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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Dimension Fusion
Ultra Rare

Pay 2000 Life Points. Both players Special Summon as many of their monsters as possible that have been removed from play.

Type - Normal Spell
Card Number
- IOC-094

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 3.16.04

DM7FGD  Dimension Fusion is certainly a pretty interesting card. Pay 2000 LP in order for both players to Special Summon as many Monsters that have been removed from play as possible. (Up to 5) Now, for starters, in order to activate this card, each player must have at least one Monster removed from play to be brought back by D-Fusion. If you have Monster(s) removed, but your opponent does not, you cannot use D-Fusion.

2000 LP is a pretty hefty price to pay. That's a fourth of your LP right there gone with the activation of one card. But its benefits that it can bring you may outweigh that fact. You could have 5 powerful Monsters out on the Field in a single turn with the single activation of one card. D-Fusion can work well with D.D. Warrior Lady and any other Monsters that remove Monsters from play, Soul Release, Kycoo, etc. You could easily dump a few powerful Monsters in your Graveyard via something like Painful Choice, then later Soul Release them out of play to set you up for D-Fusion. It can also be good for Chaos Side-Decks, though not too good in Chaos Main-Decks. 2000 LP is a hefty price to pay for any Effect. But with the Monsters you might be able to bring back into play with D-Fusion could very possibly end up winning the Duel for you right then and there, provided you can get by whatever your opponent may have, and provided you've built a Deck well-enough to utilize D-Fusion.

D-Fusions's a pretty good card, and can be good to try basing a Deck around, and good to include in a few Side Decks, possibly Mains once in a while.
It's not exactly a great card; though it can be when used to its greatest potential in the right Decks.

• ~ Dimension Fusion ~ •
Overall Rating: 2.5/5

Omega  Dimension Fusion is a Great cardÖbut only in specific decks. This isnít a staple by far, and it canít just go in any deck. However there are 2 decks that I can see this card shining.

The first being XYZ decks. This is probably one of the best cards that could go in an XYZ deck, however 2000 Life Points is a VERY steep cost. But consider the facts, in XYZ decks you have the potential to have 5+ monsters removed from the game with no problems at all. This is definitely a game ender in the right situations.

Another deck this shines in is hardcore Chaos Decks. While not as effective as the XYZ decks Chaos decks get a big boost with this card.

This is a dangerous card in the right situation. Having the potential to summon 5! huge monsters is definitely worth a mere 2000 Life Points.

Just be very careful about set face down cards. The last thing you want to do is pay 2000 Life Points for all your monsters to be Torrential Tributed, Mirror Forced, or Simply The Dimension Fusion to be negated.

In an XYZ deck I would highly suggest this. 4.5/5

However in just about any other deck I wouldnít even side deck it. The costs FAR outweigh the result if youíre only getting back a D.D Warrior Lady. 1/5

Stats: Itís a normal Spell Card.  I guess it would technically be better as a Quick-Play but itís not really a big deal.

Card Text (Effects): Itís a bit pricey (2000 LP), but timed right itís a game winner.  One you get them into the graveyard, there are numerous ways to remove them.  There are a lot of cards that were dropped because this was a bad thing, but now, Skull lair and Bazoo might see some useÖ well Skull Lair anyway. 

Uses/Combinations: Stuff that removes your monsters and gets cool effects from it, then play this and make it even more fun.  Skull Lair to clear their field, then on your turn activate and destroy!


Casual: 4/5-The key card for a quirky swarm beatdown deck.

Constructed: 3.5/5-The deck is less viable here, but could work.

Limited: 3/5-If you can draft this with a monster that removes stuff (like strike Ninja and a lot of decent Darks), you can really clean up.  Thatís a big if though.


I like it-nice and creative, but not seemingly broken.  Sorry this is so short-I basically ended up spelling half of it out yesterday.


ExMinion OfDarkness Tuesday:
Dimension Fusion
Pay 2000 Life Points. Both players Special Summon as many of their
monsters as possible that have been removed from play.
Ultra Rare

This card can be flat-out ABUSED in the right Deck. This card, if used
in multiples, makes Bazoo playable again. Remove all of your good
monsters, and then Dimension them right back to the field. Chaos
monster Decks, Bazoo-based Decks, and other Decks that simply use a
Soul Release at the right time can use this well.

I'm not sure if you can activate this card if you're the only one that
has a RFG monster. If you can't, this is a good time to note that Soul
Release is allowed to target cards from both Graveyards; you can pick 4
from your own and one from your opponent's. Painful Choice + Soul
Release + this card = good game.

I give this card a 3.5/5 if used by someone who knows what they are doing.


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