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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Ojama King
Rare / Ultimate Rare

Beast / Fusion / Effect Monster
"Ojama Green" + "Ojama Yellow" + "Ojama Black"
Select up to 3 of your opponent's Monster Card Zones. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, the selected zones cannot be used.

Type - Light / 6 / 0 / 3000
Card Number
- SOD-EN034


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 11.01.04

Coin Flip Ojama King is one of the best fusions in existence. It has a
wonderful DEF power and a kickass effect. The stats are friendly to
Scientist and to m0rph. You can combo Scientist with this and Mystik
Wok for a quick 3000 AND a LIGHT in your Graveyard, for the cha0s
obsessed. Get out two and you can lock your opponent's entire field.
Since the effect is optional... Hurah. And, I will go over this
again... There is NO REASON not to include this in your Fusion Deck.
If a monster can go in your fusion deck, it just has to compete
against 45 other monsters for one of 20 slots. Ojama King has g0dly
DEF and a good effect, and you aren't going to be hurt for using the
effect, why shouldn't you include one in your Fusion deck if you get

Oh, just for your information, I had a lot of fun with this card in my
scientist deck... I actually pulled off a permanent Balter, Senshi,
and two Ojama Kings very recently. So yes, I am slightly biased
towards it. =P

5/5 - No reason NOT to include one. 
Tranorix Ojama King

Ojama King is a very interesting monster. It has 0 ATK but 3000 when you Fusion Summon it (or use Scientist + Metamorphosis to get it, which you're much more likely to do), you'll probably want to put it in Defense Position. Not much can get past 3000.

The effect can be extremely useful, if you use it correctly. You can kill up to three of your opponent's Monster Card Zones. If he has two monsters on the field, summon Ojama King; and for as long as Ojama King is on the field, he can't summon anything else. Get two Ojama Kings out first turn and your opponent can't summon anything at all. One Ojama King and a Ground Collapse would work just as well.

Basically, Ojama King is not a card you'll want to use in just any deck, though its being a Fusion gives you no reason to leave it out. His best use would be in some sort of lockdown deck, focused on preventing your opponent from…doing anything. Hey, get Horus Lv8, Sorcerer of Dark Magic and two Ojama Kings on the field and you’ve basically won the game.

And the art...well, it's just plain rentsy!

Traditional – CCCC: No rating
Traditional – Field Control: 4/5
Advanced – Field Control: 4.5/5 
ExMinion OfDarkness Monday:
Ojama King

This is a rather unusual fusion from Soul of the Duelist.

Basically, this card serves as the monster version of one and a half Ground Collapses. It'd almost never go into ATK mode (obviously). The OBVIOUS combo is to get this out and have a Ground Collapse down. This would keep your opponent monsterless. Pre-ban, this is actually possible -- Raigeki or Dark Hole to clear their field, then play this. Post-ban, I just don't see it happening with how long monsters stay on the field. Would you really waste a Torrential so this could happen?

It could combo with Shield and Sword, but otherwise I think this card belongs in the trash heap -- it's another case of other cards doing the same thing better -- and not even very good cards.

When I first saw this card, I wondered about Ojama Trio + Spatial Collapse + this. But this card doesn't fill those slots with monsters, those 3 slots just can't be used.

If you are summoning Ojama King as a stall (most likely by metamorphosis), it'd be a heck of a lot easier to just summon Thousand-Eyes Restrict. If you ONLY have a six-star out on your field, there are a few more solid choices. This MIGHT save you for a couple of turns so it's not entirely useless -- 3,000 stops pretty much all that will attack...but not the removal effects of commonly played monsters (BLS, DDWL, Exiled, Tribe, Scientist to yank a TER)

Conclusion: Ever since I got my pocket scale, I became really happy when they made all the crappy cards Normal Rare because I never pulled them. This is no exception to that.

1.5/5 rating in all formats. 
Snapper Ojama King

Welcome to Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween. We’ll start this
week with some SOD cards, and end it with TP5. Today’s card is Ojama King, a Fusion Monster that could be very annoying for your opponent.

Stats: Ojama King has 0 ATK and 3000 DEF. With 3000 DEF, Ojama King serves as a wall and nothing else. You could put him in Attack Position, but you might as well have never summoned him at all. He’s a LIGHT monster, allowing him to be food for BLS and CED. He’s also a Beast monster, a Type that won’t help out Ojama King much. Stats – Adequate.

Effect: Being a Fusion Monster, there are three monsters that are used to
Fusion Summon Ojama King. Those monsters are Ojama Black, Ojama Yellow, and Ojama Green. These three components of Ojama King are less than great, so it’s advisable that you find other means of summoning Ojama King. Now, the actual effect of Ojama King allows you to make up to three of your opponent’s Monster Card Zones completely useless. What does this mean? Well, if your opponent has two or fewer monster on the field, just summon Ojama King and your opponent will be unable to have more than two monsters as long as Ojama King remains face-up on the field. You can also use the effect if your opponent has three or four monsters, filling up the remaining Monster Zones. It won't have the same impact, but it will be helpful. Effect – Adequate.

Combos: An obvious ‘combo’ is to just use Metamorphosis on a Level 6
monster, giving you a much easier to summon Ojama King. You could use
Magical Scientist to Special Summon Ojama King, but it wouldn’t be very
beneficial. A sinister combo is to first ensure that your opponent has zero
monsters on their side of the field. Next, Special Summon either two Ojama
Kings, or one Ojama King and activate Ground Collapse. Doing so will prevent
your opponent from summoning any monsters as long as both cards remain
face-up on the field. While it won’t be easy to pull off, the benefits will
be great if you do.

Usability: Ojama King fits in to two different Decks. One is the obvious
Ojama Deck, and the other is a Metamorphosis Deck. The Ojama Deck would work best casually, and the Metamorphosis Deck would be better off using better Level 6 Fusion Monsters.

Ojama King is a fun card, an that’s about it.

Advanced Format: 1.5/5. There are better Fusion Monsters.
Traditional Format: 1.5/5. There are better Fusion Monsters.
Overall: 1.5/5.
Art: 1/5. My eyes are burning. 

Monday: Ojama King

Rated For: The Fusion Deck

Ordinarily, I begin by rating a fusion deck card on its ability once summoned by Magical Scientist. Obviously, this card does not work with Magical Scientist, so the entire concept of the Ojama King deck must be reviewed.

By popular request of Pojo's owner, my reviews will now be organized into three separate sections: traditional (pre-ban), advanced (post-ban), and limited (draft).

Advantage F/H: This card reminds me of a doozy called Ground Collapse; unfortunately, Ground Collapse has never seen play and never will, and neither should a 0 attack "powerhouse". The entire possibility of even bringing this guy out entails the dreadful premise that you've constructed a deck based on 0/1000 monsters (the Ojama's). A detailed study of this deck-type, complete with King of the Swamps and Ojama Delta Hurricanes, should prove that it's not advantageous at all to get Ojama King out onto the field. Should you pay four cards (Polyermization+3 Ojama guys) for a 0 attack monster? I think not.                                                                                                                              This does, of course, leave open the possibility of comboing his effect with either Metamorphosis or Magical Scientist/Book of Moon, the only viable and legitimate forms of bringing him out. Even then, we're talking about a 0 attack monster here, and what good would taking out 3 monster zones do? I'd rather have Senshi any day of the week.

Traditional: 0/10.
Advanced: 0/10.
Limited (Don't Draft Fusion Monsters): 0/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: He's a fusion monster, so you won't be drawing him, but I'll rate him based on the potential you'll need him in a duel. You won't ever need him, period, and you never want to invest the resources into bringing him out, either.

Traditional: 0/10.
Advanced: 0/10.
Limited: 0/10.

Attributes/Effect: This guy is a combination of Ground Collapse and Labyrinth Wall. Unfortunately, both cards aren't exactly great, leaving Ojama King quite the pauper.

Traditional: 4/10.
Advanced: 4/10.
Limited: 0/10.

Dependability: He receives a slight boost in the traditional format because he's less likely to die. That's about it!

T: 2/10.
A: 4/10.
L: 0/10.

The Bottom Line: Garbage, sheerly for novelty value.                        

A BAD Score--           Traditional:     6/40= 0.75/5
                                    Advanced:      8/40= 1/5                                                        

Limited:          0/40= 0/5

Cards it functions well with: Ground Collapse, Metamorphosis, Magical Scientist/Book of Moon, De-Fusion/Ojama Delta Hurricane.


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