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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Spirit of the Pharaoh
Ultra Rare

Zombie / Effect Monster
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by the effect of "The First Sarcophagus". When this card is Special Summoned successfully, you can Special Summon up to 4 Level 2 or lower Zombie-Type Normal Monsters from your Graveyard.

Type - Light / 6 / 2500 / 2000
Card Number
- AST-062

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 7.23.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Friday:
Spirit of the Pharaoh

Craptacular ultra at best.

It's 3/5ths as hard to get out as FINAL. Its attack is a paltry 2500. It DOES help you swarm, by special summoning a bunch of weenies from the Graveyard (Skull Servant deck, anyone?) But that's about it. If your opponent has more than one monster out, those weenies aren't going to do a whole lot. And face it -- if you would win by the weenie rush from this card, you could have just won faster via another method anyway.

If I have to wait three turns to summon a 2500 monster and fear MST while doing so, the effect had better read "your opponent discards all the cards in their hand and destroys all the cards on their field (AND the cards on the field can't be chained in any way)."

Trade to n00bs.

Tranorix Friday: Spirit of the Pharaoh

We end this week with Spirit of the Pharaoh, a relatively crappy Ultra. There are some upsides; he has a solid 2500 ATK and solid 2000 DEF, and being LIGHT he can serve as Chaos food. The effect is obviously only good in certain decks, decks revolving around low-level normal Zombies...

In actuality, Spirit of the Pharaoh is the only likely way you'll ever get certain cards to work; there are a few cards in AST that require a lot of low-level Normal Monsters to be on the field. Usually, though, it's just not going to be worth it. First of all, Spirit of the Pharaoh is nearly impossible to summon. Chances are the Sarcophagi will be destroyed before they have a chance to work, and you'll be left with nothing. And even if you DO manage to summon SotP and pull of the effect, it usually just won't be worth it.

Delta Attacker? Okay, you might get it to work; but unless you have some equips, chances are you won't do much damage. The Law of the Normal? Well, you can't even get this one to work until you get rid of SotP, something you won't want to do, seeing as you worked so hard to get this 2500 attacker onto the field. But you do, then, get to force your opponent into topdeck mode while you have 5 weaklings on the field...meh.

Iíd stay away from this one...

Typical tournament deck: 1/5
Low-level Normal Monster deck: 3/5

Stats: Spirit of the Pharaoh is a Level 6 Light/Zombie.  The level wonít matter much, as it must be Special Summoned through its effect.  Both Light and Zombie Monsters are very well supported.  It has a 2500 ATK, which is good, and a 2000 DEF, which is alright (stops some beatsticks, and most control/support monsters) but makes it an illegal target for Witch of the Black Forest.  If this was all there was to the card, it wouldnít be too great, but it wouldnít be awful, either.

Effect(s): The bane of this card-it requires a series of Spell cards be activated, and the activation canít be done all at once.  This is the only way to get it into play.  It also has an effect that summons several puny Zombies into play that can be powered up by recent cards, but still isnít too great.

Uses/Combinations: You have to run it in its own deck, and DM7FGD already covered this card far better than I can.


Casual: 2/5-Hard, but it looks fun.

Tournament: 1.5/5-It can be made into a deck, but it wonít win a lot.

Limited: 3/5-but thatís if you get the minimum four cards needed to run it.


Either you hate it or you love it, but either way you agree that itís not too great.

MerrilHess Spirit of the Pharaoh

This card is garbage. I can't see a deck doing very well with this.

It give you creatures to offer as tributes. It also gives you attackers. It combos nicely with Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower. That's about it.

You have to bring it out with the Sarcophogie. It can't be summoned any other way, not even if you got it out the first time. It is totally unsearchable by anything.

Overall, I give Spirit of the Pharaoh a 5/10. It has no kind of usefulness. 

Friday: Spirit of the Pharaoh

Rated For: His own SotP deck. 

We conclude the week with one of the cooler cards of the set. Spirit of the Pharaoh is a unique attempt to elevate the playability of the one, two star monsters introduced in AST. Unfortunately, it represents a failed attempt.

Advantage F/H: To properly talk about the advantages surrounding the SotP's use, we must talk about the requirements to summon the man. Unfortunately, including the sarcophagi in your deck will ruin it, and the advantages incurred by bringing this guy out (2-4 900 attack monsters) are hardly worthwhile. We're talking about a basic 2500 attack monster that requires wasting deck/hand space for the sarcophagi. Using him puts you at an immediate disadvantage. While 2500 attack does control the field, it still only merits a 2/10.
Best Draw for the Situation:
This monster will be brought into play through either the deck or the hand. What that basically means is you don't ever want to draw this guy because you can simply bring him out from the deck. Translation, you don't want this guy in your hand, ever, period.

Attributes/Effect: This guy has solid attributes and a rather horrible effect on two fronts. First, the effect of bringing out up to 4 level 2 or lower zombies is nearly worthless, simply because they only pack 900 attack each. Second, the part of his effect that lists his stringent summoning requirements basically makes this guy worthless. His Light/Zombie status, along with his 2500 attack, bumps him up to 3/10.

Dependability: This guy is literally as dependable as the Destiny Board. As in, not very dependable at all.  Even when he's on the field, he's basically a Summoned Skull. Sorry Konami, you really dropped the ball with this one. 1/10.

The Bottom Line: Casual Players only.

A BAD Score: 6/40= 1.5/10.

Cards it combos well with: Order to Smash, Skull Servant, Pharaoh's Servant, Pharaonic Protector


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