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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Offer 1 monster on your side of the field as a Tribute to Special Summon 1 Fusion Monster of the same Level in face-up Attack or Defense Position from your Fusion Deck. Monsters used for a Tribute Summon or that are offered as Tribute due to other cardís effects are excluded.

Type - Normal Spell
Card Number
- PGD-090

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 2.25.04

f00b Metamorphosis - 2.25.04

Today we look at, in my opinion, one of the most exciting and scene-changing spell cards in the game. And oh yea, my PERSONAL favorite magic card in all of duel monsters. And since itís regional week, it can DEFINITELY be said that this card is single-handedly changing the metagame for future regional events. Well, it must be good for some reason, eh? Check it:

+ Non-restricted means it can be a consistent form of field control
+ Permanent fusions = duh this must be good
+ Versatility depending on what the situation is as to what fusion you should fetch for
+ Can u say COMBO?

- The fusion must be the same number of stars as the tribute monster, which is often hard to do.
- A bad top deck if you have no monsters.
- If your opponent activates a torrential/bottomless, youíve just wasted an EXTRA card in the process. Ouch.

Combos: (umm, YEA)
* Metamorphosis + Magical Scientist. This is the REASON I built my ďmorphĒ deck. My FAVORITE combo in the game. If these two cards are in your hand at the same time (or even better, multiple metamorphosis cards), you are looking atÖ
a) permanent Dark Balter, which means CONTINUAL effect negation AND spell negation (most people donít realize balterís secondary effect because he is never on the field that long). Well look out, itís a ONE SIDED IMPERIAL ORDER as well as a Dark Rule Type effect. Amazing. I hear a Dark Balter on your side of the field before your opponent even gets their first turn is pretty good ;P
b) permanent Ryu Senshi, which means One sided Jinzo (aka trap negation)
c) permanent Reaper on the Nightmare, which CAN get off its effect of attacking directly and ensures you will have a monster on the field (reaper-like effect) as well as a shot at snagging your opponentís cards (which forced them to hyperextend). And oh yea, this is GUARANTEED damage, so even if your opponent has out a HUGE monster you can still get through with the 800 damage (very useful and underrated).
There are, of course, others, but these are the ones I use the most. ALSO, all of these CAN attack directly, which means a good 2000 LP damage, which adds up quickly, and can actually end games regardless of special effects. (With a scientist out and an open field, S.Summon a few dark flare knights, morph them, and attack directly for GG).
* Metamorphosis + Scapegoat. Simply broken. Chain scapegoat to the opponentís attack to block the damage (especially if they have 2+ monsters). Then with at least one goat left, on your turn morph it into Thousand Eyes Restrict and make them pay for summoning those monsters, by ďsucking up oneĒ and having it hit another. Also, this becomes CRAZY stall as your opponent canít attack and it means whoever has thinned the deck now has the better draws, etc. (Basically, if you stall when you have better field position AND a better top deck, you like win). And forcing the opponent to destroy TER JUST to get an attack through is a huge plus. Although admittedly, sometimes this gets in the way of my OWN yata lock, and I donít enjoy using dark hole on my TER so that my yata can attack, but w/e. ^_^
* Metamorphosis + Sinister Serpent. Can you say, instant Thousand Eyes Restrict? If your serpent hasnít been removed from the game or hit by a balterís effect, this becomes an AMAZING top deck.
* Metamorphosis + Witch of the Black Forest/Sangan. The fastest way to get a search effect. It gets around DDWL type effects this way (can use immediately after summoning) or can provide a nice extra blocker/attacker while you find what you need. Often times in a game I will morph my witch into a karbonala warrior or my sangan into a dragoness the wicked knight and search for yata, then SUMMON yata and pretty much win. Itís funÖ
* Metamorphosis + Good Level 5 + Recursion Card. One of my personal favorite moves in the game. Morph an Airknight or Vampire Lord into a Permanent Dark Balter, then Reborn/Premature/Call/Book of Life whatever it is you just used as the morph cost. NICE.
* Metamorphosis + Last Will. In addition to the fusion you receive an extra special summon of a 1500 atk monster or lower. Last time I checked, morphing for a reaper on the nightmare and then last will-ing for a don or another spirit reaper means you are netting 2+ cards per turn out of your opponentís hand. Efficient eh?
* Metamorphosis + Change of Heart/Snatch Steal. In this instance morph doubles as monster removal, and often this means when playing against Ďrogueí decks, you can often bring out HIGH level monsters, I mean, Iíve taken Cosmo Queens and BEWDragons and turned them into fusions ;P

These are, obviously, just a few of the many combos this card can setup. And it deserves the spots it currently has in my scientist/morph deck. Trust me, this is a card that is FORCING people to re-evaluate their decks, especially in the nationwide regional scene, where the Ďmetamorphí decks are becoming a more recognizable archetype. And itís been proven that they can perform well at large scale tournamentsÖ*cough* Basically, I suggest trying this card out. Itís addicting, and youíll have trouble going back to Ďthe foolishnessí known as the times youíve played without it, haha.

Constructed - 3/5 NOT for every deck. But lucky me, I built my deck around this card. Can you say bias? LoL.
Limited - 0.5/5 Morph is pretty horrible here, as it is unlikely to draft any good fusions along with metamorphosis (which is from the fusion-lacking set PGD).

Thatís all, folks. Tomorrow we look at the 3rd card in the trifecta that is part of this combo!!!  
ExMinion OfDarkness Wednesday: Metamorphosis:

When this card was first talked about by the Yu-Gi-Oh community, the main idea was to use Sinister Serpent combined with this card to summon a Thousand-Eyes Restrict. Not many decks were set up to handle a permanent one of those at the time, so it was a legitimate threat. At the very least, you were getting one of their monsters and preventing them from attacking (possibly).

Now we're seeing another use. The Scientist fusions.

Granted, most people won't be bringing out a Fiend Skull Dragon with this anytime soon, or a Ryu Senshi when that energy is better spent summoning Jinzo, but Dark Balter the Terrible has one very overlooked aspect.

He negates Normal Spell cards, too. And not with a hand discard (which is why Magic Jammer is so hated now). With a 1,000 LP payment. Mark my words, if Magic Jammer had a LP cost instead of a discard, we'd all be playing 2 of them now. At least.

f00b (from our very own boards) made the famous 100+ card Fusion Deck -- anything that was in there, he most likely had the capability to summon using this card. And in many instances, it was worth it.

This card only has a few uses that will swing the game in a player's favor, but they're enough of uses for this card to see play.

I give this a 3.75/5. 
Gambit Metamorphosis

Another card that is good for fusion lovers. As I said yesterday, this card can be useful if you have Magical Scientist in your deck. You can use Summoner of Illusion for a slower version of this combo. Perhaps the most useful combo is Metamorphosis + Sinister Serpent or Sheep Token to get Thousand Eyes Restrict. This combo can be HUGE. Wouldn't you throw in one extra card to get Thousand Eyes Restrict out? Too bad you can't Special Summon your Fusion Monster from the graveyard once it's gone.

Magical Scientist + Last Will + Metamorphosis = one turn kill
Snatch Steal/Change of Heart + Metamorphosis --- good way to tip the field control balance in your favor... beats trading in YOUR V. Lord for Reaper on the Nightmare, Dark Balter, Ryu Senshi, or Fiend Skull Dragon, or YOUR Jinzo for Super Roboyarou/-lady

3.0/5.0 Can make a big difference, but the lack of enough good Fusion Monsters makes this card good for little more than Thousand Eyes Restrict, but sometimes that's enough. 
Tony It's Morphing time!


yes as stupid as it sounds, when Metamorphosis resolves with a 5 Star monster on the field, you normally win the game.

I'm glad that yesterday we reviewed Magical Scientist because in my opinion that is one of the best monsters in the game AND it relates to today's card.

Now before I get deeper into the review, I just want to point out this is one of the new decks that are brought into the meta-game: A deck based on Magicial Scientist and Metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis is one of the most versatile cards in the game. This card game out in Pharonic Guardian (before Magical Scientist) and made it to many sidedecks. Most of the good duelist realized that this is one of the best ways (actually the only playable way back then) to bring out Thousand Eyes Restrict. Use a Scapegoat token, Sinister Serpent, Magician of Faith, and even Kuribo! You have one of the best Fusion monsters possible. Ahh, if I only knew about Dark Balter then.. I used it once to bring out Thousand Eyes Restrict =\ should've kept all those holo fusions >_<. Anyways, all Metamorphosis needs to have is a valid # of star target to bring out a fusion monster. This card (along with Creature Swap) is one of the best top-decks in the game IF you have a Sinister Serpent in your graveyard.

What else can be Metamorphosis? Well currently there isn't any 2 star fusions so your Nimbles and Yata-Garasu can't be "morphed" into anything else. The most common morphing time creatures are Vampire Lord, Airknight Parshath, Jinzo, and any other 5-6 star monsters. 5 star monsters are used to bring out a Dark Balter the Terrible. 6 star monsters are used to bring Dark Flare Night and Ryu Senshi. In order for anyone to use Metamorphosis effectively is to have the correct fusion monsters in your fusion deck. I currently don't own the correct fusion monsters (3-4 star ones.. I'm going to pick them up today) so I cannot list those for you guys >_<

Okay, so what's the bring deal about this card? Well most people do NOT realize this but Dark Balter has 2 really great effects. 1 is a Ha Des like ability: negating monster effects. The other one (that most people do not know about) is its Magic Jammer effect but instead of discarding a card, you pay 1000 life points (*NOTE* It only negates NORMAL magic cards - so MST, Book of Moon, Premature Burial, Snatch Steal can NOT be negated). You've Yata-Locked your opponent with Dark Hole and Raigeki before...this is a similar lock.

What else? a permanent Ryu Senshi is nice. You can use your traps AND be able to negate your opponents NORMAL trap (not Continuous or Counter).

I already talked about a Thousand Eyes Restrict earlier in the article soo no need to talk about it again...

So what do I think about this card? hRmmm, let's say I'm testing a deck BASED on this card right now >_<. hahaha..f00b inspired me into making this deck. I'll see how this bad baby turns out ^^.

Constructed: 7/10 (only if you have enough 1 and 5 star creatures to support it)
Draft: 0/10 (you can't draft fusions too =\)

Best Situation
(same one I gave yesterday) First turn Dark Balter the Terrible and all your opponent has is Mystic Tomato, Pot of Greed, Raigeki, Dark Hole, and a Witch of the Black Forest. You can negate everything they play...simply amazing 
Quickshot Metamorphosis

Overrated. Not a wonderful maindeck strategy because itís not versatile enough. Those are the cons.

Against Control this card, with the aid of others, will totally kill. If you canít beat a control with Meta, youíre a n00b. This card Isnít a god (As mentioned by a lot of players at this site). Itís the cold truth. With this as your strategy you wonít make it through regionals. You need a monster out there, firstly. Also, you need to hope that they donít run multiple Torrentials which are now better than they used to be. Not only this, but there is only Airknight that can help get out that ole mister Balter. Thousand eyes can see a lot of play, But so will Book of moons. There are too many counters to meta, I mean the day they became popular was the day the side deck did as well (Sorry, I never liked the side deck until today).


:Casual: As If.
:Tourney: 4.1/5

:Closing OTD: If youíre a n00b, stick to Control. If youíre joining the game again after a long rest, stick to Control. If you know a lot about the game, and can formulate your own opinion then by all means try this and abuse it. 2 is not enough. AIM: Quickshot657 

Stats: Being a normal Spell card is sort of mediocre.  Obviously, itíd be a lot better as a Quick-Play or something.  Still, in the current metagame, itís probably better than being a Trap or Monster.

Card Text (Effects): Metamorphosis is one of those cards that, while great, is not a staple or close to being broken.  It does a specialty task, and does it well.  Change a monster on the field into a Fusion Monster of the same level.  Obviously, this trick wonít work for Fusion Monsters that can only be summoned with specific pieces or the like, but for Fusions in general, itís kinda useful.  Requiring the monster be the same level kinda hurts it, since certain levels are harder to work with-aside from high level monsters being hard to summon anyway, most decks run mostly level 4 monsters.  There are non-level 4 monsters, but they are usually restricted cards with killer effects like Sangan.

Uses/Combinations:  Should you find a Fusion you want to run that is below Level 5, this is probably the way to get it into play.  Level 1 Fusions are especially sweet since you can use Sinister Serpent.  Is there a good Level 1 Fusion?  Ever hear of Thousand Eyes-Restrict?  I donít run/see many Fusion decks, so I canít think of any off the top of my head.  As for higher level Fusions, this still might be better, since this basically means you just have to match Level.  So, tossing three of these into a Dragon or Legendary Ocean deck should lead to good times. ;)  Umi/Legendary Ocean, Tornado Wall, the right Level5/6 Monster, and Reaper on Nightmare can be real fun I bet.  Itís almost a given for Magical Scientist decks-turn your special summon with restrictions into a permanent.


Casual: 3.75/5-As I said, itís just a fun card to use, and in a fun format, itís also fairly potent if you can fit it in. 

Constructed: 3.25/5-As long as you can find a decent Fusion to go with it (remember, gotta match some of your monsterís levels), it can be a great surprise card.  Since most decks run Sinister Serpent and Thousand Eyes Restrict is good, itís really a matter of deck space.  Like many cards, it has to compete against to many staples and pseudo-staples.

Limited: 3/5- Not sure if there are any real good Fusions in Pharonic Guardian.  Reaper of Nightmare is good enough without supportÖ


One of the many good cards that would see play if there was more room in decks, and is still seen in certain key decks.


Desler Wed 02.25.04 - Metamorphosis
Since Pharonic Guardian was released, this has been my absolute favorite card in the set. Even before magical scientist came out, this card was extremely useful in creating a Thousand-Eyes Restrict deck. My TER deck has won me many tournaments in my area since its inception, and has always changed. Its still what I consider my main deck even to this day.

HOW IT IS USEFUL NOW: Metamorphosis is an extremely versatile card. However, it is a 'combo' card, meaning it requires two cards to work. However, it is very light when it comes to combining it, since any level 1 or 5 monster can be used to bring monsters of extraordinary power. This can be used with the sinister serpent, magical scientist, a scapegoat token, an Airknight Parshath, or a Vampire Lord, to name a few popular cards in the metagame right now. You can also use it with magician of faith, a still useful but less popular card. In an instant, you can have a Thousand-Eyes Restrict, a monster whose versatility is purely unmatched by any card in the game, period. Whether you are looking for a permanent swords of revealing light, an easy way to get rid of a face down monster, or a big monster like Vampire Lord (who wont gets its effect), a Jinzo, or a troublesome D.D. Warrior Lady, TER can do that and more. While TER is on the field, you won't have to worry about flip effects either. I can name more uses for TER to be sure, but this isn't a TER review, but it is probably the easiest monster to summon by far with metamorphosis. Scientist can also use metamorphosis, and with little cost too. A permanent Dark Balter is something that will take your opponent a bit of luck to deal with if his deck isn't set up to handle 2000+ monsters on the fly.

HOW IT WILL BE USEFUL LATER: There are few new fusion monsters being added in the future, but there are always new monsters coming out of various levels with different ways of being summoned. Metamorphosis can always find some creative new means of abusing an otherwise harmless creature and turning it into a nasty fusion. It can also put more monsters in your graveyard to be used with Chaos Emperor Dragon or the Luster Soldier that is coming out for removal instead of other important monsters.

BOTTOM LINE: One of the most versatile combo cards in existence. Just be aware that any combo card is a liability in your hand if it cannot be immediately used in some fashion, and the fewer options you have at an immediate moment means you could end up taking a lot of damage or being locked before you have an opportunity to bring out a magnificent creature.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5. 


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