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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Goblin King

Fiend / Effect Monster
This card cannot be attacked if there is another Fiend-Type monster on your side of the field. The ATK and DEF of this card become the number of Fiend-Type monsters on the field (excluding this card) x 1000 points.

Type - Dark / 1 / 0 / 0
Card Number
- AST-031

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 7.08.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Thursday:
Goblin King

Now this card can actually be useful. Dark Necrofear makes passionate love to this card.

Giant Germs, Kuribohs, Giant Orcs...Necrofear himself...all of those become an Axe to this card AND he can't be attacked.

Able to be searched by every conceivable search card that this qualifies for, you can get it out quickly and easily. But really, this card's best use is after Giant Germ's effect goes off. That puts two Fiends on the field. That makes this 2,000.

That's really the best recommendation I can make on how to play this card. Speed-fiend decks can get an extra beatstick that can't be hit. (Sorry for the short reviews this week x.x)

3/5 in the Fiend deck 
Tranorix Goblin King

Goblin King is an interesting monster. With terrible stats of 0/0, it is searchable by Witch, Sangan, and Tomato; and being Level 1, he can be easily metamorphosed into Thousand Eyes Restrict.

That said, the effects are pretty good. If there's another Fiend on the field (which there had better be if you intend to play this guy at all), he can't be attacked. Similar to the Bone Towers, Captains, and Dragons, two of these = your opponent cannot attack either one.

The second effect is decent; this card's ATK is equal to the number of (other) Fiends on the field x1000. Have two Goblin Kings on the field? They'll each be at 1000. Summon this after Giant Germing your opponent? He'll be at 2000. Field full of Fiends? 4000. For a Level 1, that isn't bad.

The fact that you really need at least other Fiends on the field for this to be effective does hurt its playability, but in the right deck, Goblin King could be a very good pick.

Typical tournament deck: 1.5/5
Fiend deck: 4/5
Omega Sorry for my absence as of late as I've been on Vacation, only to come back to find my computer infected with a virus.

So now that I'm back up and running I'm returning to my CotD duties.
Today's card is Goblin King. Not an overly used card for several reasons. First off, Fiends don't have much swarming capability (at least not as much as say Warriors) so getting a lot of monsters on the field at the same time as this won't happen very often in serious duels.
Second of all, he doesn't get a boost from himself, so the maximum he can reach is 4000. Now that may seem high but getting 4 monsters on the field is hard enough, let alone 4 fiends.

To get easy monsters, you may want to try Scapegoat + DNA surgery combo.

With 0 Attack and Defence, I suppose you could search it out through Witch of the Black Forest as well as Sangan, but there are many other monsters I would rather be searching for.
Added with the fact he is a 1 star monster allows him to pass under gravity bind even if you manage to summon more monsters to increase his attack.

In a fiend deck, Goblin King still doesn't cut it (at least in my opinion) so Goblin King gets a 1.5/5
It has potiental, but it's just so dangerous to utilize. 
MerrilHess Thursday:
Goblin King

This thing is a powerhouse if used right.

This card is brutal if brought out at the right time. On average, it should have 2-3 thousand attack, and that ain't bad. Two of these on the field also creates a Captain Lock, like Solar Flare Dragon and Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower, but this effect is most likely the best of those 3. It's also very searchable (Witch, Sangan, Tomato). It's effect also refers to the entire field, not just your side, too.

If it is the only creature on your field, it's attackable and only 0/0. It's attack strength can only be increased by other fiends being on the field, not by itself.

Overall, I give Goblin King a 8.6/10 in Fiend decks and a 4/10 in other decks. 
JAELOVE Thursday: Goblin King

Goblin King is an interesting Fiend card from the new set. Clearly, he needs a lot of support to be effective. Let's analyze his use. (For more info on my card review system, check out my articles on this site.)

Advantage F/H: Goblin King possesses two interesting effects. Unfortunately, because his attack weighs in at zero, you're going to have to support him with other cards to get effective use with him. When other fiends aren't on the field, Goblin King simply becomes a useless monster. He does not provide much of an advantage even in ideal situations, generally maxing out at an attack of 2000. 2.5/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: The only situation in which you would want to draw into this guy are: 1) You've established field control with 2-3 fiends on the field or 2) your giant germ has just died, bringing two more onto the field. Both situations are impractical. You simply don't want this guy at any other point in the duel. 2.5/10.

Attributes/Effect: As both a Dark type and a Fiend type, Goblin King gets a few bonuses. Also, he is searchable by mystic tomato, witch of the black forest, and sangan. Unfortunately, his searchability stems from his abysmal stats of 0/0. Both of his effects are hardly top tier. 5/10.

Dependability: Simply put, you're never going to be able to depend on this card. The only two cards that will quickly put fiends on the field are statue of the wicked and giant germ. In all other cases, you're building up an army just to bring this subpart 2000 attack monster out. 4/10.

A BAD Score: 14/40= 3.5/10.

If you MUST use him: Cards he combos well with are: statue of the wicked, dark necrofear, giant germ, gravity bind.


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