. Mystic Swordsman LV6, Dark Driceratops, Airknight Parshath... I could understand very easily using him in a Beastdown Trample, though. He is a good card regardless, and gets good ratings.

2.5/5 Traditional. Stick with the GOOD tributes here, where you have to to avoid the mindless jibberjabber of most decks.

3.4/5 Advanced. More options to run with.


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