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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Skull Archfiend of Lightning

Card Number - DCR-073

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 01.02.04

f00b January 2, 2004 - Skull Archfiend of Lightning aka weird looking Summoned Skull

Skull Archfiend of Lightning (Dark/Fiend/6/2500/1200)
The controller of this card pays 500 Life Points during each of his/her Standby Phases (this is not optional). When this card is specifically designated as a target of the effect of a card controlled by your opponent, when resolving the effect, roll a six-sided die. If the result is 1, 3, or 6, negate the effect and destroy the opponent’s card.

+2500 ATK still beats a Jinzo/V-Lord
+50% Chance to negate a change of heart, ring of destruction, or snatch steal
+Fiend means Necrofear foodage

-500 LP per turn
-Doesn’t really do anything except beatdown
-Tribute mon, although only 1 so that’s not horrible

*Same as all archfiends, run them in an archfiend deck with pandemonium and you’re set.

Basically, this is the old Summoned Skull, except they added on the 50% evasion at the cost of 500 LP per turn. Obviously, this is a sooped up version, but then again, who still runs S.Skull???

After all is said and done, this card isn’t bad, really. It makes a great one tribute monster. The problem is, Jinzo, Vampire Lord, Airknight Parshath, and others still steal the spotlight as far as the group of “best 1 tribute monsters” goes. And this isn’t going to change anytime soon, either.

So, as a casual card, this guy is great, but IMO just not for tournament play. In my opinion the only viable archfiend deck is a 4 star beatdown type, this card shouldn’t bother seeing play, as it has no “extra effect” like the other fiends do. It’s effect only negates it from being used against you (and even then not all the time) and it’s only for damage, it’s not going to negate effect mons like terror king, etc.

Overall, this card would be an excellent choice for LIMITED. Simply because one tribute for 2500 ATK is probably THE highest you will see. And the fact that any rogue targeting effect can’t be used on it doesn’t hurt. Although, the LP payment still does, especially when the game is strung around 4000 LP instead of 8000 LP each. Whatever.

Constructed - 1.5/5 Pretty average, but cool looking. Better than the original summoned skull.
Limited - 2.5/5 A little bit better, a simple Beatstick is nice

Feels good to be in 2004! 


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