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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Pyro / Effect Monster
This card can only be Special Summoned by removing 1 FIRE monster in your Graveyard from play. When this card destroys an opponent's monster and sends it to the Graveyard as a result of battle, inflict 1500 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points.

Type - Fire / 4 / 1100 / 1900
Card Number
- IOC-019

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 5.03.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Monday:

Welcome to "Remove from play to special summon" week!

This card is remarkably similar to a card in the next set, that doesn't make you go through the summoning requirements...but let's look at this on its own first.

You have to remove a FIRE monster, an underplayed type that requires a dedicated Deck (UFO turtle, Fire Princess, Blazing Inpachi...). For your 1 monster, you get an 1100 ATKer that does +1500 when it kills something. For a fire type, the direct damage fits the theme, but the attack doesn't. Shouldn't Fire monsters be like.....strong, or something?

The card I'm referring to in Ancient Sanctuary's stats are 4 stars, 1000/1000...and if it kills something, you do direct damage = to 500 * the monster's level. There's also a card that is one tribute, 1700/1700 and the same effect. In an Equip deck, this would be deadly...

You'll also need an equip for the current card as well. This gets rid of Sangan, Magical Scientist, Fiber Jar, and Sinister Serpent...compared to the other card, that's good -- you're doing 1500 instead of what could only be 500 (in Sinister Serpent's case). But the other card usually does 2,000 direct as it's usually destroying a 4-star monster if Equipped with something. When you equip Inferno, you're still doing that same 1500.

For this card, I say...meh.

2.25/5 in Burn
1/5 all else 

Stats: Inferno was so much fun in Beast Wars-a blindly loyal but more or less competent pyromaniac and lackey… oh, wait… this isn’t him?  Well, does it live up to its predecessor (which, like most Predacons were the highlight of the pain that was much of Beast Wars)?  Nope.  Is it utterly useless?  Well, let’s start with its Level, which is 4.  This sounds good, but as we will later, it has a Special Summon requirement, meaning this only matters for effects that apply to Level.  Attribute and Type: the much lamented (i.e. nearly every card here is weak) Fire/Pyro group.  Not a lot of synergy there.  At least now there is a Level 4 with an 1850 ATK for them now.  Still, not too great.  Moving on, we come to the ATK of… 1100.  Ouch, a Witch of the Black Forest can suicide this thing and take it out.  At least she can also search for it.  Its Defense is almost useful-1900.  Personally, I think it could be another 400 more and be okay, but at least this lets it block your average 1900 attack beatstick

Effect(s): The first effect is a mixed bag.  In order to initially summon this card, you must remove a Fire monster in your Graveyard from play.  Yes, I said initially-if was summoned appropriately before it hit the Graveyard, then you can use a revival card on it.  Now, this is a mixed bag: it means you have to run other Fire Monsters, but it also means a second body on the field without burning up your normal summon. 

There is a second effect though.  When this card destroys an opponent’s monster and sends it to the Graveyard 

Uses/Combinations: Unfortunately, not a lot.  When I first saw this, I immediately recalled the Trap card “Ojama Trio”, which places 3 creature tokens on the field that inflict 300 damage when destroyed and have a pitiful 1000 DEF.  Alas, since such tokens do not go to the Graveyard when destroyed, they would not trigger the effect.  Similarly, I do not know (as there is no ruling) whether or not a Creature-Swapped Monster would count, since it would go to your Graveyard, not your opponents.  So, how to use it?  Maybe with Fire Princess?  They both can make use of Messenger of Peace.  So can Prominence Dragon when that comes out (see DM7FGD's Look Into the Future Article # 35 - Drastic Dragons).  It could serve as a supplement to those cards: with Messenger of Peace to protect it, you would just need to use some cards that change monsters into DEF Position: almost all normal beatsticks are weaker than this thing. 


Casual: 1.5/5-it might be useful in the right deck (+0.5 when Prominence Dragon hits). 

Tournament: 1/5-Same (including the upgrade from Prominence), but such a rogue deck seems almost hopeless. 

Limited: 3.5/5-Not as good as some of the other Burn cards, but probably good for a nice surprise finish: 1500 is a lot in a format that starts at 4000 LP. 


A little better attack and this might have been a good card.  As is, it looks to be pretty sad.

Tranorix Monday: Inferno

Here we have the first of the "remove x to bring out y" monsters, one that unfortunately isn't quite as playable as his cousins. There are a few reasons for this:

You need to remove a FIRE monster. In a typical tournament deck, there are very few monsters with the FIRE attribute; indeed, there are very few good FIRE monsters at all. The only ones I would recommend using with Inferno are Fire Princess and Lava Golem (both monsters that fit into Burners, which coincidentally is what this monster has for an effect). You could use Battle Footballer too, I suppose...

Another con is the ATK: 1100 is nothing to be proud of. The DEF is pretty nice, but you won't gain much from putting this guy into defense. His effect only works when he kills a monster. It's a nice effect too; 1500 damage is absolutely nothing to scoff at. The problem, of course, is getting this 1100 to kill something. What can you do? The most obvious answer is equip it, or you could hope to kill that face down Serpent.

If you want to play Inferno, you will not be able to throw him into any deck. He needs support, both in FIRE monsters and power-ups, in order to be used successfully. I personally would rather play Needle Bunker (coming next set; see DM7’s article for information).

Typical tournament deck: 1/5

Specialized burn deck: 3/5



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