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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Call of the Mummy

If there is no monster on your side of the field, you can Special Summon 1 Zombie-Type monster from your hand. You can use this cardís effect once per turn.

Type - Continuous Spell
Card Number
- PGD-038

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 7.26.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Monday:
Call of the Mummy

Today we have a card that most decks overlook, and that a Zombie deck should try 1 or 2 of.

Many Zombie decks play more high-level monsters than usual, and for good reason (Despair/Fear from the Dark, Vampire Lord, Ryu Kokki...) Call of the Mummy gives you one more way to special summon the powerful creatures if Painful Choice/Book of Life never come up and all of the tribute monsters get stuck in your hand.

The bad thing about this card is the loss of hand advantage. If you ARE able to swarm with this card, and your opponent has a way to deal with it, you put yourself in serious disadvantage (Slightly less if playing in the ban format that UDE is introducing, but still a bad situation to be in.)

Still, I'd say to use one in Zombie and see how it works.

Tranorix Monday: Call of the Mummy

We open things off with Call of the Mummy, one of the better cards we're reviewing this week (unfortunately). That said, it IS a good card; it's a great choice for Zombie decks, as you can use it to Special Summon higher-level Zombies without tributing. Despair from the Dark, Ryu-Kokki, Patrician of Darkness, and Vampire Lord are just some examples. Don't doubt that this effect could be game-breaking.

There are downsides too, of course. Being a Continuous Spell, it's pretty vulnerable to S/T removal. Also, the effect can only be used if you have no other monsters on your field; so it's not exactly the best card to swarm your opponent with. You can, however, Special Summon with this first, then just Normal Summon something else. And just a reminder, this effect can only be used during your own turn, during Main Phase 1 or 2.

Essentially, CotM is a card that deserves a spot in most Zombie decks, if only as a great way to get heavy-hitters onto the field quickly. Anywhere else, of course, it's pretty much worthless; outside of Spirit Reaper and Vampire Lord, typical decks don't run many Zombies.

Typical tournament deck: 1.5/5
Zombie deck: 4/5

Stats: Call of the Mummy is a Permanent Spell Card.  Now, obviously it would be best if it were either a Normal or a Quick-Play Spell Card that left an effect on the field, but that would probably be broken.  So, being a Permanent Spell Card is best.  If it were a Trap, youíd have to wait a turn.  If it were an Equip, itíd probably have to work like Zombie only Pre-Mature Burial (albeit one that targeted your hand for a Special Summon).  So in the long run, this is best.  Well, maybe a Field Spell would have been better, at least with respect to certain Zombies.  Maybe someday weíll get one of those twoÖ

Effect(s): Okay, having some trouble getting new rulings right now, so if I say something wrong, I fully apologize.  The effect of Call of the Mummy lets you Special Summon a Zombie from your hand if you have no other monsters on your side of the field.  This card is pretty good for Zombie decks, as you will almost always be able to get a Zombie on the field, and often two (use Call of the Mummy and then do your Normal Summon).  Sadly, like so many Yu-Gi-Oh cards, the wording is misleading.  This cardís effect can be used once each of your turns.  On the bright side, it can be used Main Phase 1 or Main Phase 2, and multiples do stack.  Why does that matter?  As I said, Main Phase 1 or 2Ö for a singe copy.  So one copy can be used Main Phase 1 and the other, if you ram into a Mirror Force or get nailed by Ring of Destruction, can be used Main Phase 2 so your opponent doesnít get a clear shot at you.  Finally for the effect, let me add that yes, if Call of the Mummy gets nuked before the effect finished resolving, the effect is negated.  This can actually make the card usefulÖ

Uses/Combinations: I think this is a must have for Zombie decks.  Think of your normal Trap compliment.  Most people still run something along the lines of Call of the Haunted, Imperial Order, Mirror Force, and Ring of Destruction, and probably some one or two I have forgotten.  As for me, I tend to be Trap heavy, also running multiple Raigeki Breaks and Waboku.  Well, with a few Magic Drains (probably swap them in for the Breaks) and we still have a good 10 Traps.  Now, factor in three Call of the Mummy.  If you space them right, thatís more than the normal Spell/Trap destruction, especially if they end up having to burn a Mystical Space Typhoon for so Drain didnít negate something good.  So what am I getting at?  Properly run, either your opponent focuses on destroying Call of the Mummy, letting saving your IO, your MF, etc, or they donít nail them, letting you get their great effect.


Casual: 4/5-A must have for Zombie decks (4.5/5 if playing with the bans).

Tournament: 3/5-Zombie decks are weaker here, but this is a great card for them.  Remember, with me, a 3/5 for a specific deck means that itís junk in a normal deck, but more like a 4/5 for that deck (so I really liked this in casual).  Yeah, it seems confusing, but itís how I do it.  If playing with bans, it jumps to a 3.5/5.

Limited: 4/5-This is from PGD, which specialized in Zombies.  So you should be able to get its effect.  If doing some kind of Draft-Sealed, you build decks from fresh packs where as Draft Limited you get to chose from pack contents that vary in method according to Draft type- itís a 4.75/5-You donít want anyone else to get it even if you, for example, are focusing on Insects (also strong in that set).


The game needs more of this kind of balanced but great cards that help out themed decks (other than ďI am the rich netdecker themed decks -_-).

MerrilHess Call of the Mummy

This is Zombie Speed.

Gives Monster advantage. You could drop a Vampire Lord or Despair from the Dark first turn. Not bad. It's also continuous. which means if it's out long enough, you could use it again.

Easy m/t bait. It is also a horrible topdeck. You have to SS a Zombie, too, not just any old creature. Can be useless if you summon before use, too.

Overall, I give Call of the Mummy a 8/10 in Zombie decks and a 2/10 in anything else. 

Monday: Call of the Mummy

Rated For: Zombie Decks

    Here we begin Playable Zombie week with Call of the Mummy. A very, very specialized card, Call of the Mummy (CotM) is an excellent choice for zombie decks that want to go tribute heavy with Despair from the Dark. We'll begin our review.

Advantage F/H: This effect will be wasted unless you run out a powerful zombie monster such as Vampire Lord, Despair from the Dark, or Ryu Kokki. Regardless of whether you control the field or not, you're also burning a card from your hand. Therefore, this card basically equals 2 cards from hand (Monster + CotM) to control the field. It can also save your hand, by bringing out tribute monsters for no cost. 6/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: You'll need a zombie in your hand to make full use of this card. Typically, a zombie deck will run 8-12 zombies, meaning you have about a 1/4 chance of utilizing the card. Take care to note that this card is also a horrible topdeck, and also does not work when you have many monsters on the field. It's really only effective in the opening-midgame when you have more cards, garnering it a 4/10.

Attributes/Effect: This is often the only option for bringing out zombies fast for a swarm. The special summon effect allows you to swarm quickly. It's also a permanent spell, allowing it to live for a bit. Unfortunately, as spell cards go, this doesn't exactly possess an overwhelmingly powerful effect. In fact, its effect is rather puny. 5/10.

Dependability: Simply put, this card requires a zombie in hand for use. For about 2-3 tribute zombies in your deck, CotM will do an excellent job. For the other 6-10 zombies in the deck, it'll do a rather paltry job. A 30% chance of success, coupled with the slim prospect of bringing out tribute monsters for no cost, equals a 4/10.

The Bottom Line: You should only run this card if you're also running Despair from the Darkness. Otherwise, it's not a very good card.

A BAD Score: 4.75/10 x 10= 47.5/100

Cards it combos with: Despair from the Darkness, Ryu Kokki, Patrician of Darkness, Vampire Lord.


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