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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Vampire Lady

Zombie / Effect Monster
Each time this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points, declare 1 card type (Monster, Spell, or Trap). Your opponent selects 1 card of that type from his/her Deck and sends it to the Graveyard.

Type - Dark / 4 / 1550 / 1550
Card Number
- AST-013

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 7.27.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Tuesday:
Vampire Lady

The singly most overrated common in Ancient Sanctuary.

Everyone assumes Vampire Lord is good, so they think this card is good as well. I've seen n00bs so happy that they've gotten to discard a card out of their opponent's deck with this. But guess what? It actually HELPS them! They get to pick the one monster, magic, or trap they DON'T want to draw and make sure they don't draw it.

The only reason people play Vampire Lord is for the recursion -- the deck discarding is a negative effect, much as anyone might tell you otherwise. Non-searchable, and sub-par stats all-around, even Zombie decks don't have a reason to run this. They have their Reapers, V-Lord, Despair/Fear from the Darks, Ryu Kokki, and Pyramid Turtles to work with.

Tranorix Tuesday: Vampire Lady

I'll be blunt: I don't like Vampire Lady very much at all. For one thing, her stats of 1550/1550 make her just unsearchable by Witch, Sangan, and Tomato; she can be used with Pyramid Turtle, but you'll most likely want to summon something stronger with that card. So while just high enough to render her unsearchable, the stats are also too low for her to be considered a strong monster. She may be able to take out some Control monsters, but she will fall to quite a bit.

The effect, too, is mediocre. When you think about it, it really hurts YOU more than your opponent, unless you're trying to deck him out. You're giving your opponent a chance to get rid of a bad topdeck every time you hit him with V-Lady's effect. What's the point? That's one less MST he might draw if you call Spell, no chance of topdecking that useless Imperial Order if you call Trap, and...people rarely call monster, for obvious reasons; so I'll leave it at that.

She MIGHT be an okay choice for a Zombie deck, but I'd run her in Deck Destruction before Zombies. Her effect just isn't that good, and her stats aren't either.

Typical tournament deck: 2/5
Deck Destruction deck: 3/5

Stats: Vampire Lord’s female counterpart has one thing going for it that Vampire Lord is lacking: she’s only a Level 4.  They are both Dark/Zombies (well supported types).  Sadly, the Lady has a fairly puny 1550 ATK and DEF which almost makes her impossible to search out from your deck… thank goodness for the very searchable in-and-of-itself Pyramid Turtle, which can nab her and just about any Zombie that doesn’t have any extra summoning requirements (just needs an ATK of less than 2000).  Still, with her low stats, she’s going to need help to stay on the field, at least when not just up against Control Decks with their much punier hitters (like Don Zaloog).

Effect(s): This is probably why she was given lower stats.  She lacks Vampire Lord’s most potent effect (his self resurrection), but she does posses his depletion/control effect that makes the opponent search out and discard a card of a type (Monster, Spell, Trap) that you name from their deck.  This effect is very potent when properly supported.

“But Otaku, you fool, they just discard something they don’t need.”

You run cards you don’t need in your deck?

“That’s not what I mean.  You chuck a card you don’t need at the moment.”

So when you do need them, they’re gone?  Sounds good to me.

“But I’ll pwnz u foo b4 than!”

Riiiight.  Let me get this straight-you play a deck with cards that are vastly different so that a good chunk of your deck will be worthless against a depletion/control themed deck.  So, what’s so uselssRaigeki?  Dark Hole?  Monster Reborn?  Most Traps I’d nuke are ones that almost always have a use: Imperial Order, Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute, Ring of Destruction, Call of the Haunted.  You’re saying they are useless when a monster is beating on you (well, IO is to an extent), and that they will most likely be useless the rest of the game?  What about when I move onto Spells?  Change of Heart, Dark Hole, Graceful Charity, Harpies Feather Duster, Monster Reborn-need I go on?  I guess if your opponent either a) is new or unskilled, and often have a lot of wasteful cards in their deck, then yes, this effect will backfire or b) a skilled player practically wrecks his deck by altering it thusly just to hurt you for running something like this.

Uses/Combinations: Vampire Lady may be a strong addition to some Zombie, Control, and Depletion decks.  I say control and depletion because of the “common sense” approach to using Vampire Lord.   You start with Traps, as they are usually few, but potent-only the strongest Traps tend to see any real play.  Then you start calling Spell cards-they may be the bulk of a deck, but they tend to be vital.  Just use normal hand elimination cards to take car of what they already had in hand.  Yes, you can do this in the ban format too: a good old fashioned Card Destruction, after a proper set up, and they will probably draw a hunk of useless monsters.  How to keep them from nuking things before then?  Some of your own Spell negation, and remember to lead with the appropriate Vampire: Let their D.D. Warrior Ladies remove your other cards (including V-Lady), then bring out the Lord when its relatively safe, or let the Lord lead if he looks to be safe, and bring in the V-Ladies to quickly strip an opponent of options.

As stated earlier, since she is a Zombie, she has access to nifty Zombie only cards like yesterday’s Call of the Mummy, the wonderful Book of Life, and the super versatile Pyramid Turtle.  As stated, her low ATK/DEF score means we should seriously consider powering her up.  Aside from some general equips, I’d also recommend Mystic Plasma Zone.  Why?  It’s a) S/T removal bait, and b) a field wide boost.  I have learned the art of distraction/misdirection is a beautiful thing in Yu-Gi-Oh, as I mentioned with Call of the Mummy.  Better they MST that than a Mirror Force.

As a final note for this section, as I fear many reviewers will dismiss it due to its low ATK, I see Don Zaloog run in control and Warrior decks, and they aren’t hiding it under Messenger of Peace.  This has a less potent effect (at least in the short term), but will usually need to be handled as if her ATK was higher-you can’t crush it with a Tomato or a Zaloog or even a D.D. Warrior Lady, at least not without using her effect on them.


Casual: 3.75/5-Very nice in the decks I mentioned, but you must work to accommodate them with a lot more support than, say, Vampire Lord.  It is not “vital” to a straight up Zombie deck, but if you want more of a control/depletion flavor, then this is the Lady for you.

Tournament: 3/5-Unfortunately, it’s a sharp decline of a whole point when you get “competitive”.  Keeping it all alive is much harder, though the rewards are fantastic if you can keep scoring hits.  In the banned format, it will depend how your opponent responded.  If they added the closest “substitutes” (i.e. replacing Spell with Spell) they could that find it will more or less function the same.  If they filled the space with more Traps, then it will not be as effective a strategy.  If they chose Monsters, it makes cleaning out the Spell/Traps easier, but they still will have some wicked options left after that.

Limited: 3.75/5-Restricted building materials means that the ATK isn’t as big a deal.  Since it’s harder to pull useful Spell and trap cards, the effect is a mixed bag-if your opponent settled for filler, then it’ll be a waste.  If they tried to be efficient and only took the best of the best, then each call, no matter what, will hurt, and calling Spell or Trap once might leave an opponent with all monsters.


A little puny, but a good card none the less.  A little stronger, and it could have been very nasty indeed, but better underpowered than over.

MerrilHess Vampire Lady

V-Lord's girl. She does just like him, but she's not too annoying.

Deck destruction effects are nice. They make it so your opponent slowly runs out of options. 1550 attack kill Don, searchers, and element searchers. 1550 defense stands up to a lot, too. It's also searchable by Pyramid Turtle.

Unfortunately, Pyramid Turtle is the only card that can search her out. 1550 attack and defense keeps Witch, Sangan, and Tomato. It also cannot kill Tribe or Breaker. It also doesn't come back like V-Lord.

Overall, I give Vampire Lady a 7/10. She's good for Zombies, but not something you want to go out of your way for. 

Tuesday: Vampire Lady

Rated For: Vampire Decks, (Garbage) Zombie Decks, Zombie Deck Destruction

    A horrible card. Horrible in every aspect of the game, this card is a horrible card. Horrible, horrible artwork, horrible stats, and a horrible effect. Unfortunately for Vampire Lady, her only use is in a vampire-based deck. Why is she so horrible? She's basically a weaker attack Vampire Lord without the regeneration feature. As we all know, Vampire Lord's effectiveness comes from his second, returning effect, not the deck destruction portion. The reason for this is that a good player will thin his deck out of cards he does not need at the moment, which actually DISADVANTAGES you! With that in mind, let's skewer this piece of undead with the system.

Advantage F/H: Her effect does not provide any advantage, hand or field, for the player. In fact, doing damage to the opponent's lifepoints will actually lead to a disadvantage when facing an expert player. A 1550 attack allows her to control the field over D.D Warrior Lady, but little else. Her weak attack, coupled with her effect that hurts YOU, leads to a lower score than a regular 1500 monster! 4.5/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: A horrible play in all phases of the game. A horrible play when topdecking. Generally a horrible play period. To put it into perspective, running Vampire Lady is WORSE than running Neo the Magic Swordsman. 1/10.

Attributes/Effect: Many people may argue that this lady belongs in a Zombie Deck Destruction deck. In fact, that's really her only purpose. Her 1550/1550 stats make her conveniently unsearchable, and her effect is subpar. Her dark type saves her from the realm of zero scores. 1/10.

Dependability: This card really relies on Robbin Zombie, Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower, and other such cards to work in a deck destruction theme. A question for you, the reader: Can YOU rely on a 1550 attack monster for anything? No, of course not. 1/10.

The Bottom Line: Literally run Ryu-Kishin Powered over this card in all but Zombie and Zombie Deck Destruction decks. In those types, this card still falters.

A BAD Score: 1.875/10 x 100= 18.75/100


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