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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Invader of Darkness
Secret Rare

Fiend / Effect Monster
As long as this card remains face-up on the field, your opponent cannot activate a Quick-Play Spell Card.

Type - Dark / 8 / 2900 / 2500
Card Number
- IOC-111

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 3.26.04

DM7FGD Invader of Darkness.. Well now, I've seen a lot of people thinking that this guy is just pure crap.. Well, that's not the case. I reviewed this guy in an article of mine a while ago, so you might be interested in checking that out.

Negating MST's, Books of Moon, Scapegoats, etc.. It can be a pretty good card, but I just wouldn't recommend it for anything outside of Dark-based or Fiend-based Decks. There's also a card coming in the next English set called Double Ghoston. It's like a Kaiser Seahorse, but for Dark-type Monsters, so that could be really useful in a Dark Deck with the Invader, as well.

• ~ Invader of Darkness ~ •
Overall Rating: 3/5 (7/10) 
dawnyoshi Invader of Darkness is the retail secret rare in Invasion of Chaos, and it's a good one...unlike what many people will say about thait card at first glance.

Just to state right now, a card does not need to be Yata-quality to be a secret rare. It also doesn't need to be excessively cheap...besides, this fiend type is rather fierce. It's 2900 ATK, just 100 short of Blue Eyes White Dragon. This means that Invader can easily smash most tournament monsters, like Jinzo, Luster Dragon, etc. Its second ability is also rather useful, making it worth considering for a burn/stall deck. The ability to shut down quickplay spells keeps you protected from MST, Scapegoat, Offerings to the Doomed, and any other quickplay spells that may be a thorn in your side. Two tributes may seem like a lot, or that it may be a waste, but if you try this monster out in a deck meant for it, such as burner or fiend, you'll find that it deserves the secret rare spot that it has graced.

Constructed: 3.5/5

Limited: 4/5

It's pure beatstick power in limited. If you have the low level monsters for it, draft it. I'd pick a few special summon monsters with this guy too, such as Chaos Sorceror and Slypheed. 
MerrilHess Invader of Darkness

I pulled this today in the one pack of IoC I bought and traded it away ASAP. I personally do not like it. Negating quick-plays isnít that much of a personís deck (MST and Scapegoat). He is just a useless 2900 ATK fiend for 2 sacs. All of the younger players will jump at this card in Ĺ a second.

I give Invader of Darkness a 4/10. He has no real use....ever. 
infinitekhaos Invader of Darkness, hmmm could it be another crap secret rare? There are several ways this card can screw one over. The best scenario would be if your opponent is about to chain MST to his Mirage, you can use Call of the Haunted and special summon your Invader. Your opponent will always discard. If we take a deep look into the metagame though, theres really only three playable quickplays. Scapegoat (now that no one really plays Airknight or Spear Dragon anymore), MST of course and Poison of the Old Man (depending on your deck).

Now, if you're facing yugi112 in a fierce semi final match, and yugi112 has this FIEND MEGACYBER equipped with METALMORPH which he summoned using COST DOWN, and you have Raigeki in hand. He's going to use his oh so fearsome MONSTER RECOVERY. Invader of Darkness corrupts all of that. No seriously though, let's take a look at some situations that would actually happen, and where Invader can help us.

First of all, Invader is unsearchable and two tributes, thats always a downer. My advice, dump him as soon as you can via Painful Choice, Graceful Charity, and hopefully soon, a Foolish Burial. In my view, the best way to utilize his effect is as a counter. For example, you can save your Imperial from an MST. Hence...

Player A activates Raigeki

Player B chains Imperial Order

Player A chains MST from his/her hand

Player B chains Call of the Haunted, special summoning Invader of Darkness

Obiviously, CotH plays an important role in the use of this card. I don't see this card seeing much play in current control decks. If you want to play it, be sure to build the deck around it. Even if you don't have the effect, a 2900 beatstick is pretty cool in itself. Overall, this card isn't worth secret rare, it's worth promo or ultra.

Constructed - 2.8/5

Limited - 2.0/5 - In limited, the only quickplays you really see are Scapegoats, Rush Recklessly and Reliable Guardian, none of which are much of a threat.

Artwork - 4.5/5 - Very nice artwork.

Closing Line - What's that in your hand? Three Reliable Guardians and two Monster Recoveries? I'm sorry yugi112, you're screwed. 
ExMinion OfDarkness Friday:
Invader of Darkness

Last Friday, we reviewed the good Secret Rare of Invasion of Chaos. Today, the poor one.
Two tribute monsters are very unwieldy unless you can either get around tributing two monsters somehow, or it really doesn't cost two Tributes. The old standby of dumping and Reborning works with this card, but that's about it. It doesn't get Special Summoned to the field if discarded from hand like Despair from the Dark, it's not Light, so Kaiser Sea Horse can't make it easier, and it's not Water, so A Legendary Ocean isn't going to bring that level down any (as it would for Giga Gaggagio or Suijin)

Its effect can be useful sometimes, and not other times. The only major Quick-Play Magic cards currently used are Mystical Space Typhoon (in threes), Scapegoat, and Reload (mainly in Chaos decks). Stopping MST is pure evil -- Call of the Haunted this on your turn when they played Mirage of Nightmare on theirs :) But not many play Scapegoat, or Reload, so that's the only thing this can stop well.

There are easier and more viable protections against Magic/Trap removal than this -- Magic Drain, Imperial Order, Judgment of Anubis...and those can stop Heavy Storm or Harpie's Feather Duster. Not this thing. This just isn't worth the two tributes, even in a Fiend Deck.


Stats: Invader of Darkness, since it has a beneficial effect, has excellent stats.  It is a Dark/Fiend Monsters, both of which are heavily supported.  It is a Level 8, and compensates for it with an attack of 2900 and a DEF of 2500.  Not much can out muscle it, but there is some, so why play it?  Letís move onto the effect. 

Card Text (Effects): As long as this card remains face-up on the field, your opponent loses use of his Quick-Play Spells.  What are some commonly played Quick-Play Spell?  Mystical Space Typhoon for one.  A second one that is played with some regularity is Book of Moon.  So, this effect is a nice twist, since it also makes this card easier to protect.  How?  With this in play, your opponent has to do something like a Heavy Storm followed by a Harpies Feather Duster to clear your S/T zone.  This means you can probably keep an Imperial Order, and maybe some Magic Drains, down to protect against Dark Hole and Raigeki.  Oh, and this can be real fun if you summon it after they activate Mirage of Nightmare.  HmmÖ scraping the barrel here, but I guess it makes Destiny Board just a touch more playable. 

Uses/Combinations: While tricky, this and Dark Ruler Ha Des can provide some nice denial against an opponent, with some well placed traps protecting against just about anything else. 


Casual: 4/5-Looks like it could really help some Fiend decks in this format-a huge hitter with a decent effect. 

Constructed: 3.5/5-Being big doesnít mean as much, though shutting down MST for a few turns opens some doors. 

Limited: 4/5-While its effect is much less useful here (unless this is starter deck based), having one of the beefiest monsters in a set is a great thing. 


A nice, balanced card I think.  Great power, decent effect.  Sorry this and the last review were so skimpy, but I am trying to be more focused for my reviews. 


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