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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Skill Drain

Card Number - DCR-049

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 1.26.04

SomeGuy *computer crashed* 
f00b Monday 1-26-04 Skill Drain 

Pay 1000 Life Points. As long as this card remains face-up on the field negate the effects of all face-up Effect Monsters on the field.

This card can effectively negate an opponent’s entire strategy if they cannot destroy it in time. 

+Eliminates effects of monsters o_O 
+Stops control monsters like Don Zaloog, D.D Warrior Lady, Vampire Lord, potentially Jinzo, spirit reaper, witch, sangan, tomato, pyramid turtle, tribe-infecting virus, yata-garasu, breaker, you name it *goes down the list* 

-1000 LP payment 
-Easily Destroyed 
-Can’t be used if Jinzo is already on the field. 
-Face down monsters still have effects (I.e. a f/d witch/sangan sent to the graveyard) 

*Use with a bunch of high attack monsters with nasty effects to access pure beatdown. I.e., run with goblin attack force, giant orc, etc, to have 2300 or 2200 beatsticks. LoL, throw in some final attack orders.. 

Okay, I have played against some Skill Drain DECKS. But in all honesty, they seemed too easy to take down. Packing high attack monsters, as aforementioned, and 2-3 skill drains. Still, my 3 MST, 1 Feather Duster, and 1 Heavy Storm seemed to do fine against them. Although my breaker did seem pretty useless. 

The fact is, this card is amazing against an opponent who relies on Jinzo to negate your traps. It also comes into play GREAT after an opponent has already used 2 or 3 m/t removal cards, especially if they’ve got a mirage of nightmares out. 

And, the ability to keep yata on the field AND still be able to draw is simply amazing. I’ll admit it, I’ve hat my yata taken out by a sinister serpent before because I called the “bluff” of a face-down skill drain. So it CAN be good. But is it consistent? 

I don’t think so, the 1000 LP payment seems nothing nowadays. Life points are being thrown all over, for scientist payments, prenegators, even Injection Fairy Lily, but for this cost, all you may be getting is the minus 1000 and then they just Mystical Space Typhoon it and all of a sudden a quickplay spell they pack THREE of seemingly has the added property “your opponent loses 1000 LP”. You see? Any activated Skill Drain is a target for these… 

Still, the card itself IS good, and it’s undeniable the effect is amazing, as I don’t think I pack a single NON-effect monster in my deck currently, but still. Just be careful when you play it for yourself, as only personal time spent play testing can decide for you whether this card is right for your deck. 

Constructed - 3.2/5 It’s actually a decent card with good potential 
Limited - 1/5 too many non effect monsters see play, and 1000 can be up to 25% of you LP in limited…  
infinitekhaos Skill Drain (Trap Card) - Pay 1000 Life Points. As long as this card remains face-up on the field negate the effects of all face-up Effect Monsters on the field.

No better card than skill drain to open controversial week. The controversy with Skill Drain is with Jinzo. Many dispute which effects negate which, so i'll clarify that now. If Skill Drain hits the field first, then later Jinzo is summoned, his effect is negated, since SD already hit the field. Skill Drain however, cannot negate effects such as Kuriboh, or Sinister Serpent. This is because SD only negates effects of monsters on the field. The effects of Sinister and Kuriboh take place int he graveyard/hand.

Lets move on to some awesome decks you can build around this card. Play three Skill Drains. Then play three Goblin Attack Forces..and if you want, three Orcs. That gives you a 2300 beatstick, which does not go into defense after it attacks, not only that but you dont need to worry about f/d tomatoes or wotbfs. Now, my particular favorite with this card. Be sure you have plenty of life, as this combo eats up a lot of it (you can play three poisons of the old man if needed). Now, summon scientist, declare priority. Bring out Ryu Senshi. Pay 3000lp to bring out Baltar and two Dark Flare Knights. Now, activate Skill Drain. Your fusions don't go back to the fusion deck, and they can attack directly. You're left with two 2200 beatsticks, trap and spell negation. Now I know you're thinking, your fusions will NOT be negated. Why? Simple, go ahead and pick up your rule book right now, as im sure I will be flamed. Fusion monsters are not considered effect monsters. They're fusion/effect. So skill drain wont have an effect on them at all.

Tourney - 3.5/5 - if built correctly

Draft - 3.5/5 - can come in handy, getting rid of those nasty penguin soldiers

Artwork - 1.5/5 - im so sick of ha des...

Closing Line - I'll flip fiber jar....UHH NO! ok ok...then ill tribute my sangan and search...uh..no dude...no......


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