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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Luminous Soldier
Ultra Rare

Warrior / Effect Monster
If this card battles with a DARK monster, increase the ATK of this card by 500 points during the Damage Step.

Type - Light / 5 / 2100 / 1400
Card Number
- TP5-EN001


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 11.05.04

Coin Flip Following up on our review of Penumbral Soldier Lady, here we have its
LIGHT counterpart. 2100 won't win anything on its own, and logically,
if it is a Tribute with a low ATK, it had better have a good effect.

This thing is worse than Penumbral Soldier Lady. The boost is
lackluster at best. DNA Transplant will do SOMETHING for it, but
really, why not just attach an Axe of Despair to a Blade Knight for
the same result, only PERMANENT?

This was a break in the chain of TP Ultra Rares. First card to not
come from the Japanese set of Booster Chronicle, and the first card to
utterly suck like it does. Luckily, Needle Worm is a Super Rare in
the same set. That makes up for something.

1/5. I'm being rather cruel here, but not only does it suck, but it
sucked up a slot a better card should have taken. I will give it this
- the art is g0dly. 
Tranorix Luminous Soldier

Until now, the Tournament Pack Ultra Rare has always been at least remotely playable. Mechanical chaser was AMAZING when it was released and is still good for Machine Decks; Morphing Jar is very widely used; Needle Worm is a staple for Deck Destruction; and Royal Decree is better than ever thanks to the bans. This card is...not. 'Twas a rentsy decision to make this guy the TP Ultra.

With 2100 ATK for a Tribute Monster, it isn't very strong. The effect doesn't make up for that. Think Penumbral Soldier Lady, really; only he gets his ATK boost when fighting DARK Monsters. The catch? Luminous Soldier only boosts by 500, not even enough to take down Invader of Darkness.

If used against a DARK (maybe Fiend) Deck, which is the best possible scenario for Luminous Soldier, he's a one-tribute 2600 attacker. There's nothing special about that. Keep this one in your binders. Or sell him.

Traditional Ė CCCC: 1.5/5
Traditional Ė Side Deck against DARKS: 2/5
Advanced Ė Side Deck against DARKS: 2/5 
ExMinion OfDarkness Friday:
Luminous Soldier

Okay...5 stars, 2100/1400, and +500 against could use this card in...aww, who am I kidding, if you get this card, SELL IT! Milk it for every single penny of the $300 you can get for this thing right now before the value goes down! hem. On actual playability of the card, it would get its boost in Traditional quite often. But if we've learned anything from the near-death of Equipment Magic cards, the best monsters aren't necessarily the ones with the highest attack scores.

1/5 in all formats, 5/5 if you sell it and make an entire Advanced Format deck with the proceeds. 
Snapper Luminous Soldier

The final card this week is Luminous Soldier, a monster that is very similar
to Penumbral Soldier Lady. Letís see why.

Stats: Luminous Soldier has 2100 ATK and 1400 DEF, allowing you to search
for it with Sangan. The ATK is a little low for a monster that requires a
tribute, but the effect somewhat makes up for it. Itís a LIGHT monster,
giving it plenty of support. Itís also a Warrior, giving it the usual uses
they have. Stats Ė Good.

Effect: Luminous Soldierís effect is simple; whenever it does battle with a
DARK monster, its ATK goes up by 500. It doesnít matter whoís turn it is or
if itís the monster attacking; as long as itís is involved in battle with a
DARK monster, it gets the boost. This effect has uses, particularly against
a deck with lots of DARK monsters, giving your opponent an extra 500 points
of damage whenever it attacks. The problem with Luminous Soldier is that the
increase in ATK isnít enough to be a big threat to the opponent. If the ATK
increase was 1000, then weíd have a good monster. With all that said, this
possibly good effect is of course limited to DARK monsters, making it just a
weak level 5 monster whenever it battles a monster of a different Attribute.
Effect Ė Adequate.

Combos: The only card I can think of that would help out Luminous Soldier is
DNA Transplant, allowing you to make all of your opponentís monsters DARK
monsters, which would basically make Luminous Soldier a permanent 2600 ATK monster.

Usability: There arenít any decks I can think of that Luminous Soldier works
particularly well in. Maybe an Anti-DARK Deck, but Iíve never seen or heard
of a deck like that before.

Luminous Soldier is a card that could have been a great card, but it was
given the curse of situationality.

Advanced Format: 2/5. There are better tribute monsters in Advanced.
Traditional Format: 2/5. There are better tribute monsters in Traditional.
Overall: 2/5.
Art: 4/5. Luminous Soldier is in every way the opposite of Penumbral Soldier
Lady; itís apparently male, and the sun is hinted at or shown everywhere, as
opposed to the moon. 

Friday: Luminous Soldier

Rated For: Light Decks, Anti-Dark Decks 

This is the (rather disappointing) tournament pack season five ultra rare. It'll be interesting to see if his price is 100+, or if it hits the 50-70 dollar range.

Anyways, he'll be compared directly to the SOD super rare, Penumbral Soldier Lady.

Advantage F/H: Now a monster that will deal direct damage to Darks (the most commonly played type) is a far better option than PSLady. You'll be cracking Breaker for 1500, Don for 1700, Jinzo for 700, and such with this potent card. 2100, while weak, is higher than every non-tribute monster in the game, and there aren't any tribute monsters that can take it down because most tribute monsters are dark. But make sure you side-deck it out versus Earth beatdowns! (You can basically treat this card as a 3100 attack monster for our purposes).

Traditional:                 7/10
Advanced:                  7.5/10
Limited (You'll never pull this)           N/A

Best Draw for the Situation: You'll have plenty of situations to either dump or revive, or bring this guy out via the regular tribute summoning method. Just hope your opponent is running plenty of dark monsters, and you should be fine. If not, this card isn't such a hot draw, even though he's safe against mostly everything (except Goblin Attack Force).

T:                    6.5/10
A:                    6.5/10
L:                    N/A 

Attributes/Effect: The cool thing about working against only dark monsters is that dark monsters are usually the only monsters with higher than 2100 attack. Commonly played tribute monsters are basically Jinzo and the dark Fiend tributes. This basically means that 2100 attack is enough to get the job done, making it almost as good as having a base 2500 attack. This equates favorably to Luminous Soldier's score. Also, him being light means you have another light tribute option other than Airknight Parshath.

T:                    7.5/10
A:                    7.5/10
L:                    N/A 

Dependability: The only monsters he can't kill, off the top of my head, are earth monsters such as Manticore, Injection Fairy Lily, and Goblin Attack Force. Everything else, being dark or weak light (ala Airknight Parshath) will fall to him.

T:                    7.5/10
A:                    7.5/10
L:                    N/A 

The Bottom Line: Solid, but not great.

A BAD Score--                       Traditional: 28.5/40= 3.56/5
                                                Advanced: 3.63/5
                                                Limited: N/A (Dream onÖ)

Cards it functions well with: DNA Transplant, Book of Moon (versus Earth beatdowns).


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