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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Mazera DeVille
Super Rare

Fiend / Effect Monster
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by offering 1 face-up "Warrior of Zera" on your side of the field as a Tribute while "Pandemonium" in on the field. If "Pandemonium" is on your side of the field when you Special Summon this card successfully, your opponent discards 3 random cards from his/her hand.

Type - Dark / 8 / 2800 / 2300
Card Number
- AST-111

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 7.09.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Friday:
Mazera Deville

This card has potential to have a Deck built around it. And you can get it easily, because little n00bs at YGO Leagues will pull it and not want it.

I wouldn't recommend going pure Archfiend with this; make the deck around Deville's summon on its own. I'd like to note that if they chain an MST to the Pandemonium upon resolution of his summon, his "Delinquent Trio" effect doesn't go off.

This card DOES have a few upsides. Warrior of Zera can't be Sanganed or Witched, but it can be fetched with Reinforcements of the Army. Also -- this is a SPECIAL summon -- meaning you can drop the Pandemonium, Zera, and this ALL IN THE SAME TURN.

Lessee...2 RotA, 3 Warrior or Zera, 3 DeVille, 3 Pandemonium, and a Terraforming or two...and this suddenly becomes VIABLE to play on your first turn and flat-out kill their hand. But if you don't summon this thing you're pretty much screwed.

Got some cards lying around and want to build a fun deck? Try this. And if it works, post it so we can use it ourselves.

Tranorix Mazera DeVille

Mazera DeVille, one of the top cards as far as terrible name changes go. Anyway, the monster itself is pretty intimidating. First of all, it has good-but-unsearchable Stats of 2800 ATK and 2300 DEF. Obviously, there isn't much that can contend with that.

There are two drawbacks, however: One is that you must tribute Warrior of Zera, a weak little effectless monster, in order to summon this. That isn't too hard to do, though. It's really a small price to pay, seeing as you're summoning a Level 8 monster for only one Tribute. Kind of like Double Coston, right?

The second effect is that you must have Pandemonium on the field. This makes Mazera a better pick for Archfiend decks, though I can't remember the last time I saw one of them. Even in a regular deck, however Pandemonium won’t be too big of a drawback.

Especially when you look at the third effect: When he's summoned, your opponent discards 3 cards from his hand randomly. It's Delinquent Duo on steroids. Usually, this will be your opponent's entire hand; he'll have no options and you'll have a 2800 ATK monster staring him down. It's a great effect, but the monster itself is a bit hard to utilize unless the deck is built around him.

Typical tournament deck: 1/5
Mazera DeVille deck: 5/5
MerrilHess Friday:
Mazera DeVille

This is total hand annihilation. Too bad it needs too many cards to run it.

When it's successfully Special Summoned, your opponent drops 3 cards out of their hand at random. Very, very nice. 2800 attack is also very strong, and nothing to laugh at. That's about all I see that's good.

It can't be searched at all, Has to be Special Summoned through it's effect only, needs a field magic card and a creature to be on the field to be summoned, it also can't be summoned any other way, not even if you get it out successfully. It really is the best card, but has one of the coolest art jobs I've ever seen.

Overall, I give Mazera Deville a 6.5/10 because it's too situational. 
JAELOVE Friday: Mazera Deville

Mazera Deville is the retail secret rare from the new Ancient Sanctuary set. Unfortunately, his name results from a failed Upper Deck overture to Disney. UDE wanted to create a bunch of tie-ins to favorite movies for the children of the game. Plans for Deville support cards, including the dreaded 101 Dalmatians trap card and the feared quickplay spell, Deville's Fur Coat. But enough talk about failed tie-in opportunities! Let's move on to the card review! (For more info on my card review system, check out my articles on this site.)

Advantage F/H: Clearly, you can see the game-breaking power of this card. An instant 3 card discard gives YOU a seemingly invincible 3-card edge. Seemingly is the key word here; don't forget you have to use up Pandemonium and Warrior of Zera. Including Mazera DeVille, you've actually used 3 cards to burn 3 of theirs. Of course, you do have a 2800 attack titan on the field. The advantage of this card is actually very strong; you get both field and hand advantage through its effect. 10/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: Mazera DeVille, unfortunately, is always a horrible draw. The only time you'd want to draw into it is if you have Pandemonium and Warrior of Zera on the field/in hand. Since Warrior of Zera is not searchable, this typically means you'll rarely be faced with that situation. You never want this guy in hand until you actually have the pieces in place to bring him out. 1/10 for the one ideal situation.

Attributes/Effect: He does have very powerful stats and a very powerful, game-changing effect. Unfortunately, he can't be searched, can't be special summoned, can't be normal summoned. His benefits mixed with his drawbacks average out to 5/10.

Dependability: Unfortunately, this is the part where Mazera DeVille gets roasted. You'll basically never be able to depend on it; you'll rarely get its effect off in a competitive duel. Any combo involving 3 or more cards isn't even really a combo. When the "combo" revolves around 2 unsearchable cards, it definitely gets a 0/10.

A BAD Score: 16/40= 4/10.

If you pulled him and MUST use him: Cards to include are Pandemonium, terraforming, warrior of zera, reload, card destruction, cyber jar.


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