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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Kinetic Soldier
Secret Rare

Machine / Effect Monster
When this card battles with a Warrior-Type monster, increase the ATK and DEF of this monster by 2000 points only during damage calculation.

Type - Earth / 3 / 1350 / 1800
Card Number
- WC4-002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 3.12.04

MerrilHess Kinetic Soldier

Can you say DNA Surgery has more meaning? ‘’‘Warrior decks are now dead? ‘’‘there’s a new machine on the loose? This card shuts out Don Zaloog, Goblins, Exiled, Captain, Freed, Brave Wanderer Freed, DD Warrior Lady, etc... It could also spell doom for any other creature if you play DNA Surgery. The ablility to be a 3350 is good, considering the card he counters is played often.

I give Kinetic Solider a 8/10. His effect is great but is easily stopped. 
ExMinion OfDarkness Friday:
Kinetic Soldier

This card is quite useful in the Side Deck, and if everyone in your area isn't hung up on Zombies, quite useful in the Main Deck as well.

This card makes Warrior decks tremble with fear, as it is a 3350/3800 to them. Goblin Attack Force is seeing a SLIGHT rise in play because it can take out Vampire Lord. Don Zaloogs aplenty are still out there. Black Luster Soldier -- Envoy of the Beginning can be taken out by this!

Sanganable, but not Witchable; a trait we also see in our friend D. D. Warrior Lady. Witch used to be the fetch-all, but isn't as much so anymore...

Not much more needs to be said here; this card serves its purpose and does it well.

2.75/5, 4.5/5 in the Side Deck.

Banlisted: 4/5 mained, 5/5 sided. With Yata and Duo gone, people nearly lose all reason to keep very tight control over their hand size. People will revert to Beatdown, trying to get quick kills. Warrior decks will come back due to their pure speed; Marauding Captain summoning a GAF or Zaloog would be commonplace again. This card would be immensely useful in punishing them for playing that Captain in the first place, smacking it for over 2,000 damage. 

Stats: Kinetic Warrior is a very interesting card, but not really here. :-P  he’s a Level 3 is good-obviously you can both drop it into play without hassle but it also slips under Gravity Bind.  Earth is good-there’s a lot of solid Earth Monsters and as such some decent support to go with them.  It says here that it’s a Machine-gotta love Limiter Removal. ;) An attack of 1350 is bad… normally.  You’ll see why it’s nice when we get to the effect.  This card can be gotten via Sangan and Giant Rat with its low ATK score, and slip under Messenger of Peace.  The DEF of 1800 isn’t too bad-but a little lower (so that it could be gotten via Witch of the Black Forest) or higher (to survive the 1900 beatsticks). 

Card Text (Effects): During the battle step, if the monster this card is doing battle with is a Warrior-type, then during the damage step only, it Hulks out, getting a 2000/2000 bonus, turning it into a 3350/4800 monster.  Wow.  That is an effect that seems pretty good.  Why?  It’s useful for side decks for certain, and maybe more… but looks “safe”-even if you build a deck round it, it’s not “broken”.  The effect also takes place at the best time (in my opinion)-the Damage Step.  Since only cards that alter ATK and DEF scores can be played at this point-no Waboku, no Mirror Force, no Magic Cylinder, and no RoD.  Oh, and it also sets up some great combos… 

Uses/Combinations: ... here’s where we finally find some fun tricks out for it.  Opponent attacks normal beatstick, maybe to clear the way.  For arguments sake, I’ll just say its promo-mate, Slate Warrior.  When Slate Warrior attacks, chain DNA-Surgery, and call Warriors.  Defense or Attack mode, that’s gotta hurt.  Now, what else can you do?  Well, Goblin Attack Force and Don Zaloog are Warriors and is commonly played-toss in a little trample and you can have real fun.  I stated in the beginning you can combo it with Limiter Removal.  Obviously, this could be used instead of DNA Surgery against non-warrior types.  I don’t know if Limiter Removals effect rests on the card, so there is a very small chance you could use it before you DNA Surgery and have it double the enhanced stats during the damage step… I just don’t know about timing issues and what not.  If you do try and build a deck around it, not its both Messenger of Peace (stats are boosted after the attack) and Gravity Bind friendly.  More importantly note its just an insane for fun deck-series players will use whatever they can abuse until its banned, and Konami will keep making it cause they haven’t got a clue… 


Casual: 3.5/5-Bizarre but potent stuff here.  Even outside the freaky deck I described, Warriors are more common making it possibly work its way into the main deck. 

Constructed: 2.5/5-Solid Side deck material if Warrior decks give you a hassle. 

Limited: Even if it could be drafted, it would matter what it was drafted with…


This is an example of good, balanced card design.  A shame it’s the exception and not the rule…


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