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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Magical Scientist

Spellcaster / Effect Monster
Pay 1000 Life Points to Special Summon 1 Level 6 or lower Fusion Monster from your Fusion Deck in face-up Attack or Defense Position. That Fusion Monster cannot attack your opponent's Life Points directly, and is returned to your Fusion Deck at the end of the turn.

Type - Dark / 1 / 300 / 300
Card Number
- MFC-073

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 2.24.04

Omega Well what can I say about Magical Scientist that you all probably don't already know. You probably know about all the potential combos involving Magical Scientist including several One turn wins.

The first involves Magical Scientist, and Catapult Turtle. This is the combo that you will probably see more often, it really simple as you just get both on the field at the same time, (by using such cards as Last Will makes it fairly simple) and have Magical Scientist Special Summon fusion monsters and have Catapult Turtle launch them. Very simple combo, just watch out for LP.

The second combo is a bit trickier since it relies on your opponent having a monster out with 2300+ attack points. When this occurs you Special Summon 3 Dark Flare Knights and Kamakazi them against the strong monster to activate their effect of summoning 3 Mirage Knights from your deck. You then proceed to attack your opponent for 8400 direct (Because Mirage Knight's effect will boost the first monsters attack to take care of your first monster. 

Overall Magical Scientist was a monster that before it's release was feared of being over used. But when it came out....practically nothing. You still see the odd Magical Scientist deck around, but as far as actual playability, most just past him by. 

But that doesn't stop people from just throwing him into random decks, and with cards like Dark Balter the Terrible for effect negation and so on.

My rating may be bias, because I am not a fan of Magical Scientist, however with several combo opportunities, I can't give him a low score
Gambit Magical Scientist

This card can be fun to play, but seeing it used to its full potential is a rarity. The versatility of it allows it to fit into many decks. It is not just used for the one turn kill, or for just summoning Dark Balter or Ryu Senshi to protect you from the unknown. It is not just to get Thousand-Eyes Restrict or Dark Flare Knight to get rid of bigger monsters. It can also be used to get tribute material for tribute summons, for getting a permanent Fusion Monster if combined with Metamorphosis, or for a Mage Knight-based deck. Use it to get Metal Dragon, Cyber Saurus, or Super Roboyarou for a machine deck. Fiend Skull Dragon is an Archfiend, if you need Archfiends on the field for Terrorking or other effects. There aren't a lot of options since there aren't a lot of Level 6 or lower Fusion Monsters, and the restrictions on what the Special Summoned monsters can do keeps it within the realm of fairness, but with some thought and imagination, there is a lot that can be done. 

* Attack an attack-position Spirit Reaper with as many Super Roboyarous and Dark Flare Knights as you can summon for 1900 damage apiece. Creature Swap can help you set up this scenario.
* Special Summon Thousand Eyes Restrict, suck up one monster and then Creature Swap it with another.
* Special Summon a monster of your choice, play Metamorphosis on it to bring out another copy that CAN attack your opponent's LP directly and WILL survive the End Phase.
* Book of Moon or Interdimesional Matter Transporter allow you to keep your Fusion Monster.

4.0/5.0 Best when used wisely... if not, you may pay 1000's of LP and have a 300 ATK sitting duck on the next turn.  
Quickshot Magical Scientist

At one point I ran 3 without the aid of Catapult. Totally is the best card per deck. Now that thatís out of the way, here are many of itís uses.

- Dark Balter. Attack Facedowns
- Thousand Eyes, you canít attack but what of it..?
- Reaper On The nightmare. If you have an opponent with numerous amount of cards and a face-up reaper you may want this or the next one.
- Dark Flare, This is meant to attack and attack only. UnlessÖ.
- Ryu Senshi Ė Need an attacking force..? Got it with an added bonus.

Do not forget that it CANNOT Summon XYZ. I accidentally didnít read it and thought it said ďFusion SummonedĒ. Example: This card can only be Fusion Summoned by the above 2 cards. That means you can special summon them without the above two because you are Special Summoning it, not fusion summoning. Watch out for that because I had a problem (Nobody found out that I had a probably until they heard me reading the card. Ugh.) Now with XYZ, they say ďSpecial SummonĒ. So you cannot special summon it without the above two cards. Magical scientist CANNOT get them. Some other cards say special summon, so watch out.


:Casual: Ummm. Who plays this complicated card Casually not hoping to win..?
:Tourney: 4.6/5

:Closing OTD: In my top 10 list. Shal, I forgot to include that right..? Lol. It beats out Witch IMO. AIM: Quickshot657  
Desler Tue 02.24.04 - Magical Scientist

If there is an all purpose card which is the least situational, magical scientist is it. It's effect can often break a duel, as it trades life points for field control. If your opponent has enough life points, control of the field can instantly be taken from your grasp and put in your opponents evil clutches. What can counter this evil tyranny? Maybe a well placed ring of destruction at the time of the scientist summoning.

HOW IT IS USEFUL NOW: The scientist can be used to summon any level 6 or under fusion monster in the game, with very few exceptions. A Dark Balter can be summoned to destroy an effect monster without fear, negating popular monsters such as Witch of the Black Forest, Sangan, Fiber Jar, or even Sinister Serpent. A Thousand-Eyes Restrict can be summoned to get rid of a monster annoyance that may be otherwise difficult to destroy. This can include popular monsters like Vampire Lord and Jinzo. Moreso, people are becoming even more clever and summoning the monsters then playing metamorphosis on them to get a permanent copy. A permanent Dark Balter is not something you want played against you. Scientist can potentially give you unlimited cards for the cost of one in theory, as long as your lifepoints hold out. This has been used by many to the fullest extent to pull of the infamous scientist one turn knockout by having catapult turtle on the field to launch the fusion monsters at the opponent.

HOW IT WILL BE USEFUL LATER: Versatility will always be welcome in the game. Scientist is only loathed because of the life point payments. This may be able to be offset in the future by combining the card 'Mysterious Chinese Nabe' which is a quickplay spell card to increase your life points by the attack and defense of one monster on the field. There are no other fusion monsters coming out anytime soon though to assist scientist further. We can only anticipate possible promos like Crimson Sunbird, who is a 2300 attack 6 star fusion, something we do not currently possess.

BOTTOM LINE: A veritable swiss army knife of useful and useless crap. With treasures both subtle and satiable. But beware the lifepoints.

Rating: 4.0 out of 5  
ExMinion OfDarkness Tuesday: Magical Scientist

NickWhiz1 once said, "If you look up the definition of 'tech' in the dictionary, you will see two pictures there. You will see Brock's Mankey, and you will see Seven Tools of the Bandit." This card can be added to that list.

Scientist can do so many things, so well. For a mere 1,000 Life Points, it can be a Dark Ruler Ha Des for one turn, or a multi-Seven Tools, or a Royal Command, and even more.

Scientist's stats are dismal at best. 300/300 is truly horrible. The main drawback of playing this card isn't paying the 1,000 Life Points to use his effect but leaving a 300 ATK monster out on the field in the first place. He really needs to be backed up by certain cards in order to stay alive for more than a turn.

Let's look more at the cards it brings to the field and why they are good.

Dark Balter the Terrible: I won't go into a GREAT amount of detail on this card today, but it's the most used of all Scientistable fusions. It was used HEAVILY at Butler Regionals. Basically, almost everyone took one Nobleman of Crossout out of their Deck because this card replaced it.

Ryu Senshi: This card can only negate NORMAL Traps, so it can not be used against Imperial Order or Call of the Haunted, keep that in mind. This is mainly used against Mirror Force and Mirror Force only; the other three main Traps people play would most likely already be activated by the time this would hit the field.

Fiend Skull Dragon: This card is only there as a failsafe; I've never used it and don't think I will. But the Fusion Deck doesn't hurt you in any way by having another card in it, so what's the harm? If your opponent has TWO face-downs and their Witch, Sangan, and yesterday's Pyramid Turtles are already in the GY, this may be a safer use of 1,000 LP. But I doubt it.

Plus, there are the standard First Turn Kill fusions; Empress Judge, Punished Eagle, and Roaring Ocean Snake. Even if the Duelist doesn't use Catapult Turtle, these cards are most likely sitting in that Fusion Deck. Why?

2100 kills Vampire Lord, not just kamikazes with it. You may Change of Heart or Snatch Steal a Catapult Turtle (this is unlikely). If your opponent attacked you with a Spirit Reaper last turn, and have no protection, just use Scientist to summon four of these things and smack for 7200 into the Reaper.

People have been referring to this as the "Swiss Scientist", as it is the Swiss Army Knife (which USED to be Seven Tools lol) and can be used nearly in all Decks for one reason or another.

I give this card a 4.75/5. It's not Staple, but it's darn close. 

Stats: Magical Scientist is not played for his stats, though he is supported adequately since his is a Dark/Spellcaster.  He is one of those oddities-a level one monster that not only sees play, but is restricted!  At least he does have 300/300, so he is not the worst monster in terms of stats.

Card Text (Effects): Here is where the card shines.  For a scant 1000 LP, you get to special summon a Lv6 or less Fusion monster to the field.  The monster canít attack directly though nor does it last-it is returned to the Fusion deck at the end of the turn.  Still a nifty little trick.  Read on to find out why.

Uses/Combinations: Okay, best known combo is to use him to summon a bunch of monsters and then sac said monsters for Catapult Turtleís effect.  It also gives you a way of winning turn one-if you use some tricks to special summon the turtle and then normal summon scientist (or vice versa),  as long as you have at least 7001 LP, you can summon enough Fusions so that turtle can catapult you to victory.  Due to the annoyance of this, Magical Scientist is still one per deck.  For most, that just means players have to work a bit harder to get the combo to work.  Still, most used tricks anyway since itís a first turn deal, so it doesnít matter too much.  Best way is Cannon Soldier plus two Last Wills.  Another cool trick is if your opponent has a monster with an attack of more than 2200, you can special summon 3 Black Flare Knights, run them into said monster.  There first effect means you take no damage, and their second summons Mirage Knight from your hand or deck when the card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle.  Mirageís effect means he will be gone at the end of the turn as well, but he can attack directly.  Plus, when he battles another monster, he can add its base ATK to his ATK score during the damage calculation step.  So, if they have a monster like GAF that is a natural 2300, you summon the Dark Flare knights, run them into it, and then the first Flair Knight attacks for 2800 and kills the GAF, then the other two win you the game.  I like that.  Itís less cheap than a first turn kill, and fits my suicide beatdown deck. :-P One last trick for Magical Scientist and the Fusions you summon through him is to use Metamorphosis on him/them.  He is good for a Relinquished, and the others can then grab a copy of themselves that wonít die at the end of the turn and are allowed to attack directly.


Casual: 4/5-Itís a tournament caliber card, so it definitely does well here.

Constructed: 3.75/5-The restriction really hurt this card, not because its so hard to get it now, but because Dark Designator + Exchange will kill a pure magical Scientist deck.  The combo was also a tad delicate to begin with.

Limited: 3/5-If you can get the needed Fusions, it might be worth the risk to your LP.  Maybe.


Doing reviews late at night is a bad ideaÖ oh, this should be about the card.  Good card, too bad it gets abused so much.


Tony Now who doesn't play with Magicial Scientist? eh, I've seen people not play with it because they do NOT have fusion monsters and if you are one of those people, GO BUY SOME! ^^ I believe this is a staple in every deck because of it's versatility...

+ For only 1000 Life Points, you can deal with EVERY type of gameplay in YGO
+ No other card changes games around than this single guy
+ One of the BEST cards in the game (Dark Balter the Terrible) can be brought out
+ There's a 1 turn kill combo with this card

- Don't really want to leave this guy in attack mode
- Life points gets costly if you are running all 3 hand destructions
- It's normally a one turn fix

I have to admit, I was one of those people that didn't know what Dark Balter the Terrible or Ryu Senshi did! dxP haha...I never really looked at those fusion monsters before and didn't realize its value. Infact, I didn't know what any of the fusion monsters really did! >_< But in a tournament, after I had both my Witch of the Black Forest and Sangan killed with Balter and Mirror Force negated by Ryu Senshi, I realized its tremendous power (and yes I lost that duel..)

First of all, Magicial Scientist is used in almost every deck you can think of: Scientist deck (duh), Beatdown, Control, and Metamorphosis. The simple fact that you can get a Fusion monster of 6 stars or lower and bring it onto the field is simply amazing. Thousand Eyes Restrict, Ryu Senshi, Dark Balter the Terrible, Dark Flare Knight, Musician King (...huh?). Basically you can bring out any type of monster that can deal with your current situation on the field. Witch of the Black Forest or Mystic Tomato giving you problems? Then bring out Dark Balter the Terrible and negate the monster effects! O_O simply amazing. Is a Mirror Force preventing your attack? No fear! Bring out Ryu Senshi to negate it by paying an extra 1000 life points. It's simply a game changing versatile card. 

Now you know it's uses, I'll explain to you the different decks you can make based around this card! ^^ First is the Scientist deck...

This deck revolves around 2 cards: Catapult Turtle and Magicial Scientist. In some way or form, you try to have a Catapult Turtle and a Magicial Scientist on the field. Pay 1000 life points to bring out a 2100 or 2200 fusion monster to the field. Tribute it using Catapult Turtle's effect to deal 1050 or 1100 damage to your opponent directly. Eventually you'll eat through your opponent's life points slowly and then tribute everything (including Magical Scientist and Catapult Turtle) to finish off your opponent's life points. This deck is very hard to build now since Magical Scientist is restricted to one, but when it first came out, it was one of the most feared decks.

Second deck is a Metamorphosis deck.

.. a what deck?!

hahaha...that's what I said when I first heard of it. But it's a very effective way to bring out the fusion monsters PERMANENTLY. Metamorphosis (Normal Spell) basically says if you tribute a monster on your side of the field, you can bring out a fusion monster of the same star level onto your field for the tributed monster. Basically an Airknight Parshath, Vampire Lord, and Lesser fiend could become a Dark Balter the Terrible. Sinister Serpent, Scapegoats, Magician of Faith could become a Thousand Eyes Restrict (o_O interesting huh?). Summoned Skull, Jinzo could become a Ryu Senshi. I would also like to note that Dark Balter has a side effect: Whenever a normal spell card has been played, you may pay 1000 life points to NEGATE it. A permanent Magic Jammer?! How amazing!!! ^^ This is the deck I'm currently running (inspired by the one and only f00b) this deck. If f00b can get 4th place with this deck, so can I! haha...wish me luck this Saturday with this deck >_<

Ahhh, this review isn't quite over yet; what are the bad sides of this card? Well to tell you the truth, there isn't much. The only bad side of this card is that if your opponent has no monsters on his field, it's almost pointless. oOh I forgot to add that these fusion monsters can NOT attack directly. It becomes a 300 life point joke to your opponent. 

Constructed: 10/10 (This is a staple because of ALL it's possibilities)
Draft: 0/10 (where will you find the fusions?)

Best Situation
(This requires Metamorphosis) After leaving your opponent with effect monsters and normal spells, you play Magical Scientist. Pay 1000 life points to bring out Dark Balter the Terrible and then pay Metamorphosis to bring him out permanently. Your opponent is in a mini lock only lose 1000 life points to negate Dark Hole, Raigeki, Monster Reborn, etc...

Another one is when your opponent has a face up, attack mode, Spirit Reaper on his field with nothing else. You summon Magical Scientist, pay 4000 life points to bring out 4 fusion monsters (most likely 2200 or 2100 guys). While you only paid 4000 life points to bring out all the creatures, your opponent takes around 7000-7500 life points. Amazing game winning combo. 
f00b Magical Scientist - 02.24.04

Disclaimer: I know, long card reviews are bad, but this one is an exceptional case. Okay let me start out by saying that today and tomorrow we review my two single (well I guess, double) favorite cards in the entire game of YuGiOh! Insane eh? Well, itís regionals week and I guess only the best and most game-breaking cards could snatch spots as my favorites. Okay, onto the most versatile monster in the game, in my opinion, of course.

= Restricted to 1 per deck. I wonder why ;P Anyone who is NOT using a monster slot in their deck to have a scientist e-mail me. I need to know WHY. And perhaps I can offer some mental counseling for you, ^_^. Scientist has been deemed many things, the jack of all trades, a swiss army knife, or if you hang around me long enough youíll start to call it Ďf00bís faví, lol. Letís check out why, shall we?

+ Summons fusions without polymerization/fusion gate
+ Effect can be used from defense position
+ Good in almost any situation as long as you have ample LP
+ Can be searched by Witch, Sangan, Mystic Tomato, and Last Will
+ Can use his effect more than once per turn, and certainly more than once per game, to get access to the MOST powerful [effect] monsters in duel monsters. ^_^

- Extremely low stats
- Costly Life Point deduction (12.5% reduction from total LP per use)
- Restricted to 1 per deck
- The summoned fusion is only temporaryÖunless you do something about it ;-)
- Number one drawback - GETTING HIM USED AGAINST YOU. =(
- Torrential Tribute hurts this cardÖa LOT

Combos (omg can I even LIST them all?):
* Obviously, before this card was restricted, it was most notably given attention due to the ďscientist FTK deckĒ, which involved having catapult turtle and scientist on the field at the same time. If you had life points greater than or equal to that of your opponent, you win. But since his restriction MANY other card combos have Ďpoppedí up.
* Scientist + Metamorphosis. I built my entire Regionals deck based on this strategy. What does it entail? With scientistís effect, you can summon ANY level 5 or 6 monster from the fusion deck (with exception of the xyz cards, obviously). Then, instead of the limitations due to scientist, I.e. the summoned monster cannot attack directly, the summoned monster is sent back to fusion deck at end of turn. Well, all you have to do is take that level 5 or 6, morph it into ANOTHER one from the fusion deck (be it the same or another card) and the new fusion is permanent. This means access to PERMANENT dark balter for limitless effect-negation and spell-negation (my favorite combo with scientist). This allows for a permanent Reaper on the Nightmare which CAN attack directly and hit your opponentís hand, and since it stays on the field, it retains the spirit reaper type effect. And you can say the same for ANY fusion you want from the fusion deck, be it permanent Ryu Senshi, Thousand Eyes Restrict, or even Fiend Skull Dragon.
* Scientist + Waboku. Itís simple, but it pi$$es off your opponents. Basically, people arenít going to want to Ďwasteí a Raigeki/dark hole type card on 1 scientist. So theyíll try to attack it, I mean heís a 300 ATK monster stuck in attack position. They want revenge for whatever you just did to them with scientist. But they wonít get it. Instead, activate Waboku, scientist lives, and on the following turn REPEAT the process of mutilating them with the little chemist.
* Scientist + Creature Swap + Spirit Reaper/Reaper on the Nightmare. This is harder to pull off, but if you manage to swap over a spirit reaper you can run 3 Dark Flare Knights and say a Punished Eagle into the reaper for 7500 damage. Of course, you would have whatever monster you swapped for, so if it was a Jinzo (best case), youíve just won. Actually the better combo is just teaching your opponent a lesson about leaving reaper in attack mode. Iíve seen it so many times itís not funny. Opponent attacks with a reaper, doesnít have protection like Waboku down. Next turn, scientist is summoned along with 4 fusions, GG. Thatís making them pay hardcore.
* Scientist + United We Stand. Pretty simple. Pump out 4 for 4000, and watch your attack go up BY 4000. Iíd pat 1 LP for 1 atk increase all dayÖ
* Scientist + Cannon Soldier = Summon up to 7 fusions monsters and launch for effect damage (max of 3500) and then even launch the scientist and the soldier for another 1000. If your opponent is at 4500 left to your 7000+, and you get both of these out, you win. Itís costly, but itís a win without attacking. Very nice game-finisher.
* Iíve actually never seen this, but Iíve heard that Scientist + inter-dimensional matter transporter can postpone the fusion by removing it from the game for a turn and thus make it permanent when it returns. I guess it works, if you want to like, dark hole and then out comes a dark balter or reaper on the nightmare. But Iíd still much rather stick to metamorphosis. Still a valid combo nonetheless.

Had enough combos? I canít get enough of magical scientist. The simple trick of getting a balter out when you opponent has a face down, or getting out a ryu senshi if you donít have jinzo but need to get an attack through, or getting out a thousand eyes restrict and ďsuck and pluckĒing an opponentís monster is INVALUABLE. Like visa says, this guy is priceless, even if used for only one turn.

Okay, in draft this card is actually the opposite - he is WITHOUT price and utterly pointless. You arenít going to draft the right sets or ANYTHING CLOSE to making this playable. But who cares. Fusions blow in draft, and youíd have to pick both fusions AND scientist and even then you would plain LOSE off the LP payment and the fact scientist is in attack mode with little to no backup support. Just donít take him in limited, Iím sorry, heís like, perfect otherwise ^_^ Donít be hatinÖ

Constructed - 4.5/5 The only time you donít want him is when youíre at 1500 LP and below.
Limited - 0.2/5 Unless you draft like LoB or LoN or some heavy fusion set along with Magicianís Force, and even then, is it really worth it?

There it is, my favorite little monster in the whole game. I guarantee youíll always have an ace up your sleeve with this card.  


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