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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Slate Warrior
Secret Rare

Fiend / Effect Monster
FLIP: Increase the ATK and DEF of this monster by 500 points. The ATK and DEF of a monster that destroys this monster as a result of battle is decreased by 500 points.

Type - Wind / 4 / 1900 / 400
Card Number
- WC4-003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 3.11.04

dawnyoshi Slate Warrior makes me ask the many people desperate to trade for it "Why?". The reason is because it's a 1900 Attack level 4 monster...

woo hoo. I have Archfiend Soldier for that. I've also got themes to run, not just mixed beatdown.

Frankly, Slate Warrior might have a useful second effect (which isn't part of the flip effect. it's a second additional effect), but it's just 1900 attack with a pathetic defense. It was rare in Japan, and it SHOULD be easy to find in America. There's better choices than this guy out there.

Constructed: 2/5

Limited: shouldn't apply. Video game promos like this usually aren't found in booster backs that you draft... 
MerrilHess Slate Warrior


*drools* I just love this guy. I always manage to grab his Flip Effect, so he’s a huge asset for me, but the one I use isn’t mine, so until I get my own, I will borrow my Slate Warrior from Duelmonster*. I love the fact you can bring out a 2400 ATK creature(1900 if you choose not to set him). The best part is the fact he can bring down the threat when that destroyed him in battle.

I give Slate Warrior a 9.4/10. Overall great creature. 
infinitekhaos Slate Warrior, another one of Kaiba's favorites. 1900 ATK monsters are relatively easy to come by these days, so ask yourself...whats so special about this guy? Well you can say if you play him right, he can be a lethal level 4. Let's take a look at his first effect. When you flip him, he turns into a level 4, 2400/900. That's scary. However in the current meta, flip effects aren't as easy to pull off. We have Noblemans, DDWLs and XForces running around. If you can pull off his effect, it would only be a matter of turns until he is destroyed anyway.

Let's take a look at the second effect. Here's a common scenario. Most people should be playing Berserk Gorilla by now. So imagine this. You have Gorilla in hand and Slate in hand. Your opponent has a Jinzo and no cards in hand. Set the Slate, your opponent attacks it and Jinzo shrinks to 1900. You're now free to run it over with you angry monkey.

Should you play this card? Well if you have it, he is a good sturdy card to play. His effects are broken if you pull them off. So yes, if you don't have one, don't bother getting can duel without him.

Constructed - 3.0/5

Limited - You draft out of GBA games? hilarious - n/a

Artwork - 1.5/5 - no comment

Closing Line - Flip, attack your Gorilla! HAH 
ExMinion OfDarkness Thursday:
Slate Warrior

Another 1900 doesn't look too appealing anymore, but when this originally came out in Japan, it was when they didn't have so many 1900 4-stars. It was RESTRICTED TO ONE at one point in Japan. Your copy of World Championship Tournament 2004 also puts this card at one per Deck.

Something I want to clear up: The Flip effect is INDEPENDENT from the ATK-lowering effect. WHETHER OR NOT YOU FLIP THIS CARD, if another card kills it, it still loses 500 ATK and DEF points.

For decks that run basic Beatsticks, this thing is a welcome addition. It's also a Fiend, making good Necrofear food, for those who play that. With Wabokus, you also have a decent chance of getting the Flip to work, which will get this guy to 2400.

One thing I DON'T like is the low DEF. Granted, it makes him Witchable, but I may still use Archfiend Soldier mainly because Spear and the like are used often in my meta...that AND Don Zaloog attacking an Archfiend Soldier in DEF doesn't kill it. Zaloog would kill this (and consequently lose ATK power, but when you're playing Zaloog, you just want the hand discarding.)

This card is still very good, and for those who can utilize the types on this card well, it's worth picking up.

Omega Slate Warrior was probably one of the most wanted promo cards from Japan. Slate Warrior is one of those monsters where if you successfully summon it to the field you’re opponent will definitely doublethink just attacking it.
He fits into many decks, however he will shine the brightest within Fiend Decks, and Beatdown Decks.

Beatdown is obvious, a 1900 with a very useful effect. Even if you’re ignoring his flip effect, his secondary effect is nothing to scoff at. If you have a set Slate Warrior, and a Waboku that (just about) guarantees you will have a 2400 attack monster out, that is why he shines in beatdown.

Now putting him in a Fiend deck is more fun. Not only will they doublethink attacking Slate Warrior due to his secondary effect, they will doublethink attacking any fiend once they know that Dark Necrofear is lurking somewhere in your deck.

I’m giving Slate Warrior a Solid 4/5. To many he’s just another 1900 beatstick. However he is much more than that. He is a very tricky monster who your opponent should be careful when dealing with. 

Stats: Slate Warrior is a Level 4 Wind/Fiend Monster with a 1900 ATK and 400 DEF.  Let me go on the record of saying 1900 ATK Level 4 Monsters, unless balanced by a negative effect, were and still are not smart on Konami/UD’s part.  Mechanical Chaser was a mistake as well-a stat cap must be reached for each level, and cards above that cap must have something negative to balance them out (restricting doesn’t do it-you’d just run as many of each as you could).  Now this is the first 1900ATK Level 4 with not just one, but two beneficial effects, but well touch on that later.  I just wanted to make clear that this “inflation” is going to ruin the game if they don’t curb it, or at least make most older cards worthless… 

As for this card itself, Being a Level 4 is fine (it really would be sick as a Level 3 x_x ).  Being a Wind Monster is kinda nice-along with Luster Dragon #2 and Spear Dragon, Wind has quite an arsenal of beatsticks.  It’s also a Fiend, which makes Dark Necrofear player’s giggle madly.  1900 ATK is good… too good, as stated above.  400 DEF means it can be searched by Witch of the Black Forest’s effect.  It could be as high as 1500 DEF for that to be true (which would make the card better, or worse depending on what end of it you’re on). 

Card Text (Effects): As stated, it’s got two effects.  One effect is a flip effect-if you pull it off you get +500 to its ATK/DEF.  A Level 4 with 2400/900 is quite potent.  Of course, since the DEF is so low, you’ll need to protect it from attack for a turn, requiring another card.  SO for all that effort you might as well just summon a Tribute Monster.  The second effect is also nice-if a monster destroys slate warrior in battle, then said monster takes a 500 point penalty to its ATK/DEF.  Neither effect is game breaking, but the fact they are on a Lv4 1900/400 monster is. 

Uses/Combinations: Umm… smashing stuff really well?  It’s another good beatstick-if you don’t have some sort of theme outside of beatdown, this will almost certainly replace your older Lv4 1900 ATK monsters.  If you are running a Fiend themed deck or a Wind themed deck, then add this.  Personally, I think once (or if) we ever get Cyber Harpie, we will have a very strong Wind Beatdown deck. 


Casual: 4/5-Because it puts Fiend decks over the top and makes Wind decks pretty good too. 

Constructed: 3.75/5-This may seem odd, since I stated it was the best 1900 ATK Lv4 monster, at least in general.  The thing is, 1900 ATK Lv4 monsters are supporters-in Beatdown no single one is a focus, and in most other decks they are there for cleaners and openers.  So having some 1900 ATK Lv4 Monsters is good, but not as vital.  Confused?  I am.  Basically, with so many 1900 ATK Lv4s out, they are diminished in importance.  Having bonus effects, even if they are rarely activated, puts Slate Warrior above the pack, but not by a lot. 

Limited: 4/5-If it could be drafted, it’d probably be a strong pick.  Now, how could it be drafted?  Right now, only by someone really bored drafting from his collection, but who knows, it could be released down the line.


A nice card, and possibly king of the beatsticks until the no effect Lv4 1950 ATK monsters get here… no, there aren’t any out in Japan, but hey, I doubt Konami is smart enough not to release them. 


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