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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Solar Flare Dragon

Pyro / Effect Monster
This card cannot be attacked if there is another Pyro-Type monster on your side of the field. This card inflicts 500 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points during the End Phase of your turn.

Type - Fire / 4 / 1500 / 1000
Card Number
- AST-032

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 6.28.04

Tranorix Monday: Solar Flare Dragon

We're starting things off this week with an often-underlooked Common from Ancient Sanctuary, Solar Flare Dragon. The stats, while not spectacular, are pretty decent. 1500 ATK is enough to do significant damage in a direct attack, as well as take down Dons and Tomatoes; and 1000 DEF ensures that Solar Flare Dragon is searchable by Witch, Sangan, and even the seldom-played UFO Turtle.

Stats aside, Solar Flare Dragon has two effects: the first is a very simple Burn effect. Countless times have I summoned Solar Flare first turn to do a quick 500 damage, and many times he's stayed on the field for a long enough period to do much, much more. While unlikely to happen, keeping him on the field for 5-6 turns can take a serious chunk out of your opponent's Life Points.

The second effect is what makes him stand out, however. If there is another Pyro type (and yes, this includes another Solar Flare Dragon), he can't be attacked. What does this mean? Get two of these on your field and your opponent can't attack either one. It's similar to the Marauding Captain lock, except these Dragons have better stats and will also do a nice 1000 damage during each of your turns if your opponent can't break through them.

This lock is very possible to pull off if you have 2-3 Solar Flare Dragons in your deck, and it's extremely effective. In a matter of a few turns, you'll have reduced your opponent's Life Points significantly; and if you have a Burner, it shouldn't be too hard to finish the rest of the job. Solar Flare Dragon is an incredible card for Burn decks.

Typical tournament deck: 2.5/5
Burn deck: 5/5
ExMinion OfDarkness Monday:
Solar Flare Dragon

Why am I not at all surprised that Tranorix picked this as the first Card of the Day for his week? Oh yeah...because he's been preaching this card to me since IOC came out :P

Actually, this card DOES have some potential, and burn-boy was right to give it the Monday slot. Sanganable, Witchable, searchable by UFO Turtle...can create a lock if you have of them on the field at the same time, and 500 damage a turn. 2 of these on field is a bit easier to pull off (and much less deadly if it goes wrong!) than a Lava Golem on your opponent's side of the field.

The 1500 attack can take out a lot of the control monsters (Donny Z hates this) and can tie a DDWL. It can also combo with Backfire (500 damage every time a fire type of yours is sent to the GY, continuous trap)

With Blazing Inpachi being added to Fire's arsenal in Invasion of Chaos, it now has UFO Turtle, Fire Princess, this, Blazing Inpachi...Inferno (if you're playing nearly pure Fire)...and on top of that, this deck would be one of the cheapest (cash-wise) to make on the market.

So if you have $10-20 in store credit at your local tournament, try making a Pyro deck...go ahead and use all your broken Magic/Traps, a couple of stall cards, but use a fire monster line. You'll probably be surprised at the results.

Tournament 3/5 
Kuro Basara Solar Flare Dragon

Ah again, a card that I might want to use. That is if I ever get to making
a direct damage deck. Well lets go to the review.

Solar Flare Dragon (I liked Prominence as the name more, oh well) has pretty
decent stats. He's a 4 star, Pyro/Fire (not many good monsters in this
type), and his stats are 1500 attack and 1000 defense. Yey searchable with
my witch. Its effect stats that, "This card cannot be attacked if there is
another Pyro-Type monster on your side of the field. This card inflicts 500
points of damage to your opponent's Life Points during the End Phase of your
turn." Not bad at all.

You can summon this card, end your turn and do 500 damage to your opponent's life. Ad in some stuff like Poison of the Old Man, etc. and you got
yourself some good damage dealers. I HIGHLY recommend using this card even in main decks. It works very well with decent support.
Tournament: 3.0
Casual: 3.5 
MerrilHess Solar Flare Dragon

Ok, this guy looks like he could have some use.

He can't be attacked if you control another Pyro Creature. 1500 is a decent attack. He inflicts 500 points of damage a turn to your opponent. That can add up after a while. He's a Common, so he is very accessible. The name is also a little kewl, too. Not much else to say, ya know? Oh yeah, I think she's a Pyro, so he goes nicely into Fire Princess decks, I think?

1000 Defense is a drawback if he goes to defense at all. He also can be attacked if he is the only Pyro creature you control. He only inflicts 500 points of damage, and that's during your end phase, so he might die before he can do damage. 1500 attack doesn't stand up to Tribe, Breaker, or any beatstick, but that's why he has that can't be attacked rule. He can be easily destroyed by Magic and Traps, though.

Overall, I give Solar Flare Dragon a 5.5/10. He can be a great addition to your Fire Princess Burner, if she's a Pyro. I'm too tired to look, So I'm off to bed now. *gets out of chair and goes into room, shuts door* 


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