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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Regenerating Mummy

Zombie / Effect Monster
When this card is sent directly from your hand to the Graveyard by an effect of a card controlled by your opponent, return this card from the Graveyard to your hand.

Type - Dark / 4 / 1800 / 1500
Card Number
- AST-079

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 7.29.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Thursday:
Regenerating Mummy

Now THIS is slightly more usable than Royal Keeper -- with an effect that is actually useful in the current meta.

A half-decent attack, Witchable, and the Zombie deck's weaker version of Sinister Serpent. With Delinquent Duo, Don Zaloog, and Chaos Emperor Dragons all currently being used, this thing could be returning to the hand a lot more than the opponent will want to see. Plus, it's not just a measly 300...many people still blow up their CEDs knowing their opponent has Sinister because 300 a turn doesn't mean much. But 1800 a turn does.

However, if running a Zombie deck, you may already be strapped for space in all aspects (Books of Life DO take up some room, as well as the extra high-levels)...

Tranorix Thursday: Regenerating Mummy

If Call of the Mummy isn’t this week’s most playable card, Regenerating Mummy is. It’s a simple card with a simple effect, and the effect is a good one. But firstly, you can plainly see that with ATK of 1800, very nice; and DEF of 1500, the highest DEF still searchable by Witch, Regenerating Mummy is a solid monster.

The effect is great. If your opponent somehow sends this card from your hand to the Graveyard, you just get to add him back to your hand. Delinquent Duo? He's back. Chaos Emperor Dragon? He's back. Regenerating Mummy is a decent beatstick with an anti-control effect, simply put. Great for a Zombie deck, and possibly even good side deck material for when you go up against a Control Deck. You may want to give him a try.

Typical tournament deck: 3.5/5
Zombie deck: 4/5

Stats: Regenerating Zombie is Level 4, and surprise! It is a Dark/Zombie.  As stated before, both of these types have support, and Zombie support is pretty extensive.  Being a Level 4 makes it easy to drop into play.  It also has a nice, solid 1800 ATK, which I believe is the highest we see for Level 4 Zombies, and is still within the range of Pyramid Turtle’s search-and-summon effect.  It is also slips in at the low end for beatsticks in general.  Its Defense is 1500, which is the “perfect” Defense for beatsticks: as high as it can get while still being a legal target for Witch of the Black Forest.  While not groundbreaking, I’d say this is a solid card so far. 

Effect(s): Here’s what makes it nice for even some non-Zombie decks: if this card is sent directly from the hand to your Graveyard by the effect of an opponent’s card, it returns to your hand.  This effect is weaker than that of Fear/Despair from the Dark, but at least it can be “re-used”.  What really hurts is that Night Assailant kicks its butt, at least if you get two Night Assailants going round and round.  There is still reason to consider this card though…

Uses/Combinations: Works well with Fear/Despair from the Dark and Night Assailant to ruin control decks.  What is nice is that unlike Despair and or Night Assailant, you tend to be happier top-decking this-an easy to summon 1800 attacker.  Yes, Night Assailant has a nice monster killing effect, but that means relying on your opponent to properly trip it (or hoping it lives long enough for you to Flip Summon it).  A solid offense is probably just as useful as an iffy defense, at least in this scenario.  Even outside of top deck, compare what happens when you don’t need a discard option.  A solid beatstick is a more reliable fall-back than a weaker beatstick, a two-tribute monster, or Flip-Effect based monster removal.  I would not be surprised if Despair From the Dark started showing up less-its effect and stats are better, except that it can’t get into play as easily.

And of course, remember the normal Zombie support cards like Book of Life, Call of the Mummy, and Pyramid Turtle if you are running it in a Zombie deck.  That also means that this and Fear work wonderfully to tick of CED players: they still nuke your hand and field contents for big damage, but you might have a few solid beatsticks in play (the fears) plus more in your hand (Mummy) the next turn.


Casual: 3.75/5-Pretty strong card for Zombie-themed decks, and some side decks as anti-control.  Since this card gets part of its value as being a generic beatsick with an anti-control feature, I am not certain how it will fair when used in the ban setting-only Delinquent Duo is lost in terms of direct hand depletion, but without Yata, you don’t get that huge “bonus” of locking people for putting all the effort into control.

Tournament: 3.25/5-Zombie decks aren’t as strong, and most people should be main-decking Night Assailants to counter discard.  Still, for Zombie decks, it should at least be in the side-deck.  Again, when using the bans, I am uncertain how it will really affect play.

Limited: 3.5/5-No discard, but hey, it’s a solid beatstick here.


Good card, but a little late to have been great.  If this had been in PGD, Spirit Reaper would have had a lot more Zombie company in general decks.  For that matter, just predating Night Assailant would have helped immensely.

MerrilHess Regenerating Mummy

This is the best form of Anti-Control for Zombies, IMO.

1800 attack isn't too shabby. 1500 defense is Pyramid Turtle-able and Witch-able. The best part you might ask? Is that when it is sent hand to the grave via an opponent's effect, it returns to your hand. It' kinda like an overpowered Sinister except not quite that broken. Imagine the look on your opponent's face when they pick this off of Delinquent Duo, then you throw away another. LMFAO!!!!!!

It can only be sent from your hand by an opponent's effect, not by your own, like Tribe. It also can't be sent from the deck to the grave and return neither.

Overall, I give Regenerating Zombie a 8.7/10 because it is a great card for beginners as well as people playing Zombies. It's decent against other Controls, too. 

Thursday: Regenerating Mummy

Rated For: Zombie Decks

Fear from the Dark has met his new best friend! It's Regenerating Mummy, the first beatstick non-tribute zombie with an actually usable effect! Pure anti-chaos is what we call him!  

Advantage F/H: His effect basically ensures you'll always be able to normal summon this guy. When you do bring him out, you'll have an 1800 attack powerhouse. Basically, the only thing this guy falls to are tribute monsters, Berserk Gorillas, and 1900's that don't see much play. His advantageous effect raises him to near Gemini Elf level. 7/10

Best Draw for the Situation: This guy never hurts because he'll always protect versus Delinquent Duo and the Chaos Monsters. In addition, an 1800 monster is never really a bad thing to have, unless you're getting handled by Jinzos and such. 7/10.

Attributes/Effect: Solid stats. Zombie. Decent effect. What's not to like about him in a zombie deck? Sure there are better options, but you can't exactly go WRONG with this guy. In a zombie deck, this is a 7.5/10.

Dependability: With all the recursion that zombie decks pack, this guy will remain on the field for quite a bit of time. Very few things can directly kill him, namely Berserk Gorilla that sees frequent play. He'll also neutralize other threats, such as Kycoo and Tribe-Infecting Virus. Solid 7.5/10.

The Bottom Line: Zombies need a 1900 monster. This guy will fit in while we wait.

A BAD Score: 7.25/10= 72.5/100


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