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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

XYZ-Dragon Cannon
Ultra Rare

Machine / Fusion / Effect
“X-Head Cannon” + “Y-Dragon Head” + “Z-Metal Tank”
This monster can only be special summoned by removing from play the above monsters on your side of the field. You do not use “Polymerization” to special summon this monster from your Fusion deck. Discard 1 card from your hand to destroy 1 card on your opponent’s side of the field.

Type - Light / 8 / 2800 / 2600
Card Number
- MFC-052

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 2.20.04

MerrilHess XYZ-Dragon Cannon

This is the ultimate in XYZ fusions, the almighty XYZ-Dragon Cannon. This big attacker of 2800 ATK can kill almost anything, and what it can’t Attack and kill, it kills with it’s effect. But, it needs all 3 XYZ parts on the field and promotes bad hand management. This is definitely the slowest fusion I can think of.

I give XYZ-Dragon Cannon a 7/10. 
Umbra Friday, February 20, 2004
XYZ-Dragon Cannon

And for the final day of the week…

We have the greatest incarnation of XYZ. For the price of getting one more card on the field, you are rewarded with a significant increase in attack and defense as well as one very useful power. Not limited to m/t or face-up/face-down but a destroyer of anything and everything for the price of one discard. And of course, Sinister Serpent makes this all the better.

This card is pretty straightforward after all.

Casual: 4.5
Tournament: 3.5 
infinitekhaos Sorry I've missed some reviews, but I've been busy taking care of some issues. Ok, the XYZ, the biggest configuration of the three. It has the highest ATK and the most destructive effect. This card is thirsty for your Sinister Serpents and tribute monsters. Summoning this card will be the biggest challenge, while not the least possible, it is very difficult. Shining Angels play a key role in any XYZ deck. If you can utilize the Angels, maybe with some Creature Swaps, you can bring out the pieces then perform the fusion. However, you still need to watch out for Torrentials. Once it hits the field, be careful of how much you discard. Keep in mind, hand management and chainability. You don't want to discard a valuable card from your hand to destroy a face down card that makes you paranoid. For example, don't toss your Raigeki to destroy one facedown which could be Waboku or MST. If you're feeling paranoid, and it's gamebreaking, that is all up to you. This card should stay in casual play.

Tourney - 3.0/5

Draft - 1.0/5 - You're better off with the Blindly Loyal Goblin in front of it.

Artwork - 5.0/5

Closing Line - Toss my hand...ohh..field pWnag3 
ExMinion OfDarkness Friday: XYZ-Dragon Cannon

The big daddy of them all -- the reason you play the pieces in the first place -- in the hopes to get this thing out. Hopefully, you've saved a few cards in your hand, because if you can use this card's effect enough to clear the field, you'll have a decided advantage.

What worries me is how fragile the fusions are as a whole -- I'm fairly sure you can't Reborn any of these (even if they've been summoned successfully the right way). If I'm wrong on this, please tell me. If you plan to keep this thing on the field for more than two turns (this goes for ANY of the Fusions we've covered this week but ESPECIALLY this one because you invested 3 summons into it), Imperial Order and (dare I say it) Skill Drain help. I realize Skill Drain turns this into a 2800 monster, but it's something to consider if you know in advance (by one of the hand disruptors) that they have an Exiled Force or Tribe-Infecting Virus ready. With those two cards, Dark Hole, Raigeki, Change of Heart, and Snatch Steal all in tournament-level decks, you need to have some kind of defense. You're actually MORE vulnerable with this on the field if you're not winning the game this turn.

Despite the card's weaknesses to commonly used tournament cards, I still give this a 3.25/5, because when you have the card advantage, 1 for 1 trades are always in your favor -- and this card gives you 1 for 1 on monster, magic, or trap. 
Gambit XYZ-Dragon Cannon

If you can resist a premature fusion when you only have 2 of the pieces until you have all 3, you will reap the rewards. What more can you (reasonably) ask for than a card who can destroy nearly anything on the field (and I say "nearly" because of Chaos Command Magician)? A 2800 ATK means he probably won't die in battle. This card could easily finish the game off for you with a little help. This card wouldn't be nearly as good if you had to draw it or if you had to risk top-decking it. The way it is Special Summoned is the best way you could hope for without making it TOO powerful. If only it could be revived....

4.5/5.0 Why not? In some ways THE most powerful card in the game, conveniently out of your way in the Fusion Deck. Only lack of revival keeps this from a 5.0. 
Quickshot MFC-052 XYZ-Dragon Cannon

+ Sinister.
+ Destroys any opponent’s card.
+ Good enough attack.

- Requires all Three.
- Better chance to get punked (More cards are facedown nowadays)
- Kycoo.

Heh. This card is about as hard to get out as a Two tribute, and keeping it on the field is harder. My opinion is that you’ll most likely special summon it; keep it there for a turn flushing your hand down the toilet and they will use the remaining cards to ruin your strategy.

Casual – 5.0 – As fun as it gets.
Actual – 1.0

:Closing OTD: XYZ is a casual thing to run, as the ratings predispose it to. Your strategy is to use a couple cards to get out XYZ or another type, and flush your hand to kill everything they have. Terrible strategy. Horrendous. This focuses on the field, not hand and field. This works on a bunch of 1 for 1 trade-offs. Heh…… Not worth our CoTD Reviewer’s time. In Fact, maybe try using these cards for your dog’s chew toy; it’s enjoyable because the inks smear. LoL. 

Stats: XYZ-Dragon Cannon is a Level 8, but can only be Special Summoned through its effect so matters little.  Light/Machine/Effect-there are several cards that can support Light cards, like Luminous Spark for a Field Spell.  Machines get a great boost from Limiter Removal.  And this is a 2800 ATK Machine, so it is a tremendous boost indeed.  DEF is 2600, enough that only the biggest monsters can crack it.

Card Text (Effects): First, we have the mixed blessing of it being a Special Summon monster.  The good news-it won’t cost your summon for the turn, and doesn’t need Polymerization.  The bad new is it is a three monster Fusion, and since it isn’t a “proper” Fusion, and must be summoned with the exact Fusion materials, a) no Fusion substitutes, and b) no using Monster Reborn or its ilk to revive them.

The second effect is great.  Unlimited Raigeki Breaks… well, on your turn.  I happen to like Raigeki Break, but most of my decks can part with about a third of their contents and still run.  Nuking any card on the field for one in hand is good bye me… if you are prepared for it.

Uses/Combinations: Sinister Serpent-free shot at any one card each turn is a powerful thing.  Limiter Removals are great for this thing, as is the Forceful Sentry.  Why that last one?  Aside from being a useful card anyway, use it to look for a Kuriboh (and get rid of one if you find it).  Now, if you hand allows, clear the field.  Finally, activate 2 Limiter Removals and attack for game.


Casual: 4/5-Looks pretty wicked to me.

Constructed: 3.5/5-Much harder to pull this all off fast enough in this format.

Limited: 5/5… but that’s only if you can get what you need to run it.  If you do, and can summon it with several cards in hand, you can probably take out what’s left of their LP.


Potent card, but it’s so hard to get out.



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