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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

The Kick Man

Zombie / Effect Monster
When this card is Special Summoned successfully, you can equip 1 appropriate Equip Spell Card from your Graveyard to this card.

Type - Dark / 3 / 1300 / 300
Card Number
- AST-012

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 7.30.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Friday:
The Kick Man

I'm going to kick anyone who thinks about maindecking this.

This card does have its upsides; searchable on all fronts and a half-decent attack for being can pull an equip back and make itself stronger...but since WHEN do you see a successful Zombie deck running an equip? (Premature and Snatch don't count for this because they're not appropriate equip targets.) The decks are already running the staples, book of life, possibly prenegs, the M/T killers, Premature Burial, Snatch Steal...since when did they have room for Axe of Despair or United We Stand? In addition, this card has to be SPECIAL summoned for the effect to work. This means you either have to waste a Book of Life, other recursion, or Call of the Mummy's effect (which goes much better with a high-level).

Why wasn't this Monday's card? We usually put the crap in the early-week slots, remember? :P

Tranorix Friday: The Kick Man

The Kick Man is an interesting monster, though I won't pretend he's extremely playable. With stats of 1300/300, he's searchable by Witch, Sangan, and the Tomato, as well as Pyramid Turtle; and being Level 3, he gets around Level Limit and Gravity Bind. Regardless, 1300 isn't that spectacular, though it can do some damage if need be.

The effect can certainly be useful. If he's Special Summoned (and it's very easy to Special Summon Zombies), you can equip something from the Graveyard onto him. Get him out with Call of the Mummy and he's instantly boosted with Axe. Use Book of Life to revive him and slap on United We Stand. While useful, however, this effect could DEFINITELY be dead weight sometimes, namely when you can't Special Summon him, or when there's nothing to equip to him.

Regardless, a deck could be built around The Kick Man; lots of Special Summoning and lots of equips with this card could easily spell doom for your opponent.

Typical tournament deck: 2/5
Zombie deck (equip heavy): 4/5

Stats: Thought wed look at something a little fun for Friday: The Kick Man.  He aint pretty, in stats or the pic.  We start out fairly well: Level 3-it can be dropped into play without problems and goes under Gravity Bind and Level Limit-Area B.  Its a Dark/Zombie-both are well supported.  Then we hit the stats: an ATK of 1300 is puny, and a DEF of 300 is even worse.  At least this means that it can be searched out via Mystic Tomato, Pyramid Turtle, Sangan, and Witch of the Black Forest.  It can also sneak under Messenger of Peace.

Effect(s): Its effect seems kind of meh-if Special Summoned, it gets to snag an appropriate Equipment Spell Card from your discard pile and attach it to itself, kind of like the Flip effect on Chopman the Desperate Outlaw.  Still, how great is that?

Uses/Combinations: This is where we see its not bad.  Zombies have multiple ways of being special summoned-this one can be Special Summoned not only by the common methods (like Monster Reborn), but by Call of the Mummy, Mystic Tomato, Pyramid Turtle, Last Will, and so on.  Also, there is a good chance it will just give a card in the discard a second shot, which means that its not depleting the rest of your deck or hand.


Casual: 2.75/5-It works in a real specific spot okay.  Bans will help it (no Harpie's Feather Duster), so bump it to 3/5 there.

Tournament: 2.5/5-Not so happy here.  With Bans, bump it to 2.75/5.

Limited: 1.5/5-Its not the lowest ATK in the set, and if you are pulling from more than one set, or better yet, the Starters, it becomes a teensy bit better, since there are some decent general equips in some of those (making it a 1.75/5).


Its got a small niche, and is just kind of fun to use.

Some people are probably disappointed with this weeks reviews.  I tried to look at a series of related cards, and had other recent Zombies not already been chosen, things might have seemed a touch more cohesive.  I did this hoping people would try and experiment with them.  If all the other reviewers hate the cards, and they have indeed tried them for a substantial length of time, then I have indeed wasted your time, and I am sorry.

MerrilHess The Kick Man

Ok, this is garbage. Why are we reviewing it?

It gets back cards form the grave. It could also help get back that Elma that won't come back. It's effect works well with Soul Absorbing Bone Tower, too.

Why would you want to get an equip back anyways? That seems useless to me, but whatever. Has to be special summoned to get the equip, too.

Overall, I give The Kick Man a 6/10. If it's in an equip deck, it kinda works. 

Friday: The Kick Man

Rated for: Kick/Chop tag team decks. Yes, I've never heard of such a build either.

To those loyal devotees of Chopman the Desperate Outlaw, indulge in The Kick Man. I know it took a petition and constant bombarding of Konami headquarters to release the second link to the dreamt-about Kick/Chop tag team deck, but finally the efforts seem to be rewarded. The Kick Man is about to dominate the environment. Read on for the exclusive. The rest of the review will put a "the" in front of The Kick Man, to create deliciously awkward sounding sentences.

Advantage F/H: The The Kick Man provides no advantage. His effect provides no advantage, unless you bring out a miracle special summon and possess an equip, giving him an attack of 2000 or more. A weak 1300 monster provides no advantage in most cases though, giving him a 0.1/10 for the one miracle case.

Best Draw for the Situation: No. The The Kick Man is never a good draw for the situation. I can't even begin to devise a situation where the The Kick Man would help. Well, one. You have a premature burial with no other monsters in the graveyard, a set scapegoat, and a United We Stand in the grave. 0.1/10 for the one miracle case.

Attributes/Effect: 1300? No. Level 3 to be metamorphosized into Darkfire Dragon? No. Good Effect? No. Cool name? Yes. 0.1/10 for the cool name.

Dependability: Can you depend on him? No. His remarkable string of 0.1's ends here. 0/10.

The Bottom Line: Worthless in all decks. Perfect for a Kick/Chop tag team deck.

A BAD Score: 0.3/40= 0.75/100.

Cards he combos with: Chopman the Desperate Outlaw, equip spells.


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