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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Ghost Knight of Jackal
Ultra Rare

Beast-Warrior / Effect Monster
You can Special Summon an opponent's monster that is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard by this card as a result of battle to your side of the field in face-up Defense Position.

Type - Earth / 5 / 1700 / 1600
Card Number
- AST-071

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 7.21.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Wednesday:
Ghost Knight of Jackal

Now we get to the stronger stuff. Beast-Warrior is a good type to run with the Manticore deck, as you can discard this to revive Manticore and then Reborn it later. 1700 isn't that bad for the effect you're getting; it's like Red Moon baby but stronger, and with a Tribute cost. I'd still play an Equip on this guy.

It would be nice to take your opponent's Don Zaloogs, etc. and use them against them -- but one thing you -DON'T- want to kill with this is Sangan or Witch. From how I'm reading the text, the monster hits the graveyard -- THEN gets sp. summoned. You kill a Searcher, they get the effect, then it's revived, and then your opponent can kill their own monster that you have and get another search!

Still, this card has some potential.

Tranorix Wednesday: Ghost Knight of Jackal

Wednesday's card is Ghost Knight of Jackal, an interesting AST Ultra. Being Level 5 and only boasting 1700 ATK, not to mention 1600 (non-Witchable) DEF, you can instantly see that he has weaknesses. Regardless, the effect can definitely make up for it.

Granted, he might not kill that much with 1700 ATK, but that's why we have equip cards. Throwing a United We Stand or Axe of Despair on this can make it a force to be reckoned with; even without equipping it, it can still easily kill most Control monsters, as well as a Defense Position Spear Dragon or Goblin Attack Force.

The effect is really incredible, if used correctly. It's basically a permanent Change of Heart that you don't waste any cards to use. Ghost Knight = card advantage, and card advantage is a very important factor in YGO. He's certainly not for every deck, but he would do well in a deck built around him (and possibly Red Moon Baby, his little cousin).

Typical tournament deck: 2.5/5
Field control deck (built around this card): 4.5/5
Omega Where have I seen this monster before.....oh right Ghost Knight of Jackal is very similar to a pretty old card called Red Moon Baby.
Some minor changed made Ghost Knight a little more playable than his Vampire counterpart.
With 1700 attack Ghost Knight will be destroying a lot more monsters than Red moon baby would. 1700 may not cut it against strict beatdown, it's still enough to take down a beatdown deck in the off-chance that they are forced to go defensive.
But with 1600 defense he isn't a legal target for Witch of the Black Forrest, or Sangan for that matter.

Since Ghost Knight is a Beast-Warrior you can use certain cards to make him more effective. Enraged Battle Ox, and Wild Natures Release are 2 examples of cards that will make Ghost Knight a dangerous contender.

a HUGE downside to Ghost Knight is that he is a level 5 monster. Most serious duelists would just shrug off this monster because of the need for a tribute. Players expect their tribute monsters to have high attack, a game breaking effect, or both. Where as Ghost Knight has a pretty decent effect, it's just not game breaking enough for many players to use it.

Ghost Knight of Jackal fits in several decks, but shines in a Beast/ Beast Warrior deck. If you run either of those decks I highly suggest you at least give Ghost Knight a try.

Overall score based on a beast deck: 3.5/5 

Stats: Based on stats alone, this looks to be another short, sad review.  Ghost Knight of Jackal is a Level 5 with a paltry 1700 ATK, only good enough to smack support or control monsters.  1600 DEF will block those Monsters, but also means that the monster is not a legal target for any of the searching monsters I know of.  Now, I started with the ATK/DEF because form here, the card just gets better.  Earth is at worst an “average” Attribute-support exists, but nothing insanely powerful.  Beast-Warrior is a pretty strong type, with some great support cards.

Effect(s): This is the bread and butter of this card.  Unless I am misunderstanding the card, you kill it, then you may take it.  That means my opponent has Don Zaloog out.  I run it over with Ghost.  Now I attack with ZaloogNasty.

Uses/Combinations: Simply put, this is meant to be run along side the normal Beast/Beast Warrior support.  Enraged Battle Ox will be great for it, as will Manticore of Darkness (you can discard this for Manticore’s effect, then revive it later).  You will also want Battle Position changing cards and an equip or two.  Imagine an opponent summoning a GAF for a direct hit, only for you to activate Book of Moon and flip it face down.  Now if you can clear the way on your turn, you can then resurrect a discard Ghost and summoning Enraged Battle Ox.  Ghost tramples GAF, summons it, then lets it and Enraged battle Ox hit.  That’s 5700 damage.  Not easy, but manageable. 


Casual: 3/5-Looks like a fun, but challenging deck.

Tournament: 2/5-But one that would probably be too weak here.

Limited: 3/5-But remember, you need to have dominance first, so that its running over weak non-tribute creatures.


Interesting and challenging.  Something good could come of it, or it might just get ignored.

MerrilHess Ghost Knight of Jackal

Well, this card is pretty interesting.

It gives you more field advantage, as well as some tribute bait. It's 5 stars, so morphing into a Balter is never out of the possibility. Book of Moon with this creature makes him evil. Attack with GNoJ, chain BoM on their Jinzo (i.e.), and kill it. Then you get Jinzo on your side and the rest of your attacker can go nuts. I like him.

1700 attack for a tribute creature isn't very good. 1600 defense makes it unsearchable. It's also an Ultra Rare so it'll be hard to get. 1700 attack won't kill much in the way of attackers, but some cards like Witch, Sangan, and Element Searchers would be horrid creatures to kill. It's just a good thing that you can choose not to summon them back.

Overall, I give Ghost Night of Jackal a 7.8/10. It's effective if played right. 

Wednesday: Ghost Knight of Jackal

Rated For: It's own GKoJ based deck, Beast deck

Another tribute monster from the new set, Ghost Knight of Jackal shares similarities with two other cards. The obvious comparison is his big brother, Mythical Knight of Jackal from PGD. Of course, their effects are vastly different. The other card is Red Moon Baby, a long forgotten rare from Pharaoh's Servant. We'll see if this card is superior to the two.

Advantage F/H: With this monster's effect, you'll be sending cards destroyed to your own field. The effect isn't exactly spectacular, mostly because of GKoJ's low attack, but it can help in a pinch. Outside of its effect, it's a weak 1700 attack tribute monster. The effect lifts it from a zero to a 3/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: I'm sure there are certain situations where this monster can help, but you'll generally need an equip spell card and a tributable monster to bring this one out to play. He's generally a horrible draw no matter the situation, unless you have a killer hand set up for him. 2/10.

Attributes/Effect: Let's see here…. he's a Beast-Warrior, giving him great synergy with Enraged Battle Ox and Manticore of Darkness. He's also an Earth type, helping him out with Gigantes and The Rock Spirit. His effect is also semi-decent, but he's not searchable and his attack is a puny 1700. The downsides outweigh the positives, giving him a slightly below average score of 4/10.

Dependability: This monster relies on equip spells to achieve full power. Regardless of whether he's equipped or not, he suffers from all the same drawbacks that other monsters do. You're rarely going to get more than one of your opponent's monsters out on the field, and 1700 simply isn't going to cut it for a tribute monster. 4/10.

The Bottom Line: This card is more intended for casual play than anything else. I'd even go as far to say that Red Moon Baby is nearly as good.

A BAD Score: 13/40= 3.25/10

Cards it combos well with: Enraged Battle Ox, Manticore of Darkness, United We Stand, Axe of Despair


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