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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Null and Void
Super Rare / Ultimate Rare

You can only activate this card when an effect of drawing card(s) is activated. Both players see the cards drawn by the effect and send them all to the Graveyard.

Type - Normal Trap
Card Number
- SOD-EN057


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 11.02.04

Coin Flip Here's something from the anime, Null and Void. Ishizu used this
against Kaiba to invalidate Kaiba's deck destroying cards like DDVD
and Magic Cannon after Ishizu used Reversal of Worlds. Unfortunately,
the effect of Null and Void (like usual) is nothing compared to the
anime effect. In the anime, it acted as a Drop Off and all purpose
negation. In the TCG, its effect is largely useless.

The effect of Null and Void looks good at first, but then the whole
thing about EXACT WORDING comes in. Null and Void can ONLY be chained
in response to a card that ONLY has the effect of drawing cards. Card
Destruction includes the effect of discarding cards. Same thing with
Morphing Jar. And Graceful Charity. Fiber Jar does a hell of a lot
more than draw cards, don't you think?

Here's where the special part of Null and Void comes in - it has
special activation timing. Normally, only Counter Traps and cards
that modify ATK or DEF can be activated in the Damage Step of the
Battle Phase. Null and Void qualifies for neither position, but it
can be activated in the Damage Step regardless. Why is this fun?
Sasuke Samurai #3. They have 2 cards in hand, attack with SS#3,
activate this. They discard 5 off the top of their deck. A lot of
players, when they see a SS#3, will know immediately that you are
playing deckout. The chance to draw 7 cards easily by running a
Spirit Reaper or Scientist into a SS#3 is enormous, and well worth the
risk of running into a trap card the opponent sets. This means that
the opponent will likely place themselves in a position of weakness
for the chance to draw more cards. You could have them run a Cyber
Jar into your SS#3, chain Null and Void to SS#3's effect, and bam -
instant gaggle of cards off the top of their deck.

Note that the cards are still considered drawn, so something like
Night Assailant will trigger by it. They are not, however, considered

Unfortunately, outside of something specializing in use of it, Null
and Void is useless. Hell, it wouldn't be too good in a deck based
around its effect, either.

2/5 all around.

The anime effect did kick ass, though. 
Tranorix Null and Void

We start things off this week with Null and Void, an often misinterpreted Trap Card from Soul of the Duelist. There are a few odd things about Null and Void, one of which is that it CAN be activated in the Damage Step, despite not modifying ATK/DEF or being a Counter Trap.

Now, the most important thing about Null and Void is this: You can only activate it if the effect does NOTHING but draw. You can chain it to an opposing Pot of Greed, Jar of Greed, Airknight Parshath, and Masked Sorcerer. You can use it with your Sasuke Samurai #3 or Bistro Butcher (those two are probably the best things to combine NaV with).

You CANNOT use Null and Void with or against Disturbance Strategy, Graceful Charity, Card Destruction, Morphing Jar, or anything else whose effect includes something other than drawing. It hurts NaV's playability quite a bit, but there is still quite a bit there.

As mentioned before, the best things to use it with are Sasuke Samurai #3 and Bistro Butcher, probably in a Deck Destruction Deck. It counters a few cards, true, but not enough to be considered for most main decks.

Traditional – CCCC: 2/5
Traditional – Deck Destruction: 3/5
Advanced – Deck Destruction: 3.5/5 
ExMinion OfDarkness Tuesday:
Null and Void

Here we have the card George W. Bush used on votes for Al Gore in Florida 4 years ago -- no wait, it's another card from Soul of the Duelist.

To answer the question I know you're going to ask -- THIS CARD DOES NOT WORK ON GRACEFUL CHARITY.

This card gets rid of cards drawn by an effect where it's ONLY drawing taking place. Card Destruction is discard/draw, so it won't work there. Morphing Jar is discard/draw as well.

Basically, here's a list of situations (pulled from the official YGO site) that it DOES and DOES NOT work against:

Works against:
Pot of Greed, Jar of Greed, the activation of the effect of Airknight Parshath, Heart of the Underdog's draw effect, Mirage of Nightmare, Sasuke Samurai #3, Royal Magic Library's draw effect, and Reckless Greed (but if you DO use it on Reckless Greed, they don't skip their draw phases because they never drew.)

DOES NOT work against:
Morphing Jar, Card Destruction, Graceful Charity, Appropriate, Mind Wipe, Dragged Down Into The Grave, Reload, Disturbance Strategy.

An important note: Cards that were discarded by this are not treated as if they were drawn, but instead if they went straight from the Deck to the Graveyard. Therefore, a Despair from the Dark discarded by this card WILL NOT trigger, but a Penguin Knight would.

Traditional rating: 1.1/5 (only good card people still play it works against is Pot)
Advanced: 1.1/5 (Same thing)
Overall: 1.1/5 
Snapper Null and Void

Today’s card is Null and Void, a card form SOD that won’t work very often.

Effect: Null and Void can only be activated when somebody draws cards
through an effect. When it is activated, each player looks at the drawn
cards, and then they are discarded to the Graveyard. Can this effect be
good? Yes. Are the odds of it being good high? Very much no. The reason for
this is that Null and Void can only be used with cards that ONLY draw. This
fact gives very few cards that Null and Void can work with, and here they
are; Pot of Greed, Jar of Greed, The Bistro Butcher, Airknight Parsath,
Mirage of Nightmare, Sasuke Samurai #3, Reckless Greed, Royal Magical
Library, Des Lacooda, and Masked Sorcerer. So that’s a whopping ten cards it
works with. Wow. Effect – Adequate.

Combos: Null and Void works best with Sasuke Samurai #3, as it has the
highest chance of forcing your opponent to discard a large amount of cards.

Usability: Null and Void only works in a Deck Destruction Deck. But even
there it doesn’t work very well.

Maybe in the future Null and Void will be useable, but right now it’s just a
shiny card. And make sure you all get out and vote today (assuming you’re
able to). If I were old enough I’d vote for

Advanced Format: .5/5. Not enough cards it can work with.
Traditional Format: .5/5. Not enough cards it can work with.
Overall: .5/5.
Art: 1.5/5. Meh. 

Tuesday: Null and Void

Rated For: Any Deck, No You May Not Draw Deck

Null and Void is a rather interesting trap card with one caveat; it's effect works for both players.

The only drawing card that will only benefit your opponent that Null and Void will properly stop is Pot of Greed. All other drawing engines, including Morphing Jar and Card Destruction, will have their effects wiped out for both you and your opponent.

This, in effect, makes Null and Void the equivalent of Jar Robber.

Advantage F/H: You have a slight chance of negating Pot of Greed, or negating certain game-breaking effects that can be used against you (Morphing Jar, Card Destruction). This card should be more of a side-deck card against Exodia and Reload users, because as it currently stands, it's rather useless main-decked. I'm not even sure if Soul of Duelist has any draw cards outside of the Mimics, so it's useless in limited as well.

Traditional (you can also negate Mirage and Graceful):        2/10
Advanced:                                                                              1/10
Limited:                                                                                  0/10

Best Draw for the Situation: It's difficult to justify drawing into a card that provides next to no advantage whatsoever in almost every situation sans one.

Traditional (more negating options): 2/10
Advanced:                                                      0.5/10
Limited:                                                          0/10

Attributes/Effect: This trap has a horrible effect. It should have also had some form of life point damage or other power, as it stands it's quite underwhelming. In fact, it almost feels like this card has been released in some other form before.

T:                    0/10
A:                    0/10
L:                    0/10

Dependability: Hardly dependable. It's dependability registers as a blip on most scales. In traditional, it can negate Mirage, Graceful, Pot, and possibly Card Destruction/Morphing Jar. That's a 1/10 chance of them having it, and a 1-3/40 chance of you having it ready to counter theirs. In advanced, it's even worse.

T:                    0.5/10
A:                    0/10
L:                    0/10

The Bottom Line: Absolute garbage, once again!

A BAD Score--           Traditional: 4.5/40=   0.5625/5
                                    Advanced: 1.5/40=     0.1875/5
                                    Limited: 0/40=            0/5.

Cards it functions well with: Not much.

Tony Ewww...null and void? granted it's a really good Pot of Greed or Card Destruction counter but not even that good against Chaos deck's Pot of Greed or Card D. Let's say they play Pot of Greed and you play Null and Void. They mill off Light and a Dark monster and then summons BLS or Chaos Sorcerer, etc...I mean it is the worst case scenario but in a way, it's the best. It's purpose is to screw over Pot of Greed. 1 out of 40 cards in a deck, not much advantage against another card, and it's ONLY a 2for1 (and that's even stretching it) if a Pot of Greed has been played. Situational, yes. Good, no. Playable in ANY metagame 'til this time? nope. Soo basically what do you do with this card? It's a collectors card or a dollar or two you can sell to some kid. lol

Can I see this card being played? In a fun deck in a non-regionals deck. haha...It's gotta be fun against Card Destruction though dxP.

Also the effect is not continuous. so it's a one time use and not that great of a card. *shrugs* I don't think I'd ever play it but don't let me stop you...SideDeck it against certain decks.. who knows? the randomness of it all might win you the game.


Constructed: 1.5/5
Limited: 0/5
Casual: 3/5

So sad how this card is either a) collector's card or b) a fun deck card...and it's probably realllly expensive since it's a super rare. 


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