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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Gear Golem the Moving Fortress
Ultra Rare

Machine / Effect Monster
Pay 800 Life Points. This card can attack your opponent's Life Points directly this turn.

Type - Earth / 4 / 800 / 2200
Card Number
- AST-018

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 7.16.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Friday:
Gear Golem the Moving Fortress

This is a nice little monster. Little in ATK, that is. It's nowhere near little in defense. 800/2200 is nothing to scoff at. The only non-Tribute monster that will take this out that's normally played is Goblin Attack Force. Spear Dragon and Airknight Parshath will regret attacking this face-down. DDWL just became even more costly to use, at 700 LP for the attack.

Stall decks like this card for the other effect as well; put this in ATK and ATK directly with it while you have Messenger out. Limiter can work well with this card, equips are flat-out necessary...otherwise it's an even trade off. 800 LP for 800 LP (and your attack might even get negated.) In this game, you like trades in your favor, not even trades (inside and outside of a Duel...)

Being Earth, I wouldn't consider playing this outside of a stall or burn deck, considering it won't feed Chaos or anything else you'd most likely special summon. You're only playing it for itself and itself alone. Still, this card isn't bad, and I wouldn't fault a n00b for using it...and I wouldn't chew out an expert player for playing one for the surprise factor.

Tranorix Gear Golem the Moving Fortress

The first question most people ask about Gear Golem is, "Why is this an Ultra?" Well, it's not just the stats (which are impressive; with 2200 DEF, Gear Golem has the highest DEF of any non-tribute monster in the TCG). It's the potential combos.
Granted, 800 LP to attack directly for 800 damage doesn't seem that great. But with a few Limiter Removals, Gear Golem can do massive damage at the mere cost of 800 Life Points. Throw in Weapon Change or Shield and Sword and you've got a LOT of damage. Either of those + 2x Limiter Removal + Golem = game. With one Limiter, it's still 4400 damage. Not bad...

That aside, the card is still playable even not taking into consideration the attacking effect. As mentioned before, 2200 DEF is basically as good as you're going to get here. It laughs at Airknight Parshath, which has begun to see more play lately; and the only non-tribute monster that can take it down is Goblin Attack Force, which has begun to see a lot less.

Gear Golem is definitely a monster you might want to consider giving a try, ESPECIALLY if you run a Machine deck.

Typical tournament deck: 3/5
Machine deck: 4.5/5
Omega Another of the Ultra Rares from the Ancient Sanctuary set Gear Golem the Moving Fortress. In a head to head battle, this won't win you many duels. With 800 attack, it will barely get by anything. Gear Golem has an effect that basically states "Drop both players lifepoints by 800", even if you use Limiter Removal to boost Gear Golem's attack, you're only dealing with 1600 damage which isn't that much.

Gear Golem shines not in his attack, but in his high defense. 2200 defense points for a 4 star monster is the highest the English game has right now (1st overall being Big Shield Guardna with 2600). There are a very select few monsters (non tribute) that could get by Gear Golem alone (Goblin Attack Force being an example). This will let you set up for either a tribute next turn, or a disappointment if they destroy it with a Spell card.

You more than likely shouldn't use Gear Golem's effect unless it will either turn the duel around in your favor, or win you the duel with a final blow.

Overall Gear Golem is a pretty decent card, did it need to be an Ultra Rare? Maybe not, but being a Machine with the highest defense for a 4 star monster earns it a score of 3/5. 

Stats: Gear Golem is a Level 4 Earth Machine.  Earth has some pretty tough monsters, as do machines.  Both are well supported.  What is a shock is that there are 15 other Earth Machines.  Sadly, only three of these are anything special: Kinetic Soldier, Super Robolady and Super Roboyarou.  All can be good, but require specialty decks.  Gear Golem’s level means that it can be normal summoned with ease.  The first sign that this card might have some problems is the meager attack of… 800.  At least that makes it a legal target for Giant Rat and Sangan’s effects.  Next we see a DEF of… 2200.  Oh so close.  2300 would have been just enough to make this card worth a second look-that would make the only normal beatstick that could crush it Lily.  As is, GAF can destroy it.  Now, that will make an opponent more or less waste a Goblin Attack Force, but still, if it were 2300, you’d have a defender that actually would defend against most things.

Effect(s): This card does get an effect-it can attack directly if it pays 800 LP.  Now, why would you do this?  If the attack succeeds, you just break even.  If it had a higher attack, it might be a lot more useful.

Uses/Combinations: Well, this might be why they slapped an aggressive, offensive effect on a passive, defensive monster: Limiter removal.  This simple little card means that 800 can grow up real big with at least one more cards help.  What card?  Anything else that can boost Gear Golem’s ATK.  Limiter doubles the current ATK score, not the base ATK.  So multiple Limiters can stack.  Still, I’d recommend like a United We Stand or something, the  drop a Limiter or three.  Not going to happen a lot, but when it does, massive damage.


Casual: 2.5/5-Sometimes defense works well here.  Moreover, you can add it to the Super Robo deck as nice support, and to Machine decks in general-a direct attack might be nice.

Tournament: 2.5/5-Different reason for the score here.  Same decks find it useful, but Machine decks are actually reasonable solid decks, and most decks tend to favor smaller monsters with good effects over raw beatsticks.

Limited: 3.75/5-Defense doesn’t usually win games.  However, this can stall for quite some time, and with the lower starting LP, that direct attack of 800 can win you the game.


Just a bit shy of being decent, it still has a niche use.

Tony Friday - Gear Golem ....

uh! it's a big wall! hahaha

What balter?! Waste 2000 life points to kill this sucker! OR 1/4 of your life points life there are the math people out there like me ^^

let's see, it's an earth (how shocking) and it's 2200 defense.

it's effect is..............

it's a 2200 wall!

hahaha...nothing more to it unless!

remember rock spirit? Remember Gigantes? good ol' nimble momongas? Giant Rat can get this out?

IT'S EARTH! it's beatdown creatures and walls! you can't expect more.

I don't know how good this is. To me, prickle fairy IS the best wall in the game. In fact, I think it's one of the best sidedeck cards in the game also. This is slightly worse. Take that back, it's A LOT worse!

If you think about it, even if you use limiter removal on this monster, it's only 1600, it suicides with Tribe Infecting Virus/Breaker w/o a counter. And can you think of any metagame monsters that are 2100 attack besides Zombyra? (( and it's not really metagame and also if Zombyra attacked a Prickle Fairy, it's going to turn into defense and it'll be 500 defense "wall" afterwards ))


Gear Golem the Moving Fortress is really just a big ol' wall that has gears and can't do much. Prickle Fairy seems like the better choice to me and I think you should really look into that card IF you are looking for a solid wall.

Soo yeah, ratings time

Constructed: 2/10
Limited: 5/10 (slightly better there cuz almost nothing can kill it)

Ratings in Constructed (sidedeck): 9/10 (Remember, it kills a Beserk Gorilla and also turns an Airknight Parshath into Defence) 
Kuro Basara Gear Golem the Moving Fortress

Gear Golem is a decent card. I haven't really seen many people use it,
maybe if it came into defense when it was summoned... Anyway its review

The Moving Fortress is a Earth Level 4 Machine Monster with 800 attack and
2200 defense. Decent stats, well the defense is decent. Its effect states
that, "you can Pay 800 Life Points. This card can attack your opponent's
Life Points directly this turn."

The effect is ok. If stuff like Gravity Release is used, you can change
this monster to defense, put on a few equips, and attack direct. That's
about it. If anyone is thinking about using this as some defensive wall...
defensive walls are waaaay outdated. Better use this if you want to be like
Gambit for a day. *throws random commons at friends*

Tourney: 1.0

Casual: 1.5 
MerrilHess Gear Golem the Moving Fortress

Great machine here. The effect is br0ken if used right.

Direct attacks are a good thing. 800 a turn to do 800 to the opponent is a fair trade, but in this game, you want to take advantage, not make fair trades. That is why using Shield & Sword and Weapon Change (I think?) to switch the attack and defense make this thing abusive. 800 a turn for 2200 a turn is sounding a lot better. The throw Limiter Removal into the mix and you have an abused creature.

Lp payments are bad unless it is for a good cause (Imperial Order, Balter, Ryu-Senshi). If you can't get it's attack switched, it's a measly 800 attacker. I'd rather play Reaper on the Nightmare over this if I wanted an 800 attacker. At least I would have to make payments to get a good effect and deal damage.

Overall, I give Gear Golem the Moving Fortress a 8.4/10. Very easily abused, and versatile, too. 

Friday: Gear Golem the Moving Fortress

Rated For: Machine Decks, Stall Decks, Direct Damage Decks.

    The first 4 star 2200 def! A moving fortress! How powerful! Or is it? A BAD System presses forth!

Advantage F/H: Much like spirit reaper, battle footballer, and other such stall cards, Gear Golem provides passive field advantage. What that means is your opponent cannot get past it until he draws a monster removal card, meaning that your lifepoints are safe until you can accrue a variety of options. Being 2200 of course, makes him the best of the stalling bunch. Of course, passive defense is not as great as active offense.  6.5/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: When in a pinch, this card will block kycoo's, spear dragons, airknights, and other such beasts. He can also close the duel for you in a hurry with his direct damage feature. He is also a good opening turn drop. Solid in all phases of play, except when you have the advantage, Gear Golem impresses.        7.5/10.

Attributes/Effect: 2200 defense for a 4 star is very solid. It is also a machine, making it work well with limiter removal. Finally, its second effect is simply a bonus. Pay 800 life points to attack directly! Sounds good, especially with equip cards/limiter removal. Unfortunately, it's puny 800 attack score, coupled with the fact that defense decks are doomed to fail, brings it down to a 7.5/10.

Dependability: Gear Golem is quite dependable. As long as you clear their traps, he'll always be able to attack for 800 life points or more. He'll also provide a solid defensive wall, provided that you're in need of one. Just make sure he's not the ONLY line of defense. Pure defense decks don't work, so make sure to do damage to them too! 7.5/10.

The Bottom Line: Run him for defense/stall or in your machine deck if there's room.

A BAD Score: 29/40= 7.25/10


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