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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Super Rare

Pay 1000 Life Points to look at your opponent's hand. Select 1 card and discard it to the Graveyard.

Type - Normal Spell
Card Number
- MRL-038

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 6.11.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Friday:

Confiscation has been taken out of many Hand-D decks lately. I feel that this is a mistake. Yes, it's another card that costs 1,000 LP to activate. But it strengthens Hand-D deck starting hands by 50%.

A hand destruction deck that doesn't play this will obviously play Delinquent Duo and The Forceful Sentry. That's 2 cards that can mess up an opponent's opening hand -- something crucial and nearly game-winning if you're playing that kind of Deck. Confiscation makes it 3 cards that can possibly either damage your opponent's opener or let you peek in on their plans.

However, I've seen some people side-deck out their Duos in high-level Duels and put this in because of an opponent's anti-hand-D cards and Chaos monsters. As great as a 2-for-1 advantage is, it's NOT great when you end up dumping a Dark-type and Light-type monster. That just begs to have BLS or CED come out and whomp on you. The rule in those cases is "Look first, discard second."

Looking to the bad side a bit more, this card gets progressively worse the later the game goes on. That 1,000 LP would mean more and more, and the opponent will have less cards in hand -- maybe only holding onto the one in their hand because they can't play it or don't want to.

However, its pure power in the opening hand, and the sound of your opponent saying an expletive or two when you play it in the first turn, warrants its play in 85% of all tournament-viable Decks.

Confiscation earns a solid 4.5/5. 
Tranorix Friday: Confiscation

I don't feel Confiscation is really a Friday card, but anyway...

This card is, in my opinion, the least effective of the three pre-negators (Delinquent Duo, The Forceful Sentry, and Confiscation). Unlike TFS, there is a payment; and unlike DD, you gain no card advantage.

Sure, you might end up nuking your opponent's Pot of Greed or Raigeki (and if you do, well, that is most excellent); but as your opponent's hand decreases, so do the odds Confiscation will hit anything good. It's a great card to get in your opening hand, and it's a great card to throw away with Painful Choice. I'd run it in a dedicated Control deck, but I don't think Confiscation is a necessity anywhere else.

Typical tournament deck: 3.5/5
Control deck: 4/5
Tony The last card of the day for my week... *sniff* everyone be sad with me...

hahaha...well there is a reason why this was the last card of the day for me. This is probably the MOST debated card in the game...Is this main deck? Is this Side deck? Is it not good enough? Losing 1000 points is too much for only 1 card...

One of the worst prenegators and one of the best? I'm sure we all want THIS card first turn over D-Duo or The Forceful Sentry just because of taking down an important magic card and/or a stupid combo. You can make reasonable debate on if D-Duo or The Forceful Sentry might be better but IMO Confiscation is the best first hand Prenegator, Delinquent Duo is the best Prenagator (and also the best card IN THE GAME), and The Forceful Sentry is the one card you cannot take out of the deck because there is ALMOST no drawbacks at all.

Now this week's purpose was for me to make other people understand about Tournament Deck Construction....Confiscation is a great card but not for all decks. This whole week was about comparing Jinzo to other tribute monsters + royal decree and "bad top decks." Put Confiscation under that bad top decks. Most people do NOT like drawing that late game. I mean Delinquent Duo will get BOTH cards and Forceful Sentry is just putting back a card back in the deck.

If you have many small creatures or you simply need to find room for Nobleman of Crossout, then take out this card. Small creatures + Confiscation + Magical Scientist = bad combo. Depend on Don Zaloog/White Magical Hats + creature swap to gain control, not Confiscation.

If you run a beat down, don't run Confiscation, you already have a threat on the table. Use Nobleman of Crossout to clear the field instead of taking cards from his hand. Also, in a top deck mode, it's BASICALLY the same thing.

Thanks guys for checkings my posts this week...I hope this helped you guys and your deck construction. Remember that when you build a deck, you WILL come down to a top deck mode. Make sure your deck will NOT lose "the top deck war" by either of these things:

a) Yata Lock because you are holding cards that can't kill it or having no monsters
b) Holding situational cards down in your M/T row and lose
c) Knowing when to hold onto the "2-for-1" cards such as Dark Hole, Raigeki, Harpie's Feather Duster, and Magical Scientist
d) Playing your traps and/or Scapegoats correctly, etc...

Hope you guys had fun this week ^^v I know I did

Constructed: 7.5/10 (( try without it...top decks become playable ))
Limited: 0/10 (( don't draft it...honestly, it does almost nothing )) 


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