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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Destruction Ring

Destroy 1 face-up monster on your side of the field to inflict 1000 points of damage to both players' Life Points.

Type - Normal Trap
Card Number
- IOC-101

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 6.04.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Friday:
Destruction Ring

Craptacular in Constructed, Leet in Limited, it's Destruction Ring!

I really, really don't think I need to talk about single monster burn effects in limited. If you want to give up a monster for damage, let it be through Cannon Soldier for 500, or Mass Driver for 400, or half of its ATK for Catapult Turtle. The last thing you need to be doing in a Burn deck is burning yourself.

Besides -- we already play this card...except the words are switched around and there's an "of" in between them. If this was a Dance Dance Revolution contest, Ring of Destruction would be Yosaku (the Japanese guy who AAA'd The Legend of Max) and this card would be the smelly fat kid in the cafeteria.

But to where this card really shines...IOC Draft. I won the finals of a Draft tournament with this card. 1,000 on a card = 2,000 in Limited because you only start with half of the normal Life Points. And in Limited, you'll usually have your monsters on the field for more than one turn without having to worry about them getting nuked with a destruction effect like Raigeki or Dark Hole.

1/5 in Constructed, 4/5 in Limited -- this is a pretty high draft pick. 1,000 direct damage in Draft is like wh0a. 
Tranorix Friday: Destruction Ring

Today's card is Destruction Ring, a Rare Trap from IoC.

Before you read this review, read the card text. Closely. Done? Okay, good.

You can only destroy YOUR OWN monster. That's a major downside; the only times you'll really want to are when you have a searcher or opponent's monster on your side of the field.

It only does 1000 damage, but it does it to both players; so this really prevents you from gaining any sort of advantage whatsoever. It doesn't belong in a Burn deck, but it might find a home in Last Turn (nuke Witch, reduce your LP, get Jowgen).

Typical tournament deck: 1.5/5
Last Turn deck: 2.5/5

Stats: Destruction Ring is a normal Trap.  The only other card type I can think of that would make sense would be a Quick-Play Spell. 

Effect(s): This card lets you destroy one of your monsters to do 1000 LP damage to both players.  This is pretty poor.  When I first read it, I thought it was like RoD, where I could chose either player’s monsters, and since I favor Suicide Beatdown (where my Monsters become huge when my LP is little) this seemed like a great solution to always having a Megamorphed Jirai Gumo get Ringed

Uses/Combinations: Still barely works for decks that constantly suffer from low LP.  The reason is that its better to chain this to a CoH or RoD that would otherwise be the end of you than to not. 


Casual: 1.5/5-I said it had a use, and that it was better than nothing in those situations.  Usually a negation card like Solemn Judgment would still be better. 

Tournament: 1.25/5-Same, only every one here’s a Spike or at lest mostly Spike. 

Limited: 3/5-1000 is 1/4th your LP here, so timed right, it can speed up your match by a turn or two.  As long as you have a lead in LP when you set them off, it’s not too bad.  Also, if you are in the lead, sometimes your field gets cluttered by weaker “filler” creatures whom you summoned to maintain field strength, but now are useless. 


Sorry, just looking at this makes me want to smack Konami.

Omega Destruction Ring is like a watered down Ring of Destruction, where as both players take damage from this cards activation. But where Ring of Destruction destroyed any monster on the field, Destruction Ring is limited to only your own field. In addition where Ring of Destruction deals damage equal to the attack of the monster destroyed, this card only does 1000 damage regardless of the monster sacrificed.

But Destruction Ring isn’t as useless as everyone makes it out to be. The fact that it can be chained to cards like Raigeki or any other monster destroying cards makes it somewhat playable. The best time to play this card is at the end of a turn in which you played Change of Heart so that your opponent won’t get his monster back.

This is more or less a finishing off trap, where as you play it when your opponent has 1000LP or less. That way it wouldn’t matter if you were destroying your own monster.

I’m giving Destruction Ring a 2/5. It’s not as good as it’s big brother counterpart, but not totally dismissible. 
dawnyoshi Destruction Ring is an interesting burner card. It was meant to be used alongside Barrel Behind the Door, but I wouldn't waste the space to run that horrible counter-trap. The damage could prove useful, especially when your life points really don't matter in a stall/burner. Find some combos to try this card out on, and you'll find some good uses for its damage.

Constructed: 2.5/5

Limited: 3/5

You can easily end a game by using this trap card in draft. 1000 life points is equal to 1/4 their starting life, and after a small assault, your opponent will be dead by the time they draw their card. 
Kuro Basara Destruction Ring

Oh yeah! Another sub-par trap. Fun! Well this card is uh… kind of useful.
*Sighs* Its like another Ring of Destruction, but in ways its not. Oh
well lets continue on to the review.

Destruction Ring is a normal trap, and as I said before traps are hard to
get off unless they are multi-purpose, chainable traps that are good in just
about any situation (WABOKU!). This one is iffy. It’s effect states that
you can, “Destroy 1 face-up monster on YOUR side of the field to inflict
1000 points of damage to both players' Life Points.” Uh ok.

What u can do is steal your opponent’s monster and D-ring it! Or if you
don’t have enough lps to use Ring of Destruction on a real strong monster of
yours u can use D-Ring on it. Woohoo! Or u can use it on… BALLOON LIZARD!
(that’s a Top Tier Combo for ya, Destruction + Balloon Lizard after you got
major counters on him!)

Tournament: 2

Casual: 2.1 


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