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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Theban Nightmare

Fiend / Effect Monster
While there are no cards in hand and in the Spell & Trap Card Zone of this card's controller, increase the ATK of this card by 1500 points.

Type - Light / 4 / 1500 / 500
Card Number
- AST-063

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 7.14.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Wednesday:
Theban Nightmare

This is a card that higher-end players should seriously take a look at. Light = Chaos food. Sanganable, witchable, searchable = all good. 1500 ATK = beats Zaloog, Tomato and ties DDWL. Fiend = Necrofear food (allowing the Necrofear player to play even MORE recklessly).

The effect is g0dly in Chaos. If you don't have any M/Ts or any hand, this card becomes a 3000 non-tribute. You can't ask for anything better after you've blown up CED. Or if you've summoned Witch/CED and blown up but already used Yata...THIS is the card to take.

This card's effect is also great if you're playing against a skilled hand control player. Nothing a Control player has will be able to attack through 3,000.

Still using Reflect Bounder or MoF or DDWL just because they're light? Consider this (along with considering Thunder Dragons).

Tranorix Wednesday: Theban Nightmare

This is a very fun little monster. With ATK of 1500, he's searchable by Sangan and Shining Angel; and with 500 DEF he's searchable by Witch. Being LIGHT makes him Chaos food, and LIGHT Chaos food is always good to have; oddly enough, he's also a Fiend, which makes him an interesting choice for Necrofear decks.

That aside, his effect is something that probably won't happen very often; but when it does, you'll like it. A 3000 ATK Level 4 with no drawbacks is certainly a force to be reckoned with. It's an incredible topdeck, to say the least.

After Yata is banned, this guy will take his spot in some Chaos decks. Why? Instead of blowing up CED with Witch/Sangan on the field and searching for Yata, you can do the same thing but search for Theban Nightmare instead. It may not be an instant lock, but a free 3000 ATK monster after a CED explosion will spell game nine times out of ten.

Typical tournament deck: 2.5/5
Post-ban: 3.5/5

Stats: Theban Nightmare.  I haven’t seen this card in real life, so I am completely dependant upon the spoiler, and what I am seeing seems… weird.  A “Light” Fiend?  That’s seems like an oxymoron (so far they seem to use “Light” as good and “Dark” as evil.  Anyway, this means that it can fit into Light and Fiend decks.  Neither is at the very top of the game, but both can be strong second tier decks.  This monster is Level 4 and has no effect based summoning restrictions, so it’s easy enough to get into play.  With it’s ATK of 1500 and DEF of 500, it can also be brought out via Shining Angel’s effect, and searched out with Witch of the Black Forest and Sangan.  Of course, the DEF could be another 1000 higher and that would still be true. 

Effect(s): This card’s effect lets it become a Level 4 3000 ATK creature.  Unfortunately, this has to be your only card.  Nothing else in play (well, on your side of the field) and nothing else in your hand.  Hopefully, that doesn’t happen to you often.  This is what really hurts this card, as it’s a bit too weak in the attack department to run as a generic support monster, and the conditions for the effect are too risky to be basing a deck around it.  If the ATK score was a bit better (1800), then it might be a solid supporter.

Uses/Combinations: Now, there is one deck that springs to mind where this card could still be a strong asset: Chaos.  Specifically, if your Yata is already gone and you used Chaos Emperor Dragon’s effect with Witch of the Black Forest or Sangan on the field, you can then drop this and whack your opponent for 3000 damage.  Chances are, that’ll be game right there.  And, this is a Light creature, so it can be used as food for Chaos Monsters.  This can also be handy if you are going against a Chaos deck-if you managed to force your opponent to use Chaos Emperor Dragon’s effect a bit pre-maturely (you were going to Torrential Tribute it), and they just nuked everything with out having a cunning plan, then top decking this is fantastic.


Casual: 2/5-A bit too specialized for my taste.

Tournament: 3.5/5-Try to squeeze it into those Chaos decks.

Limited: 2.75/5-An okay pick, but I am ignoring its effect, as your hand tends to get cluttered with monsters in this format.


Not as bad as I thought it was, but it really depends upon several restricted, some might say broken, cards for its purpose. 

Tony Wednesday - Theban Nightmare

Wait! It's a LIGHT MONSTER! hahaha...Chaos Emperor Dragon and Black Luster Soldier's best friend!

...yeah ne ways, this card is called Theban Nightmare deck mode, 3000 attack, it's a injection fairy lilly, without the -2000 thingy (just a small detail)

Name one better card to top deck after Chaos Emperor Dragon blew up and/or you are in top deck mode and your opponent ACTUALLY has a Black Luster Soldier. yeah, not too shabby.

It's stats are just okay. It kills a Don Zaloog, trades with DD Warrior Lady, and your opponent's searchers (1400 ATK Mystic Tomatos, Giant Rat, Shining Angel, etc...) can suicide and then attack again with this card. Also, you can even chain Mystical Space Typhoon on it self if needed to make him into an interesting Mirror Wall. hahaha...

To me, it seems like a card to try. I mean top decking this card won't be the worst thing that's happened to you. Remember that using Chaos Emperor Dragon's effect first turn is at least 2000+ life points. Most likely around 3000. and then you top deck this card, it's attack becomes 3000. That's already 75% of your opponent's life points. What Premature Burial, what magical scientist? What Ring of Destruction? Not too shabby.

Remember it's a LIGHT monster. if it's some-what playable, it goes in. Some people don't like Thunder Dragon soo this is a nice sub. *shrugs* I say it's worth a try

Constructed IN CED/BLS Decks: 6.5/10 (seems not too shabby for me but I still like Thunder Nyan Nyan ~ but those Beserk Gorillas...*sniff*)
Constructed PERIOD: 2/10 (hRmm...only a good top deck...nothing else) 
MerrilHess Theban Nightmare

This card beat the crap outta me in a duel before. I base this review on what I have seen.

This card is THE topdeck god. When you can this out with no hand or M/T, it won't be killed by much. Even if your opponent pops thier CED and brings it back (luckily not killing you), this bad boy can handle it. I have found a respect for it. I thought it wouldn't get it's effect often, but I was frickin' wrong, wasn't I? Lol. He is also totally searchable. Chaos bait for sure.

It won't get it's effect as much as some would like to hope. My friend, who beat me senseless with it, only got his effect 3 times, twice in our match. So you can tell it comes scarce. 500 DEF won't stand up to much either. 1500 ATK can take out control creatures like Don and Tomato, but not true monster near-staples like Breaker and Tribe. It is Shining Angel-able, but very rare will this help much.

Overall, I give Theban Nightmare a 7.8/10 as it is strong enough to live for awhile, but it won't get it's effect often enough to matter. 

Wednesday: Theban Nightmare

Rated For: Chaos/Fiend, pure Chaos Decks

    In a prophetic reference to the upcoming banlist, this card is intended to show us the nightmare of The bans. Theban (pronounced The ban) Nightmare is one that will afflict all of us; sell your raigeki's now! Just kidding.

    Theban Nightmare, actually pronounced Thee-ben, is an unusual light/fiend (Desrook Archfiend's fellow ostracized friend, shunned by the goodie-good lights as fiendish and rejected by the dark fiends for its light.) Its obvious use is in a Chaos Deck, preferably after Emperor Dragon's burn effect. But is it worthy? A BAD system probes!

Advantage F/H: This is a monster with a rather average 1500 attack, with the potential to jump to 3000. Of course, it's rarely every going to do that, unless you're burning your hand recklessly. A 1500 monster with a weak effect gets 5/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: Of course you'd want to draw into this while topdecking. However, you don't want this in the opening hand or mid-game; you only want it RIGHT after the burn effect. 6/10.

Attributes/Effect: 1500/500 light/fiend is a stellar combination of attributes. It makes the card searchable by witch, sangan, shining angel, and allows it to be both chaos and necrofear food. In fact, this card makes possible the Fiend/Chaos archetype. Its subpar effect, however, brings its score down to 7.5/10.

Dependability: You're really never going to use this guy's effect, so basically he gets what any 1500 monster should get, a sub par 5/10.

The Bottom Line: Don't bother including this guy in a strict Chaos deck.

A BAD Score: 23.5/40= 5.875/10.

Cards it combos well with: Chaos Emperor Dragon, Dark Necrofear, Black Luster Soldier, cards that require discard effects from your hand (Magic Jammer and such).


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