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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Sinister Serpent

Card Number - SDD-002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 2.02.04

Monday - Sinister Serpent
This week we're looking at cards that your opponent do not want to discard from your hand and/or your deck.  Today we're looking at the most popular one, that being Squee, Gob.......Sinister Serpent.
Sinister Serpent
During your Standby Phase, if a "Sinister Serpent" exists in your Graveyard, you can return the "Sinister Serpent" to your hand.
Promo Rare
If you've ever played Magic: The Gathering, you'll know this guy as Squee, Goblin Nabob.  He doesn't have very impressive stats (3cc for 1/1), but he comes back to your hand during your Upkeep if he's in your Graveyard.
Sinister Serpent is essentially a carbon copy of Squee.  He just doesn't go away.  He may be weak, but resilient.  He'll always come back.  (Well, almost always...)
However, it's much more important in this game than in Magic: The Gathering.
As I'm sure you've all figured out now, hand advantage is crucial in this game.  The average number of cards in your hand at any given time is likely to be in the 2-3 card range.  With all the discard running rampant in the game today, that's a very generous number.
However, as the theme of this week suggests, this is one of the LAST cards that your opponent will want to hit with a card such as Don Zaloog or Delinquent Duo.  If your opponent hits this, it's basically a wasted effect, as it will just come back.
Of course, that's not his only application.  He basically reduces the cost of any card that requires you to discard cards from your hand (most notably Graceful Charity).  He acts as a chump blocker if you are having a hard time drawing monsters.  He can also do a little dance, but only if you are paying close attention.  *scratch that last one*
He's probably one of the worst cards to topdeck, but he's always nice to draw with Graceful Charity, or you can always just get him into the fray immediately with Painful Choice.  An old running joke was that the ultimate combo in the game was Painful Choice + Sinister Serpent + Graceful Charity for good hand advantage.
I wouldn't quite consider him a staple, but he is good at what he does, and what he does is pretty cool stuff.
So remember folks, you DON'T want to hit this with hand/deck destruction.
Casual: 4.2
Tournament: 4.2
Just play it, OK?  Almost any deck can find SOME way to make Sinister Serpent worth playing.  At the worst, he can effectively negate Don Zaloog's effect or freely sacrifice himself to bring out Relinquished/Thousand-Eyes Restrict.
Draft: N/A
Go ahead, take your best shot.
DM7FGD Sinister Serpent 

Water/Reptile - Level 1 - 300/250 
Effect: During your Standby Phase, if a "Sinister Serpent" exists in your Graveyard, you can return the "Sinister Serpent" to your hand. 

Sinister Serpent is really a great card. Some players consider it a "Monster Staple," and others don't like it at all, but it's really a nice card that'll benefit you to have in many situations. 

Obviously, the Serpent is usually always a card you'll want to choose as one of your 5 when using Painful Choice. Your opponent will either let you keep your Serpent (which is what they'll usually do), or make you put it into your Graveyard, which would be a mistake, as you'd then have gained some card advantage. You'd get to keep one card, while getting your Serpent back during your next turn. Good card to use with Graceful Charity, any cards that require a discard, etc. 

Serpent's good to have when your opponent's running any Hand/Deck Destruction tactics, as well, because if it gets discarded, you'll obviously be getting it back. The Serpent can also be a good card to set face-down on the Field in some situations, when you're in trouble and need a constant damage blocker. You could keep setting it, and even though it may be getting constantly destroyed, you'll still keep getting it back for repeated use. Great card in tight situations, but when in a situation as tight as that, Tramplers are cards you'll need to watch out for. (i.e. Spear Dragon) 

Sinister Serpent is a card that can keep your opponent from winning in some situations when they're using Chaos Emperor Dragon against you, as well, but TCG Duelists won't have to worry about that for another month or so. (You can check my Look Into the Future section, articles #1 and 32 for information on CED and the other Chaos Monsters, if you don't already know about them) 

If you don't include Sinister Serpent in your Deck, it's a card that definitely should be included in your Side Deck, but I'd recommend it for pretty much any Deck. 

•~ Sinister Serpent ~• 
Overall Rating: 4.3 / 5 
f00b Sinister Serpent - 2/2/04 

Reptile/Effect Monster 
During your Standby Phase, if a "Sinister Serpent" exists in your Graveyard, you can return the "Sinister Serpent" to your hand. 
Secret Rare

+A stall forever in case of Yata 
+Always returning to your hand to replenish size. 
+Combo-CRAZY card 
+Combo-CRAZY card 
+Combo-CRAZY card 

-VERY low stats 
-Lacks offense 
-Weak Alone 
-Trample hurts.. 
-If removed from game, well, yea, itís gone. 

*What DOESNíT combo w/ sinister? Helps with discards like Graceful Charity, Card Destruction, Spell Shield/Magic Jammer, Tribe-Infecting Virus, or against Delinquent Duo or in conjunction with Mirage of Nightmare, combos further with Creature Swap and Metamorphosis for field control. None of these should warrant explanation, plain and simple they WORK with this card. 

And about the only ways to take care of it are to Nobleman of Crossout it or hit it with a D.D. card like Crazy Beast or Warrior Lady. And oh yea, Kycoo/Soul Release/Book of Life effects rid him too. 

Thatís about it. If thereís one thing to remember about this card, its this: 

Sinister Serpent belongs in EVERY deck, it is a STAPLE monster, and one of the MOST versatile effect monsters in the entire game of duel monsters. Play it and win, or donít and miss out. Period. 

Constructed - 5/5 I donít care what others say this card IS broken. 
Limited - ?/? Kind of impossible to get in limited unless you draft out of GAMEBOY games. LoL.  


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