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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Secret Rare

Machine / Effect Monster
As long as this card remains face-up on the field, all Trap Cards cannot be activated. The effects of all face-up Trap Cards are also negated.

Type - Dark / 6 / 2400 / 1500
Card Number
- BPT-011

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 6.09.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Wednesday:

Jinzo is one of the best cards ever, and wins the award for "card put in most decks that used no other card of the same type or attribute".

Warrior decks run it. Spellcaster decks run it. Any deck that does any kind of attacking and doesn't rely on Traps runs it.

This card outranks Royal Decree on so many different levels. The big factor here is you may not have traps on your field, but you have a 2400 attacker backing you up. Decree leaves you defenseless otherwise.

Beats out V-Lord, GAF, and anything from a Beatdown deck in general

Stops that annoying Imperial Order...nice tribute before playing Spell cards...Drop this, then Harpie's Feather Duster and you're sittin' pretty.

Steal + Sacrifice combo. This was most famous for Summoned Skull back in the Beatdown era, but since the Chaos monsters are taking up many players' Tribute monster slots now, this and Vampire Lord are the only cards this combination is typically used with.


Snatch Steal > Jinzo. If they take it, unless you had a MST set, you can't even use your own defenses.

More people are ramming DDWL into this thing and taking 900 to get rid of it

Not many other cons...

Basically, if you have one, and you're not playing Stall or Burn, you play this. It doesn't matter if you're running Typeless Beatdown, Machine, Warrior, Spellcaster, Fiend...most likely your Deck includes this thing or needs to.

This card gets a 4.95/5 (only because Snatch kills you if you have this down.) 
Tranorix Wednesday: Jinzo

Jinzo: the hobby SCR from PSV and variant in the Joey tin.

Jinzo, Android Psycho Shocker: the crazy, Witchable, DARK, 2400 ATK Machine we all love and hate.

Jinzo: the bane of Traps, one of the main reasons so few are now played.

Jinzo has undoubtedly changed this game; because of him, people began to limit their Traps, always thinking "well this card sucks if Jinzo's on the field". He's in about 99% of decks, and his playability has never really fluctuated. He was great when he was released and he's great now. A monster that gets rid of the biggest threats to ATK monsters that himself has great ATK has barely any downsides; he's only one tribute so that doesn't hurt him much.

In a Machine deck, he's even more deadly; Limiter gives him 4800 ATK. Ouch.

Typical tournament deck: 4.5/5
Machine deck: 5/5
Omega Jinzo is by far the most widely used Tribute Monster in the game, and with good reason. When he hits your opponentís field your whole defense is pretty much completely shot.

With 2400 attack, it is one powerhouse of a monster, and coupled with a defense of 1500 makes him just low enough that he can be searched through Witch of the Black Forrest.

The Worst thing that could happen is your opponent somehow gaining control of your Jinzo, now youíre the one sitting defenseless while your opponent beats you down.

Jinzo shines in just about any deck, but in a Machine Deck combined with Limiter Removal, Jinzo could do some serious damage.

Iím giving Jinzo 4.5/5
He only loses points because you own traps also get negated as well. But with a 2400 monster on the field, that wonít matter very much. You will most likely see Jinzo in a large majority of Tournament winning decks. Jinzo is the sole reason players started limiting the number of Traps in their decks. 
Tony Ahhh...I remember this is the first secret rare I opened from a PSV pack. Jinzo...what a simple name for a interesting card....

A monster that negates traps....1 Tribute monster and only 100 ATK less than Summoned Skull (ahhh good ol' days ^^)

Soo let's see...back then it stoped those Trap Holes, Magic Cylinder, and even Waboku...It was basically another Heavy Storm, Giant Trunade, and if you were lucky, Mystical Space Typhoon (( I remember I used Dust Tornado instead cuz I couldn't buy any of those dxP ))

Now let's stop looking back at the past and look at the current metagame. What are the popular traps? Call of the Haunted? Mirror Force? Waboku? Torrential Tribute? Ring of Destruction? Jinzo is Torrential Tribute's worst nightmare. They can't chain Torrential Tribute and they're plan is now ruined.

This is going back to Royal Decree (Monday's COTD)...Jinzo negates all the traps. Royal Decree negates all the traps. But the fact that Royal Decree FORCES your opponent to first use a trap is the key. Sure Jinzo can win you late game because you are not afraid of anything but so does Royal Decree.

The reason why I picked this card is to show that in a control deck, forcing your opponent to use a trap and not save it is very important. Jinzo has it's benefits but they do not waste a trap from it.

Also, how many times have you had Imperial Order sitting behind Jinzo while your opponent Snatch Steal, Change of Heart, Creature Swaped your Jinzo?! *sigh* I know I had that happen many MANY times and converted into the Airknight Parshath ways.

*sigh* to give a correct opinion on this card is very hard because it IS a great creature. You can pull of SOO many combos with this card. But so can a lot of other creatures.

Try not running Jinzo in a deck once in a while. Try running Airknight Parshath...Try running Vampire Lord...Try running Freed the Matchless General...Try running Lesser Fiend...It's all about how you manage your control deck or even your beatdown.

Basically what do I think of this card? It's a GOOD card...Not great. Personally, I think I like Airknight Parshath better in many ways. In late game, you win because you can draw SOO many cards off of Airknight Parshath and basically win.

It's one of the best tribute monsters and I can't knock it down but I suggest trying other Tribute monsters too ^^

Constructed: 8.5/10 (( Running an Airknight or Vampire Lord + Royal Decree might be better...but I still run Jinzo too ^^ ))
Limited: 10/10 (( HOW GOOD IS IT?! One of the strongest creatures ever in draft! )) 
Kuro Basara Jinzo

Ah a classic. There's not much to say about this card, other than the fact
that the Chaos Monsters right now outshine it. Jinzo is good, but people
run too few traps nowadays. Also some people are annoying, and they like to
use Quickplays instead of traps (Book of the Moon/Offerings to the Doomed).
Jinzo can still stop stuff like Wabokus, Mirror Force, D-ring, IR, and many
other game winning traps, but there is just a better chance to destroy those
traps with Mystical Space Typhoon.

The verdict is.... sure its good. Its up there with the Chaos Monsters, and
of course the widely used Airknight, but right now there are cards that are
much better. Don't base your winning strategy on Jinzo. Remember he's a
good game winning card, but if played at the wrong time its a game losing
card. And if you don't have a revival card, CoH/Snatch Steal... etc... he's
a real tough top deck.

Tourney: 3

Casual: 3.5 


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