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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Blast with Chain

After activation, this card is treated as an Equip Spell Card. Select 1 monster you control and equip it with this card to increase the ATK of the selected monster by 500 points. When this card is destroyed by the effect of another card, select 1 card on the field and destroy it.

Type - Normal Trap
Card Number
- LOD-088

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 3.01.04

SomeGuy Monday - Blast with Chain

Even though Blast with Chain is +500 at instant speed, barring Jinzo isn't in play, the "advantage" that it gives you isn't worth the resource it occupies. In order to get its secondary effect, it MUST be destroyed by a direct source. Which means if the Monster dies from a result of battle, the effect won't go off. A little too situational for my taste, but I can see it casually working every once in awhile.

Definitely more playable in Limited. Chances are the secondary effect will never see any use, but the fact that you're making one of your Monsters bigger, whenever you please, allows you to pull of some useful tricks. Limited is primarily based on Monsters, the stronger they are, the better shot you have at winning.


Constructed - 1.5/5
Limited - 2.5/5 
ExMinion OfDarkness For future Card of the Days, I will also be giving a separate rating for the card in the "new format" -- the one where Delinquent Duo, Raigeki, Haprie's Feather Duster, Painful Choice, Change of Heart, Cyber Jar, Fiber Jar, Injection Fairy Lily, Yata-Garasu, and Imperial Order are banned. On to the CotD!

Monday - Blast with Chain:

We're ringing in March with Blast with Chain, a somewhat overlooked card from Legacy of Darkness. Most of us who have bought Legacy of Darkness packs have been stuck with a few of these (unless you read ExperimentJon's article a couple of months ago, or the Holo Pack Tricks thread on the CCG Gossip forum), so let's look at the main use for this thing:

Gearfried the Iron Knight.

Equip this to Gearfried, and then Gearfried's effect destroys it. It was destroyed by a card effect, so you get to destroy one card on the field. The main idea on this card is to keep field control, giving up your one card (BwC) for either a Magic/Trap or a monster. Basically, if you have a Gearfried, this is an MST + a Tribute to the Doomed in the same card.

Otherwise, the 500 ATK boost isn't that great, and if the MONSTER is killed then Blast with Chain doesn't get his effect. Granted, if you put this on a beatstick, then nothing short of a Jinzo or a monster that has its own equip card is going to take it out by attacking, but too much effort for too little return.

Tournament: 1.5/5, but 4/5 if you are playing 3 Gearfried the Iron Knight
Banlist rating: 1/5, mainly because people will substitute in Giant Trunade for the missing Harpie's Feather Duster, meaning that there is a slightly LESS chance of this card getting destroyed. 
Gambit Blast With Chain

I chose this card because it seems to have fallen off the face of the earth, and for no good reason. I often mention the trigger-happy nature of today's M/T removal. This is another way to make people pay. As long as you have a face-up monster on your side of the field, you can chain this card to your opponent's Feather Duster, MST, Beaker, etc. Once you do, take your pick -- destroy one of their cards. Obviously you cannot activate this when Jinzo is on the field, but it becomes a Spell card after it is activated, so at that point you need only worry about Imperial Order and Spell Canceller. Did I mention that it increases your ATK by 500? That makes this card extremely versatile, protecting you in battle as well as in maintaining your strategy. On top of that, unlike other equips, it has the element of surprise. Your opponent summons Dark Ruler, with Opticlops and Spirt Reaper in attack mode to attack your V. Lord and then do some major damage (and take a card). When HaDes attacks V. Lord, chain Blast With Chain. HaDes is gone for good, and you can attack Spirit Reaper for big damage next turn. But what if they use Feather Duster first? Chain it and destroy HaDes. If you have a Scientist in your hand, that could be game.

BWC + Gearfried -- instant destruction of any card on the field
BWC + MST/Heavy Storm (yours) -- again, take your pick

4.0/5.0 Would be better if you could equip your opponent's monsters as well as your own. 
Tony Sorry guys for not doing the COTD for a while >_< I had to get ready for regionals and too much school work. Congrats to our crew for having 2 people in top 4 and also having 6 people making it to the first table. So far we have 2 people going to Nationals with 3 more regionals in CA. Me and Eliot are going to Nationals ^^ BUT!!! For the record, I do NOT know how to use a Metamorphosis deck. >_< Sorry f00b, failed yah dawg...haha...Anyways, back to the COTD!

Blast with Chain was one of my sidedeck cards during regionals couple months ago. I remember that this card saved me many games because when a Vampire Lord was attacking my Tribe Infecting Virus, I activated it, killed it, and THEN next turn Heavy Stormed it to kill off his Mystic Tomato. ^^ (( yes that was a very situational combo but it worked ))

+ 500 more attack on any monster makes it very good
+ It's a "battle trick" to lure in your opponent's monsters
+ It can become an Mystical Space Typoon bait
+ You can destroy ANYTHING on the field

- If your opponent has nothing, you have to destroy something on your field
- Can only activate to YOUR face-up monsters
- Can anyone say situational?? =\
- Who has room for any more trap in their deck?

hRmmm...I haven't thought about this card in a while. This was one of my favorite side deck cards because of its effect: you can basically destroy ANYTHING on the field after activation. Also, after Breaker the Magical Warrior loses its counter and Tribe Infecting Virus is all alone on the field, they are very easily destroyed by either Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer or anything above 1900. Blast with Chain protects your creatures AND if they DO decide to Mystical Space Typoon it, you can THEN destroy your opponent's monster/spell/trap, etc...That effect makes it into another Mystical Space Typoon bait. You can have a face-up monster and then wait for their Spell/Trap removal and chain to it.

Sounds like a great card right?'s only "good". The downside to this wonderful card is that you ALWAYS need to keep your monsters face up to be effective. Sometimes you want to set your Mystic Tomato, Witch of the Black Forest, etc... You also need to destroy something (doesn't matter if it's your field OR your opponent field) after this card was activated and destroyed. And Jinzo is ALWAYS out there to mess up your traps. This card has potential, but it's very situational.

Ahh, there is a very cool combo with this card (( you know i never leave you guys without a cool combo ))! Remember the good ol' days of running 3 Geirfried? (( or was it only me? )). Well when Blast with Chain becomes activated to Geirfried, Blast with Chain is IMMEDIATELY destroyed and can kill of anything. Also, there is this card called "Smoke Grenade...something (( i forgot the name ))" that says "when this card is destroyed by an effect, you can look at your opponent's hand and then select one card to put into the graveyard" It becomes a Confiscation, for free! Imagine that: Reinforcement of the Army (( to get Geirfried )), play Smoke Grenade, set a Blast with Chain. Now that's a turn that everyone wishes to have. 

Constructed: 5.5/10 (( what would you side deck this against? maybe beatdown or just tomatos? ))
Draft: 8.5/10 (( 500 boost AND ability to destroy anything on the field??? amazing ))

Best Situation
Let's say you have a 1600 creature (( Breaker the Magical Warrior w/o a counter or Tribe Infecting Virus )) and it gets attacked by your opponent's Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer. Activate Blast with Chain to destroy the monster. Your opponent then sets Fiber Jar. Next turn you play Heavy Storm, destroying Blast with Chain and killing his face down monster, Fiber Jar. You summon Yata Garasu and "Yata-Lock" him. eh, it's probably one of the best but I don't know...there's probably better combos. You should try it to create your own best combo. 

Stats: This card is a normal Trap, but it doesn’t stay that way… it might have been better as a Quick-Play Spell card.  Read on to see why.

Card Text (Effects): The effect of this card makes it get treated as an Equip Spell card.  This causes some headaches-Jinzo will not negate it if it has already been activated, as it is then being treated as a Spell Card.  If Jinzo is play before you activate Blast with Chain, then tough, you can’t activate it.  If Imperial Order is active, you can activate it, and it will sit there an “inactive” Equip Spell card.  So, what else does it do?  Well, you can equip it to a monster you control via its effect, granting a 500ATK increase to that monster.  Second, if Blast with Chain is destroyed by another card’s effect, you can select one card on the field and destroy it.  Since another cards effect has to destroy it, no, it won’t go off if the monster it is equipped to dies.  MST or Breaker would of course trigger it.  Due to the timing, Freed the Matchless General will not negate/destroy this card.

Uses/Combinations: A 500 ATK increase isn’t much, but it can come in handy at times: one of these could not only make a Vampire Lord GAF proof, but you can activate it after the attack, making them suicide the GAF.  So to run over your Vampire Lord (to kill it without triggering his effect), they have to take out Blast with Chain, negate Blast with Chain, lower Vampire Lord’s ATK, or get something up to at least 2500 ATK.  The first trigger’s the destruction of a card of your choice, the second will usually hinge upon Imperial Order, and the last two are tricky and may not be possible within certain decks.  Note, this isn’t really the best use for the card-since the effect isn’t optional, if you activate it and they have no monster’s left on the field, then they’d nuke it to make you select one of your cards.

There are two other uses for this card.  One I already touched on-It’s one of the few ways to power-up Freed.  The second trick is with Gearfried.  Gearfried’s effect will trigger and destroy the card, turning it into a discard free Raigeki Break.  Still, that can be a touchy combo.


Casual: 2.5/5-Give a little extra power to your Gearfried/Elma combo-based decks, though one probably shouldn’t play that deck here-kinda defeats the purpose of casual play.

Constructed: 2/5-Same as above, but of course competition is steeper here.  Remember, this is a “deck-specific” card, or at least it is to be something “special”.  Not a bad score for that-basically it’s like a 3/5 card for such decks-something you include if you can make room.

Limited: 3.25/5-A 500 ATK boost that can be triggered during the damage step is kind of nice in this format.  Sadly, the second effect is less likely to trigger.


Blast with Chain is a better card than I expected, but I think it would have been better as a Quick-Play Spell rather than a Trap: sure, it wouldn’t work on Freed, but it would be nice to have the option of playing it straight from hand, especially for those Gearfried/Elma decks.



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