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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Dark Balter the Terrible
Super Rare

Fiend / Fusion / Effect Monster
"Possessed Dark Soul" + "Frontier Wiseman" This monster can only be Fusion Summoned by the above Fusion-Material Monsters. When a Normal Spell Card is activated, negate the effect by paying 1000 Life Points. Also negate the effect of an Effect Monster that is destroyed by this monster in Battle.

Type - Dark / 5 / 2000 / 1200
Card Number
- LOD-002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 2.26.04

f00b Dark Balter the Terrible - 02.26.04

a.k.a. the best fusion out there. Period. What a versatile, scary looking d00d. Mr. Terrible is actually quite amazing.

+ 2000 ATK is solid
+ NEGATES monster effects, omg pwned.
+ NEGATES normal magic, omg pwned.
+ Can be brought out permanently by Metamorphosis on the ever so common Level 5’s in the game.

- ‘hard’ to bring out
- 1000LP cost
- Only negates Normal magic, not equip, continuous, quickplay, or field.
- Reaper still stalls against this card >_<

* Not really…the combos are in getting OUT the dark balter (I.e. the aforementioned scientist + morph combo). Once he’s out on the field, protect him with Wabokus/Book of Moons and you’re good to go.

I’ll keep this one short and sweet today. The deck I run currently attempts to rush towards a “permanent balter” in order to secure your opponent in a pseudo-”balter lock”, hehe. Leave your opponent with all normal spells and effect monsters and now every card they play you ALREADY have a counter on the table for. It’s priceless. Then you slap down a yata…

Basically, you should NEVER get this out via normal fusion summoning it, but rather scientist or metamorphosis or EVEN summoner of illusions, haha.

And with one of these on the field, your opponent can kiss goodbye their witch/sangan/tomatos. And they can dark hole/Raigeki/monster reborn/pot of greed/graceful charity all day to no avail, as long as you have the sufficient LP to negate them. ALLLL day you can stop your opponent’s threats. How is this NOT g0dly? Obviously dropping one of these on the table first turn means your opponent should just make like raisin bran and scoop twice, moving on to the next game -_-

Basically, Tuesday, Wednesday, and today’s CoTDs are all, to me at least, centered around the same deck that currently breaks the metagame. ^_^ Fun stuff.

Constructed - 5/5 BROKEN if you get him out. PERIOD.
Limited - 0/5 impossible to use, actually. You figure it out.  
ExMinion OfDarkness Thursday:  Dark Balter the Terrible:

I'm fairly sure everyone has guessed by now that the reason I was dancing around talking about this guy is because he was Card of the Day later on in the week.

Now this card has two levels of use, both of which require different amounts of effort and output.

Level 1 of output is where you use Magical Scientist's effect to pull him out, and get to attack with him once, to negate a monster's effect. This thing made Pyramid Turtles, Sangans, Witches of the Black Forest, and Mystic Tomatoes quiver in fear. You put out one summon (Scientist) plus 1,000 LP to get this, and usually it's worth it. If the Scientist somehow makes it to the next turn, you may be able to bring him out again.

Level 2 is where you use Metamorphosis (Yesterday's CotD) on a Level 5 monster that you summoned, or on another 5-star Fusion that you pulled with Scientist to give yourself a permanent Dark Balter. Usually you won't be scared of multiple Effect monsters being set in Defense position, but that 1,000 LP payment to stop a Normal Magic is quite attractive. Let's see how many NON-Normal Magics are commonly played...Mystical Space Typhoon, Scapegoat, Premature Burial, and Snatch Steal. All of the staples and pre-negators fall under Normal Magic.

Before Scientist, when you played Witch or Sangan, you most likely Summoned them because you feared Nobleman of Crossout, took a little LP damage, but were SURE that you were going to get your search. It's not so sure with this guy around.

I give this card a 5/5 in the Fusion Deck, only because he is causing no detriment to any other aspect of your gameplay by having him in the Fusion Deck. It's not like he is competing for a card spot in your Main Deck.

However, if you are using him for Metamorphosis, I give him a 3.5/5 because of the high level of work it takes to get one of this guy out for more than that one turn. 
Gambit Dark Balter the Terrible

Unless you are playing a Gravity Bind-based deck, there is little chance of you playing the 2 fusion material monsters in the same deck, thus limiting this card to Scientist, Metamorphosis, and Summoner for any real play. Don't get me wrong, though -- the 2 fusion material monsters are good cards. Frontier Wiseman is second only to Sonic Duck as far as ATK among Level 3 monsters goes, plus its effect in a Warrior deck is useful. Possessed Dark Soul will help limit your opponent's ability to attack under your Gravity Bind. You may wonder why he belongs in a Gravity Bind deck, since he is 5 stars. Well, don't forget that he has a built-in Seven Tools of the Bandit for Normal Spell Cards, which can take care of Harpie's Feather Duster, Heavy Storm, Monster Reborn, etc..
I bring these points up to show scenarios in which this card can be played. As far as its effect goes, it is most often seen in beatdown/control decks courtesy of Magical Scientist to attack monsters solely for the purpose of destroying their effects (assuming it can destroy the monster). Outside of that it is just not all that useful.

1.0/5.0 Its ranking reflects its own playability, not Magical Scientist's use. Would be better if you could at least use fusion substitution... Two great effects that just come at too high a cost. 
Quickshot Dark Balter the Terrible

Pwns. Punks. Smackz j00. Plain mises.

This card can negate the very important game-breaking magic cards. I’ve noticed that magic cards bolt down a strategy. Change of heart would be needed to gamebreak if you plan to attack. Raigeki may come in handy, but not if it’s negated.

Scientist and Injection are good because you can trade in lifepoints for advantage. With a balance of life points and advantage you can take down the opponent. They need to worry about the effect and the attack. Not only that, but it DOES negate flips and witch/sangan/mystic/pyramid/nimble ETC ETC. My god, smackulate a Jinzo and you got game. Somebody was just served.


:Casual: My God these piss me off. Who plays for fun anymore..? Play to get better. I could see people playing for fun but then if they spend money for this how will they make it back..?
:Tourney: 4.6/5

:Closing OTD: If you at all have this as a fusion, run it. You don’t need Scientist or Meta to have this work. Simply snatch or Change it if your current strategy doesn’t include the fusion deck (Say you have a fiend deck and no room for Scientist.) Just put it in fusion, what harm could it do..? AIM: Quickshot657 

Stats: Dark Balter is a Dark/Fiend/Fusion/Effect monster.  Isn’t that special?  It’s a Level 5 Fusion, meaning that Magical Scientist can nab him, and if you are prepared you can get him out via Metamorphosis (there are some good level 5 monsters, like Vampire Lord).  Dark is useful-when it dies it can be Chaos Monster food.  Fiend is good-it can be Dark Necrofear food.  Being Fusion is meh-when we look at the effect you’ll see why.  Being an effect monster when not all the effects are negative is usually good, but again, we’ll come back to that.  It has an attack of 2000, which seems a touch low for a monster I have to work so hard to get out.  Defense is only 1200, which also seems low-not like we have to use Witch of the Black Forest to search it out or anything.  This card can get by with these stats only because of its positive effects.

Card Text (Effects): First we’ll cover the one restrictive effect: “This monster can only be Fusion Summoned by the above Fusion-Material Monsters.”  Unlike what I originally thought (that you could only Fusion Summon it and that then it had to be the real materials), it just means you can’t use Fusion substitutes.  The card’s first effect negates a Normal Spell card for 1000 LP.  Only a Normal Spell card-Quickplay, Permanent, Equip, etc. are all illegal targets.  Still, 1000 LP to negate a Raigeki or Dark Hole is probably worth it.  The second effect is even better-negate the effects of monster’s this destroys in battle.  Also note that the monsters effects will remain negated unless they are revived or shuffled back into the deck-this does shut down Sinister Serpent and the searchers.

Uses/Combinations: Use this in you Fusion deck if you got it. There are many tricks to get it into play.  Magical Scientist.  Metamorphosis.  Any of the fun Fusion tricks except the Fusion Substitute monsters.  Even if you don’t normally have them, a monster Reborn or Snatch Steal could give you the means.


Casual: 3.5/5-There are a lot of big monsters that can run it over in this format.

Tournament: 4/5-Like I said, every side deck should have it.  One of the advantages of being a Fusion is it’s a no brainer-the normal rules don’t really apply.  Sure, if you don’t have the cards needed to get it, it will rarely see play, but it doesn’t matter-it’s in the Fusion deck. :-P

Limited: 1/5-Can you even get it out in this format?  I mean, unless you draft it with the Joey Starter or another set, everything I can think of (Scientist, Polymerization, Fusion Gate) are in another set.


It’s a Fusion monster.  We now have two easy ways to get them into play (at least when they are level 6 or less).  Oh, and thanks to f00b for trying to explain why the limiting text only applied to Fusion Summons.  I found a Japanese Spoiler for this card and compared it to the some Japanese “Fusion-only” monsters, finally assuring me it was just how I read it. :-p



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