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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Ojama Trio

Special Summon 3 "Ojama Tokens" (Beast-Type/LIGHT/2 Stars/ATK 0/DEF 1000) in Defense Position on your opponent's side of the field. The tokens cannot be used as a Tribute for a Tribute Summon. When an "Ojama Token" is destroyed, inflict 300 points of damage to the controller's Life Points.

Type - Normal Trap
Card Number
- DCR-047

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 3.02.04

SomeGuy Tuesday - Ojama Trio

As funny as the Ojama Trio may be, they certainly are not viable outside of casual play. It should be pretty obvious as why you shouldn't run them in a tournament deck. You could potentially try and fill up your opponent's monster slots, but it won't exactly get you anywhere for long. Don't even try to use the direct damage aspect as a reason to play this card, because as we all know, we have much better direct damage oriented cards at our disposal.

Ojama Trio is much worse in Limited. You may be dealing a possible 900 direct damage to your opponent's life points, but wouldn't you much rather be attacking directly? It's almost like giving your opponent free resources for a minimal interest cost.


Constructed - 1/5
Limited - 1/5 
ExMinion OfDarkness Tuesday - Ojama Trio:

This card obviously has some use I'm not seeing. It sticks your opponent so they can only play two monsters, but in today's game, you usually don't keep more than two monsters on the field. If the Defense was 0, this could be useful as you could use this, then attack with a Spear Dragon, doing 2200 damage, but sadly, Spear would only do 1200 through one of these.

There are better direct damage cards out there, and better Traps out there.

1.5/5 in both regular and banlisted. 
Gambit Ojama Trio

I like this card because it can really get your opponent stuck. This card isn't for every deck, but if strategy is your game, this is one you will definitely want to try out. The obvious drawback is that it is all well and good to tie up your opponent's monster zones, but how do you get in and do the damage? That is where the strategy comes into play. There are many options. First of all is in a burner deck. It is a good way to stall until you can burn their LP up, or if you need to get all of the Exodia pieces, or deck them out, or stay alive for Final Countdown, or until you get the Last Turn scenario you want the most. And if all you can do is beatdown, then try using Spear Dragon, Fairy Meteor Crush, Shooting Star Bow... still plenty of options. Don't forget to tack on 300 LP of effect damage when they are destroyed!
Works REALLY well when your opponent has 2 monsters on the field and you chain this card to their Monster Reborn, CotH, etc. No, they can't be tributed in a Tribute Summon, but watch out for United We Stand and Creature Swap.

Ojama Trio + Final Attack Orders -- put them all into attack position for a nice Asura Priest or Tyrant Dragon onslaught
Ojama Trio + Ground Collapse -- clear their field, then assure they won't be summoning anything else unless they have a Dark Hole or Torrential Tribute (that you can't stop)
Ojama Trio + Change of Heart -- if they have at least 3 monsters, CoH one, attack until they have 2 left, then chain and the CoH monster hits the showers (similar combos with Interdimensional Matter Transporter, Snatch Steal, and Different Dimension Gate)
Ojama Trio + direct attackers -- need I say more? Mucus Yolk or Inaba White Rabbit? Maybe a heavily-loaded Jinzo #7 with Limiter Removals?
Ojama Trio + Gyaku Gire Panda -- who wouldn't want a 2800 ATK Level 3 monster on their side? (800 + 3 tokens x 500 + 500 for the monster you're attacking)
2 Ojama Trio's + Fissure -- total lockdown

4.0/5.0 A great card for controlling the field, if you can draw it when your opponent has 3 empty monster zones. 

Stats: Itís a Trap card.  The upside?  Not a lot of Trap negation is available, and what is specialized or expensive and thus rarely played.  The bad news, it has to be set for a turn (well, more accurately it canít be activated until after the End Phase of the turn it was set).  Until that time period passes, then this thing is a sitting duck.  It also needs there to be enough open slots for the tokens summoned by the effect (more on that later).  Other than that, itís as chainable as any other Trap.

Card Text (Effects): The effect is interesting.  Give your opponent three wastes of space, more or less.  IF they are destroyed, then your foe takes 300 damage.  Note: if you tribute them for Lava Golem, or they them for a non-Tribute Summon Tribute (both of which are legal), then they donít inflict the damage-they must be destroyed.

Uses/Combinations: The uses are few, but interesting.  First, you can chain it to things that involve filling a monster slot (other than normal summons).  For example, chain it to Scapegoat to make Scapegoat fizzle.  That not sound impressive, well, try this: your opponent activates Monster Reborn when they have two monsters already in play, chain Ojama Trio and it fills their slots, causing Monster Reborn to fizzle.  Change of Heart and Snatch Steal can also be ruined by this.  Since the tokens canít be tributed for Tribute Summons, they will like last until they are destroyed and thus trigger their token (I couldnít resist) amount of damage.  Other uses are Trample combos.  Sure, it has 1000 DEF, but most such combos involve some sort of big damage.  For example, Tyrant Dragon with Dragon Rage active (thatís a lot of damage), or Asura Priest with Big Bang Shot (Priest would do 1100 damage per token, plus the 300 for the original Trap cards effect, meaning a safe 4200).  Of course, less dramatic but easier is to use Final Attack Orders to make them shift to Attack mode.


Casual: 3.25/5-A lot of annoying (for your opponent) but useful (for you) tricks.

Constructed: 2.75/5-Less useful here, since most of the combos will only disrupt specific cards and the main aggressive combos are also more or less deck specific.

Limited: 3.5/5-Perosnally I like it in this format-gives your opponent a lot less room to work with.


Looks interesting, and might have some combos I am missingÖ


The Ojama Trio is one of the most interesting cards in the game.  It's a very VERY heavy combo based card but when it works, it can be devastating.
First of all, for the record, i want to say that I've made an Ojama Trio deck >_<.  hahaha...infact, i've tested it out in a tournament once.  I got to the finals with it so we all have a chance ^^
One of my favorite combo's with this card is Fiend Megacyber.  You can special summon him for almost free ALL the time.  Remember that Ojama Trio gives your opponent 3 monsters so you will almost always have 2 less monsters.  But wait!  There is a more situational card than that one with Ojama Trio...
Gyaku-Gire Panda!
...a what ?? 
This is a 3 star monster with stats of 800/1600 that can be searched out with Giant Rat.  This monster has 2 special ability.  ONE is that it can "trample" like a Mad Sword Beast.  SECOND ONE, which goes with Ojama Trio, is that it gets a +500 Attack for each monster on your opponent's side of the field. 
With only 1 monster on your opponent's side, this monster's attack is at least 1300, two monsters = 1800, and 3 monsters = 2300.  This works very well against any beatdown/control decks.  I haven't seen this take down a whole field of Ojama Trio tokens but the Trample effect makes it almost into a burner. 
Have I missed a combo?  not a chance!  Your opponent might Monster Reborn, Change of Heart, Premature Burial, Call of the Haunted for that 3rd monster slot.  Well in chain/response to those cards, activate Ojama Trio to negate the any of those because he/she does NOT have the open monster slot to activate the card.  I've done it to Monster Reborn and Change of Heart.  It was really fun ^^. 
What else is good about these tokens?  well they look cool to start off and they help out another card that no one plays anymore: Lava Golem! 
Yes, Lava Golemn!  Use it to Bring it out easier.  Your opponent may not be able to get rid of it and end of dying because of its effect.  Ojama Trio canNOT be tributed for tribute summon but Lava Golemn says "offering 2 monsters on your opponentís side of the field as a Tribute."  Try to make a fun deck around it...I'm sure it'll be very fun and interesting. 
Ahh, now the bad side to this card.  #1, it's a trap.  Because of Jinzo, many people are limited to the # of traps they can use.  Most decks do NOT have space for 7 Traps.  Even though traps are very good, I do NOT think you can run 3, even 1 Ojama Trio in a tournament deck.  Also, sometimes it's just a bad top-deck.  You want to have tokens on your side of the field sometimes...not your opponents!  Try this card though with the cards i've listed at the top; i'm sure it'll be a lot of fun
Constructed: 5.5/10 (( only if you make a deck around it ))
Limited: 2.5/10 (( eh, it needs at least 3 monsters on your opponent's side of the field to be good ))


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