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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

White Magician Pikeru

Spellcaster / Effect Monster
During your Standby Phase, increase your Life Points by 400 points for each monster on your side of the field.

Type - Light / 2 / 1200 / 0
Card Number
- AST-033

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 7.15.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Thursday:
White Magician Pikeru

It's like Bowganian but different. Stall and Burn gain another weapon to choose from.

It's light, which will matter for those Burn decks who also utilize CED. It's Sanganable and witchable. The attack isn't HORRIBLE but won't stand up to monsters that Control will throw out -- and that's a bad thing. This means you MUST back up this card with Messenger of Peace or Gravity Bind.

Fire Princess likes this card (even though the gain is considered one act of gaining, not multiple). The Agent of Judgment -- Saturn can use this card if it can last for a turn. Wait until you have double your opponent's LP and then Trib this for Saturn and use the effect.

It's not an uber-card for stall but it's something to think about.

Tranorix White Magician Pikeru

Pikeru is an extremely underlooked monster, and one of my personal favorite cards. With 1200 ATK she's searchable by Sangan and Angel, and with 0 DEF she can be easily searched out by Witch. Being Level 2, she's unaffected by Gravity Bind and Level Limit.

Her effect may not seem like much, but in the right deck, it's amazing. Imagine combining Pikeru with Scapegoat; you'll gain 2000 Life Points every Standby Phase. This isn't as hard to pull off as it sounds, either; in a good stall deck, Pikeru WILL get you a lot of Life Points. From personal experience, I've gained 4400 with one Pikeru in one duel (against a well-built deck, I might add).

The best deck for Pikeru would have to be Fire Princess, however. A reusable, reliable life gain card is always incredible in a Fire Princess deck. Whereas something like Mystik Wok will gain a lot of life but only do 500 damage, something like Pikeru has the potential to do much, much more.

Pikeru is worth putting in quite a few decks; being LIGHT she does help Chaos. But her real potential will only shine in a deck that can protect her.

Typical tournament deck: 3/5
Fire Princess deck: 4.5/5
Omega To be honest, I'm not really that much of a fan of White Magician Pikeru. In order for her effect to be activated, she needs to be on the field for the duration of your opponents turn. But with 1200 attack, that will very rarely happen.
And with 0 defense she won't be defending you against anything other than a direct attack.

But lets just pretend you actually manage to pull it off. You keep Pikeru on the field for the turn. Once your standby phase comes around you gain 400 life points for each monster on your side of the field. The end result is a grand total of 2000 life points provided there are 5 monsters on your side of the field.

Now where scapegoat makes this possible, you'd probably be best to try to Sacrifice Zolga if you wanted some quick life points.

There isn't much else to say about this monster other than being light, it would be a good monster to use in a Chaos deck. Since you'd want this monster to be destroyed, your opponent will be glad to do it for you. And if they don't, well that's 400+ life points every turn.

Overall White Magician Pikeru can be used in several situations, but with the announcement of Blade Knight in the new YuGiOh Tins, Chaos decks will be packing those over these magicians.
Overall Score: 2/5 

Stats: White Magician Pikeru (WMP for short) is a Level 2 Light/Spell Caster.  So it can fit under Gravity Bind, be normal summoned with ease, and has some solid support out there.  Its ATK is only 1200.  The only upsides to that are slipping under Messenger of Peace and being searchable by Sangan and Shining Angelís effects.  The DEF is 0.  This is the worst DEF you can have, but at least it means Witch of the Black Forest can nab it from the deck.  Of course, all of what I just said would be true if it were a 1450/1500 monster.

Effect(s): The effect would be niceÖ if it triggered after Main Phase 1.  It will be hard enough to keep this card on the field, let alone most others.  The 400 LP gain per monster isnít going to make a lot of difference outside a highly specialized deck, and as most people will tell you, while life gain is nice, on its own it wonít really do a lot for you unless itís in ridiculous quantities.

Uses/Combinations: Scape Goat during your opponents End Phase, the CotH during your Draw or Stand-bye phase to get 2000!  Bah, I can run Hysteric Fairy and then Tribute the Scape Goats and get the same amount, but instead of puny defenders I get a solid 1800 Beatstick for Light decks.  In general, Stall/Life Gain decks might like it, but not much else.


Casual: 1.75/5-Not too bad for Life Gain decks, but not a staple for them either.

Tournament: 1.25/5-If its in DEF mode, Spear Dragon or Enraged Battle Ox can easily gore it for almost as much LP as it can gain in a single turn, max.  Stall/Life Gain decks are even weaker here than in causal.

Limited: 2/5-Might not be too bad-bait an opponent while healing LP.  If you have something strong enough to protect it, they must attack and kill it, or soon you will have a large quantity of LP (and with the starter LP being 4000, itís like an 800 per gain).  If they do kill it, then the big fatty I aid you should already have will then slam them for major damage.


So many little things that could have made it decent-as is, itís a specialty card that isnít that good at what it specializes in.

Tony Thursday - White Magician Pikeru

hRmm...let's call him Pikachu! almost looks the same right?

once again, a light monster but not soo good. First, let's look at it's stats. 1200?! 0 Defence?! uhhh, this card basically doesn't do anything besides getting you a little bit of life points (and trust me, it won't happen easily). Also, it's a spellcaster. Warriors and Spellcasters are the most popular monster types in the game. Tribe Infecting Virus anyone? ... yeah i know it sux =\

It says during your standby phase (assuming it lives one turn for having the stats of 1200 attack and 0 defence) you gain 400 life points for each monster on your field, including this monster too probably. hRmm...soo basically since in Yu Gi Oh you only get maybe 2 monsters on the field at a time, you gain 800 life points...

-________-;; yay...! yay........

*sigh* why does Upperdeck even print cards like these. Personally I can only see the scapegoat combo with this and even that isn't too impressive.

I say if you wanna try Pikachu, then go for it but I promise you, it will RARELY win you a game.

Limited: 0/10
Constructed: 2.5/10 
MerrilHess White Magician Pikeru

Also a form of Chaos bait, but will rarely be used by the looks of things.

It gives you life. In a well built Weenie deck/Clown Control deck, this card would be a great pick-me-up. Those decks have 4-5 monsters on the field if all goes well, so a possible 1600-2000 lp boost a turn is terrific. It is also very searchable (Witch, Sangan, Angel).

It's too weak by itself. 1200 ATK for 2 stars is great, but it wouldn't stand up to most tourney worthy stuff played these days. 0 DEF is like....not good. It also has to survive until the next turn to start being effective. Too slow there.

Overall, I give White Magician Pikeru a 7/10. It is good, but not gonna be seen much. 

Thursday: White Magician Pikeru

Rated For: Burn Decks, Life point gain decks, Stall decks.

    Absolutely adorable! But playable? A BAD System goes to work!

Advantage F/H: Of course, with a puny attack, this card isn't intended to provide field or hand advantage. What she does attempt to do, through her effect, is create a hefty life point advantage for you. When in a proper stall deck, she does quite well. 7/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: Being a rather puny monster, she needs quite a bit of help. You don't really want to draw her unless you have the support around her, making her a weak card that depends on others heavily. 2/10.

Attributes/Effect: White Magician Pikeru is a light/spellcaster, earning points. She also possesses a solid 1200 attack for a level 2, making her fit under gravity bind quite well. Finally, her life point effect is one of the better ones in the game, and certainly the best life point gaining monster effect in the game. For her purpose, gaining lp, she's 8.5/10.

Dependability: Basically, provided you can keep her on the field, she's guaranteed to give you 400-1200 life points per turn. A chained scapegoat will give you a hefty 2000! Basically, keep her on the field for one turn to get about 800. 7/10.

The Bottom Line: Not a bad option for life-point gain/burn themes!

A BAD Score: 24.5/10= 6.125/10.

Cards she combos well with: Scapegoat, Gravity Bind, Fire Princess, Messenger of Peace, Wall of Revealing Light, other burner cards.


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