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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Magical Thorn
Super Rare

When your opponent's card(s) are discarded to the Graveyard, inflict 500 points of damage to his/her Life Points for each card that was discarded.

Type - Continuous Trap
Card Number
- TP5-EN003


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 11.03.04

Coin Flip This card is a new card in the TP5 pack, but should have
been a rare, IMO. Its Booster Chronicle counterpart was. But I
digress - I'm reviewing one of my personal favorites here.

The Permanent Trap part is annoying - you're unlikely to want to use
the effect unless you draw it first turn. The rest is good, though.
Burn powaa! By discarding cards from your opponent's hand, you're
doing a good deal of hurt to them for something many decks do already.
So where is this thing's greatest power? Well, it's not too specific
about where the card must be discarded from. This thing had its
greatest strength with Delinquent Duo, where it was pretty much + 1
card every turn. Now it gets its greatest strength from Morphing Jar,
Card Destruction, Needle Worm, and Magic Drain (you have to pay 500
and discard if you want to have the effect go through. Pretty much
assured Magic Negation. More power to Don Zaloog and Spirit Reaper...
Overall, there isn't too much one can do. It makes Robbin' Goblin
hurt a hell of a lot more... But unless you build a deck around the
effect, where you force your opponent to draw and then discard, I
don't see a purpose to this. Just tech for a few controls.

3/5 in control decks. I will assure you that it is fun to use, but so
is Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon. =\ Not competitive enough for
anything but casual. I do like the art, though. 
Tranorix Magical Thorn

This is a fun little Trap Card, another Super Rare from TP5. It's Continuous, so it's fairly vulnerable to S/T removal; but that's almost always an issue. 500 damage may not seem like much, but it can definitely add up.

First of all, Magical Thorn will only work when your opponent discards from his hand. Using Needle Worm with it won't deal any damage to your opponent; using something like Delinquent Duo, however, will have him take 1000. Use Card Destruction when his hand is full and he'll be hurting quite badly.

Magical Thorn can and will have decks built around it. Use a bunch of Magical Thorns and a bunch of cards that make your opponent've got a Burn Control Deck! Interestingly enough, a monster coming in Rise of Destiny, Fire Emperor Testaros (next of the Monarchs), adds some more viability to that theme – when he's Tribute Summoned, your opponent discards from his hand and takes a little damage if he discards a monster. He'll take even more if you use Magical Thorn.

Traditional – CCCC: 3/5
Traditional – Burn Control: 4/5
Advanced – Burn Control: 5/5 
ExMinion OfDarkness Wednesday:
Magical Thorn

Welcome to another $50+ Super Rare out of the Tournament Pack series.

This card has so much potential in a deckout deck it's unreal. 500 damage isn't so great, but when 5 or more cards get dumped at once, 2,500 damage is devastating -- especially if it's multiple times in one turn.

Morphing Jar can cause a lot of damage here. Card Destruction becomes sick and wrong. Book of Moon and Book of Taiyou can be used to re-flip that Jar in the same turn to do 2,500 (and possibly get another Moon and Taiyou.)

Sasuke Samurai #3 hitting an opponent, then Card Destruction, does 3,500 when this is on the field.

Let's also remember that these things stack -- get 2 down, and you can possibly do 5,000 to 7,000 damage in one shot.

Deckout decks haven't had much experience with these -- but really, we haven't had a lot of experience with that deck at all, given that so few people have 3 Needle Worms (yes, I know the guy I met up with at the 10/23 Butler Regionals is an exception to that.) With Needle Worm becoming a Super Rare and this also being a super in the same TP expansion, they're begging mill decks to come up and dominate.

Traditional Format: 2.5/5
Advanced Format: 3.75/5
Overall rating: 3.125/5 
Snapper Magical Thorn

Today and for the remainder of the week, we’ll be reviewing TP5 cards.
Today’s card is Magical Thorn, a card that could be devastating to your

Effect: Magical Thorn has a simple effect; when a card(s) is discarded from
your opponent’s hand to the Graveyard, inflict 500 points of damage to their
Life Points for each discarded card. Simple right? All they need to do is
discard through a card effect or a card cost and they lose 500 Life Points.
And if they discard more than one card, they lose even more Life Points.
What a bargain. Effect – Good.

Combos: There are a few combos with Magical Thorn. First, if you can manage to get two or even three of this card, you can inflict 1000 or even 1500
points of damage to their Life Points for each card, assuming your Magical
Thorns are all on the field at the same time. And of course an obvious combo
is to have Magical Thorn active when many cards are discarded at the same
time, such as with the effect of Morphing Jar.

Usability: Magical Thorn works in both Deck Destruction and Hand Destruction
Decks. The reasons why should be obvious.

Magical Thorn is a card that is very good in the right decks, and basically
useless in others. If you mange to obtain a Magical Thorn, try it out at the
very least.

Advanced Format: 2/5. Could be extremely helpful in the right deck.
Traditional Format: 2.5/5. Uses increase slightly due to the fact that
Delinquent Duo isn’t banned.
Overall: 2.25/5.
Art: 1.5/5. Meh. 

Wednesday: Magical Thorn

Rated For: Deck Destruction Decks

Tournament Pack Season 5 is among us, and boy oh boy I cannot wait! Well, actually, upon seeing the spoilers for the new season, I think I can wait… for TP 6!

Anyways, here is a brand-new card up for review by our crew, Magical Thorn! It seems to have hefty discard capabilities and massive potential for life point damage.

Will it be a good card? Let's see.

Advantage F/H: This card works in conjunction with other disruptive tools in your arsenal. A Don Zaloog/Spirit Reaper attack will cause 500 points of damage, as will a Confiscation. You can also combo it with cards like Robbin Gobblin and even Robbin Zombie. But the primary tools for destruction with this card are Card Destruction, Morphing Jar, and Needle Worm (assuming it doesn't mean discard from hand.) Each of these effects should do 1500-2500 damage (guaranteed 2500 from Needle Worm). This basically means that Magical Thorn can do anywhere from 500 to 5000+ damage to your opponent's life points… not bad at all!

Traditional (Less likely to stick around, less likely for successful flip effects):     7/10
Advanced (More likely for flip effects to activate):                                     8/10
Limited: It's highly unlikely you'll be drafting multiple tournament packs, and even if you do, TP5 contains no cards outside of Needle Worm that discard. Two super rares in a single booster draft is impossible.                                                     0/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: In the right deck, this card will have numerous options for it to enact some damage on your opponent. Three Needle Worms, three Don Zaloogs, 1 Card Destruction, 3 Spirit Reapers, 1 Morphing Jar, and already you have 11/40 cards in your deck devoted to deck destruction. This card will have a good chance of being used in such a discard-heavy environment.

T:        7/10
A:        7/10
L:        0/10

Attributes/Effect: This card is absolutely fabulous at racking up huge damage numbers quickly. However, I feel that a successful deck destruction deck doesn't need damage piled up upon it (since the goal is to deck your opponent out anyway). This card is a frivolity in the deck it was designed for! Although it does lead to the rise of the Deck Destruction Burner (interesting deck-type).

T:        5/10
A:        5/10
L:        0/10

Dependability: In the right deck, half of the cards will be able to work with this card at any given time for 500-2500 points of damage. This makes the card pretty darn dependable, especially if run in two's or three's.

T:        6.5/10
A:        7/10
L:        0/10

The Bottom Line: It may not belong in a deck destruction deck devoted solely to decking your opponent out, but it gives rise to the Deck Destruction Burner.

A BAD Score--           Traditional:     3.19/5
                                    Advanced:      3.38/5
                                    Limited:          0/0

Cards it functions well with: Needle Worm, Morphing Jar, Card Destruction, Don Zaloog, Spirit Reaper, Confiscation, Robbin Zombie, Robbin Goblin 


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