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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Shadow Spell
Super Rare

Select 1 face-up monster on your opponent's side of the field. Decrease the ATK of the selected monster by 700 points. The monster cannot attack or change its battle position. When the selected monster is destroyed or removed from the field, this card is also destroyed.

Type - Continuous Trap
Card Number
- SKE-041

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 3.08.04

infinitekhaos    Sorry for the long absence. I've been really busy with school and other things. Ok, onto this week, Shadow spell which can be found in the Kaiba Evolution Starter. This card is similar to Spellbinding Circle. It is a lot better than Spellbinding Circle but that does not make this card by any means, good. First of all, its a continuous trap. This means that it is easy MST bait. You should use this on your opponents big monsters, maybe Vampire Lord. Bring Vampire Lord down to 1300, and run him over with a Berserk Gorilla or Gemini Elf, even a Mystic Tomato would take down the Vampire.

   Other than the 700 decrease, it carries over all the pros of Spellbinding Circle, but not the cons. As soon as the monster leaves the field in any way, this card also leaves. Which means it wont take up precious space in your spell and trap zone. however, the 700 decrease just isn't worth the space in your deck. This would of been good in Metal Raiders, but now it's just eye candy for your binder.

Constructed - 1.5/5

Limited - 3.0/5

Artwork - 4.0/5 - Very cool looking. Maybe even a little goth.

ExMinion OfDarkness Monday - Shadow Spell:

We start this week off with a new card in the Kaiba Evolution Starter Deck. Basically, this reads: "See Spellbinding Circle and lower the monster's attack". Oddly enough, this appears to be very similar to a Magic card that was activated on Pegasus's Blue Eyes Toon Dragon -- where the BETD couldn't move, and had its ATK lowered by 700.

Sadly, this card just won't be around that long. Trap space is very limited in Decks, so a Trap has to be revolutionary to make it into our Decks in the future (*coughSixthSensecough*). There are just too many reasons not to play this card:

*The monster can still be tributed.
*People play 3 MST, Heavy, Harpie's, and Breaker most likely. With Mirror Force, it's worth the risk, same goes for Cylinder sometimes...with anything else, it's either chainable or semi-chainable (as in Call of the Haunted reviving a Jinzo or Sangan/Witch when targeted by M/T removal.)
*Instead of putting in a card that just stalls the monster, why not put a Magic card in the Deck that can help get rid of the monster? 3 Wabokus is enough to block attacks with a bit of surprise...

I don't see this card being anything else but newbie trade-bait. If you have a Kaiba Evolution Starter, try to trade this off to an idiot for their Black Luster Soldier -- Envoy of the Beginning or Chaos Emperor Dragon -- Envoy of the End. (And with some of the posts about trades I've seen on the CCG Gossip forum, there are people dumb enough to do that.)

Same goes for Banlisted: One less M/T removal spell isn't going to make this card that much greater. 
Omega Ah Shadow Spell. Of all the cards that stop your opponentís monster from attacking, this one may seem the most familiar. This is because this is how Yugi plays Spellbinding Circle.

Shadow Spell is right up there with Nightmare wheel as far as playability goes. They generally do the same thing, but with various differences. Where as Nightmare Wheel has its burn effect, Shadow Spell has its attack lowering capability.

This is a good card, however it came out too late. Most decks now a days play with many Spell/Trap Destroying cards like Mystical Space Typhoon etc. So relying on this is very risky.

It is very useful however against beatdown, since they will try to hit you hard. So by using Shadow Spell, you throw a wrench into their gears, and hopefully youíre able to turn things around.

Iím giving Shadow Spell a strong 3/5 itís really good in the right situations, however with all the Spell/Trap removal cards out, any continuous traps should be used with caution.  
Tony Welcome to the week of Starter Deck/Video Game cards! let's look at the first card: Shadow Spell

I remember back when Magic Ruler was first out. Spellbinding Circle (which is also a common in the new starter decks) was one of the most wanted holo. I used to think this was one of the greatest cards but it turned out it isn't. Here's my Pros/Cons

+ Stops an attack of a monster
+ Lowers the monster's attack by 700 which means a Sangan could kill a Tribe Infecting Virus or Breaker the Magicial Warrior w/o a counter.
+ It kills Spirit Reaper
+ The monster canNOT switch position
+ Ryu Senshi canNOT negate this card

- Don't you rather wish the monster was dead?
- It's not chainable like Ring of Destruction, etc...
- Lowering a monster's attack so you can destroy it is NOT the point of this card
- Jinzo?
- Mystical Space Typoon really destroys this card
- There's just no more room for traps! >_<

So what is this card? Another Spellbinding Circle? is. So is Nightmare Wheel but this card has the added bonus of making your opponent take 500 life points. Personally, I like Shadow Spell better because it is BOTH those cards but the ATK changing ability is pretty good. * shrugs*

This card has impressive combos though. On YOUR turn, activate this card on a monster to destroy another monster. Your Sangan just became a strong creature. Also, a Mystic Tomato can take down a Vampire Lord or Airknight Parshath.

Also, it prevents an attack. You don't really want a Vampire Lord or Airknight Parshath attacking your life points. eh, it's a good card but I don't know if it will make constructed very often.

Just for the record, Ryu Senshi ONLY negates NORMAL Traps; not counter traps, continuous traps, just normal traps. This card (along with Call of the Haunted, Imperial Order, Mirror Wall, etc...) cannot be negated by Ryu Senshi's effect. Hopefully you were never a victim of that =\

Now let's think about it: the most common card in anyone's deck: Mystical Space Typoon. That card can destroy that card DURING battle FROM your opponent's hand. Not too good. Also, Harpie's Feather Duster, Heavy Storm, Royal Decree, Jinzo all ruins this card. Other cards like Ring of Destruction can be chained to most of those and it destroys the monster which in my opinion is better.

There's also this fact that no ONE, and I mean NO ONE, has enough room for traps in their decks. It's a very slow trap and it is normally never good as Torrential Tribute, Drop Off/Time Seal, or even Waboku.

But don't look at this card and laugh at it. Try it. Use cards like DD Crazy Beast and Gravity Bind to REALLY control your opponent's field. *shurgs* it's an idea.

Constructed: 4/10 (not to good other traps)
Limited: 7/10 (most decks do not have many answers to 1900+ attacking monsters)

Best Situation:
Your opponent has an Airknight Parshath on the field. During your opponent's battle phase, you activate Shadow Spell (making Airknight Parshath into 1200). Next turn, you use your Pyramid Turtle/Mystic Tomato/Giant Rat/DD Crazy Beast to destroy this card. You regained field control again.  

Stats: Shadow Spell is a permanent Trap card (talk about false advertising).  It can only be activated if your opponent has a face-up monster on their side of the field, and most people destroy Traps before they summon a monster for the turn.  At least itís not as easy to negate as a Spell Card (Trap negation may exist, but itís not as heavily played).  Given the effect (which weíll get to), itíd have been nicer as a Quick-Play Spell, even if it remained on the field. 

Card Text (Effects): This card both weakens a face-up monster and prevents it from attacking.  The problem is I could probably just destroy the monster with Fissure in this case.  Iíd rather use Nightmare Wheel if I wanted to stop one monster from attacking-that way Iíd tack on some burn damage too. 

Uses/Combinations Keep Lava Golem from doing anything but using up your opponentís LP.  Weaken Vampire Lord to the point even a Mystic Tomato can kill it.  UmmÖ Canít think of much else, and both of those have other options (Nightmare Wheel or powering up your own monster instead). 


Casual: 2/5-I suppose if you really need to keep monsters uselessly on the fieldÖ 

Constructed: 1.5/5-Well, it does do something. 

Limited: 3.5/5-Itís enough to let most of your monsters run over the opponentís best stuff.  Since this is a Starter deck card, you can even plan its use out ahead of time. 


It does stuff, but does it do it well?  I think not.  Iíd rather destroy the monster outright or inflict LP damage than just weaken it and keep it stuck on the field, even if it canít switch positions. 


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