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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

King of the Swamp

Aqua / Effect Monster
You can substitute this card for any 1 Fusion-Material Monster. When you do this, the other Fusion-Material Monster(s) must be the correct one(s). Discard this card from your hand to be Graveyard to add a "Polymerization" Spell Card from your Deck to your hand. The Deck is then shuffled.

Type - Water / 3 / 500 / 1100
Card Number
- AST-082

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 7.12.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Monday:
King of the Swamp

This is your Fusion deck's new best friend. There aren't many things a player will actively want to fuse normally, with Metamorphosis and Scientist being played more commonly, but for players who want to play Fusions, they should be using 3 of this.

This drastically lowers the value of the Tournament Pack Series 1 Fusion-subs because of this card's second effect. It enables you to run less Poly/Fusion Gate if you need the room.

The stats aren't stellar, but they're Sanganable and Witchable.

Not much more to say here; if you want to play Fusions play this. I just don't see someone wanting to run something over Metamorphosis.

2.0/5 in tournament 
Tranorix Monday: King of the Swamp

Remember those Fusion Subs from TP1, and how impossible they were to get? Well, that's no longer a problem. In AST, we got King of the Swamp, a much easier-to-find Fusion Sub who is, in reality, even better than the originals.

The stats (500/1100) aren't good, but that doesn't matter; you're probably not going to be attacking OR defending with King of the Swamp. You can search him out with Witch and Sangan (and Grizzly) though, so that's a plus. His real power lies in his effects. The first is exactly the same as the TP1 subs; you can use him instead of a Fusion Material Monster in a Fusion Summon. Love Black Skull Dragon but can't bring yourself to run Red Eyes? Toss in King of the Swamp instead. Been dying to summon that Dark Paladin, but just won't put Buster Blader in your deck? Throw in a King of the Swamp.

The second effect is interesting, yet fairly simple. You can throw it away to add Polymerization to your hand. This can be extremely useful; if you have your Fusion Materials ready to go and draw this guy, you can get rid of him and grab that Polymerization.

Essentially, King of the Swamp gives you some flexibility. Normal Fusions with Polymerization take 3 cards: both Fusion Materials and Polymerization. King of the Swamp is, essentially, all 3 of those. You just have to pick which one you want.

Typical tournament deck: 1/5
Fusion deck: 5/5
Tony Monday - King of the Swamp

Hola everyone! Or should I say Ahn Neung Ha Sae Yo ^^v (that's Korean). haha...I'm at my home country Korea and I've been very busy soo I didn't have any chance to write COtD articles. But this week, I'm back ^^! hahaha...Soo here's the first one of this week.

King of the Swamp is what I like to call "a cheaper TP1 Fusion Sub." hahaha...Plus it's effect is even better. If you look at the wording, it's basically saying I'm like the old fusion sub but if my opponent uses Delinquent Duo or Don Zaloog and such, I can use this to get a Polymerization from my deck AND/OR use this card as a TP1 fusion sub.



Yes, yes yes...I know. Fusion deck?! Polymerization?! A complicated Metamorphosis deck?! Basically, eh

But think about the endless, stupid combos in this deck. Defusion? Get the Black Skull Dragon out, Attack, de-fuse, attack with the other guys, Ring of or better yet, just kill them with Red Eyes Dragon dxP! hahaha...that would seriously make me go =(

Also, think about de-fusion. Your opponent uses Dark Balter from magical scientist. He attacks (he even brought about ryu senshi). You defuse the balter. He loses a balter and loses 2000 life for...poke with Ryu to make your magician of faith activate? Exactly! A fun combo! Who thought we can use it like that...

hahaha...this is a fun card (king) that I want to play test one day. Too bad I don't have any knowledge of AST cuz I'm in Korea soo I can't tell you how easy/fun it is or how stupid it is.

If you want to try this, get some fusions and have fun ^^. Polymerization is now cheap (...starter deck...) I once bought a 1st edition one and now it's nothing. *sniff*

Limited: -0.0 (( that's not a face, that's a zero point zero with a negative. That BETTER be a last pick unless you have a fenrir or something like that dxP ))
Constructed in FUSION DECK!: 8/10 (( seems really good ))
Constructed PERIOD: 2/10 (( it's an aqua monster? lol )) 

Sorry Iíve been AWOL for so long.  I just let so many things pile up that I got behind to such a ridiculous extent.

Stats: A Level 3 Water/Aqua Monster, King of the Swamps stats seem pretty 4.  Being Level 3 isnít any problem-since there are no summoning restrictions built into the effect, you can drop it into play without a problem.  Being Water isnít really that helpful, though being Aqua means that Tribe-Infecting Virus would have to nail its self to nail thisÖ but with a measly tiny DEF of 1100 and an even more pathetic ATK of 500, it this is on the field, itís dead.  Obviously, for this card to be good, it needs a killer effect.  The low ATK/DEF at least mean that it can be searched out form your deck by Witch of the Black Forest and Sangan, and the Attribute and low ATK/DEF scores mean that Mother Grizzly can summon it via her effect and Salvage can reclaim it from the discard.

Effect(s): Fortunately, it got not one, but two solid effects.  Itís a Fusion-material substitute, so you can take some normal pain in the butt creature and get it in play much faster.  Its second effect letís you discard it from your hand to the Graveyard to add a Polymerization form your deck to your hand.  Both are solid effects for a highly specialized deck. 

Uses/Combinations: Fusion Monsters have a variety of ways to get into play (unless they have extra summoning restrictions) that make running the Fusion pieces optional in some decks (Mad Scientist and Metamorphosis being the most successful).  If you do run a more traditional Fusion deck, this could be really helpfulÖ but fights for space against another good combination: Fusion Gate and Dimension Summon.  I learned several months ago thatís a potent combo.  As is using a real fusion summon with De-Fusion to attack with the fusion then its component pieces.  Still, with various tricks available to you, if you can find room, this would still be worth it (Painful Choice can used to get those Fusion materials into the discard easily while you use the other parts for the actual Fusion.

The best combo I can think of would be using this with Salvage (I donít think Mother Grizzly would be worth the trouble).  Using Salvage you can either Painful Choice this into the Graveyard for future use, or use the second effect (discarding for Polymerizations), then Salvage to get them back, and use them each with the opposite Fusion material monster.  Going a step further you could then even De-Fusion one to get its componentís back (quite potent if you just Fused two Black Skull Dragons as described above).


Note: The same scores can have different meanings from me-a 3/5 might be a card that is vital to an obscure or weak deck, or just something youíd consider for decks in general.  Todayís card is for a lesser seen deck type that is fairly strong.  The scores are to give an idea of overall usefulness.

Casual: 3.75/5-Looks to be something most ĎĒtrueĒ Fusion (i.e. using Fusion Gate or Polymerization) decks should work in-either it nabs a Polymerization and thins your deck or itís a variable Fusion piece.

Tournament: 3.25/5-Fusion decks are weaker here, though the surprise factor can lull an opponent into a false sense of security.  Still, when facing Chaos and Control decks, youíre never really safe.

Limited: 1/5-I am still not familiar with the set, so Iíll put it this way-if you are running it in an event where you know you can get Fusion Monsters, at least one of their components, and a way to Fuse them, it might be a good idea.  That seems most unlikely outside of certain starter events.


A little something to try and level the playing field.  Too bad thatís nigh impossible outside of some major bannings.  Still itís a good card that is really useful for its deck, but far from broken. 

MerrilHess King of the Swamp

The first Fusion-Sub outside of TP packs.

Can replace nasty fusion material monsters like Thousand Eyes Idol. It can also thin the deck by letting you look for a Polymerization. Not much else to say.

It's stats suck. It can be very competitive if you can't get a Poly and this is on the field. Also let's your opponent know one of the cards in your hand (searching for Poly). Not the best, IMO.

Overall, I give King of the Swamps a 3/10 overall, a 6/10 in a fusion based deck (Like TER or something) 

Monday: King of the Swamp

Rated For: Fusion-based Decks, Dark Paladin Decks, Last Warrior Decks

  Welcome to the Playable AST cards week! We begin with this fabulous card.

  First, Konami/Upper Deck made rituals playable by creating Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands. To make fusions more playable, they included this guy; simply put, no one card in the game helps a deck type as much as King of the Swamp helps fusions.

Advantage F/H: King of the Swamp is the most versatile fusion substitute monster. However, it won't directly lead to field advantage. Instead, by utilizing him to bring out your favorite fusion monsters, you have an indirect way of maintaining field/hand control. In a fusion deck, you need both the spell and the materials to take advantage right? This guy is the best option towards that end.      9/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: If you're holding polymerization, this monster is an excellent draw (he's a fusion sub). If you have two components, he's an excellent draw because you can dump him for a polymerization. If you have no monsters, he can serve in a pinch as a defensive monster. Basically, he'll never be a burden, period. 9.5/10.

Attributes/Effect: His 500/1100 stats means that witch of the black forest, sangan, and even mother grizzly can all find him. His two effects are the two best fusion-related effects in the game. In a fusion deck, the only thing keeping him from perfection is his low attack, and the fact he's a water(instead of dark/light) type. 9.5/10.

Dependability: This guy gets another rock-solid score for being one of the most dependable monster effects in the game. In fact, both of his effects come from your hand, meaning they cannot be negated. The only knock on this guy is the fact that you might not have the other fusion monster (i.e Zombrya, Spirit Reaper) in hand, or that you might have run out of polymerizations.  8.5/10.

The Bottom Line: As future sets introduce increasingly powerful fusion monsters, expect this guy to be a staple in fusion-decks-- he's THAT great.

A BAD Score: 36.5/40= 9.125/10

Cards it combos well with: Spirit Reaper(Reaper on the Nightmare), Zombrya the Dark(Last Warrior from Another Planet), Dark Magician & Buster Blader(Dark Paladin).


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