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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

YZ-Tank Dragon
Super Rare

Machine / Fusion / Effect
“Y-Dragon Head” + “Z-Metal Tank”
This monster can only be special summoned by removing from play the above monsters on your side of the field. You do not use “Polymerization” to special summon this monster from your Fusion deck. Discard 1 card from your hand to destroy 1 face-down Monster Card on your opponent’s side of the field.

Type - Light / 6 / 2100 / 2200
Card Number
- MFC-054

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 2.19.04

MerrilHess MFC-054 YZ-Tank Dragon

This card is also very good for this series, as it can get rid of nasty flip effects and face-down monsters. Too bad though, as he can barely kill V-Lord, can’t kill Jirai Gumo, Goblin, Orc, Jinzo, etc... This is definitely a decent card for the deck only because of it’s effect, not because of it’s attack.

I give YZ-Tank Dragon a 6/10 for bad hand management.  
Umbra Thursday, February 19, 2004
YZ-Tank Dragon

Wow 2 in a row for me. Anyway this is the third and final 2 combo of the XYZ series. Again this card reaches the same ATK as its union would, but it is the lowest of the three. And though nowadays the only facedown monsters tend to be crucial flip effect monsters, but those are few and far between. Still this card could combo well if you utilize cards such as book of the moon to create more face downs. Sinister Serpent benefits this situation greatly. Unfortunately, there are 4 star monsters that can easily take this monster down before it gets to work its magic.

Casual: 3
Tournament: 2 
ExMinion OfDarkness Thursday: YZ-Tank Dragon

At 2100 attack, you're using this card for the effect more than anything else. I still prefer Nobleman to this effect mainly because if you hit a Sangan or Witch, they still get their card. But with people setting Pyramid Turtles, Fiber Jar, Cyber Jar, and the like (especially Pyramid Turtles from what I saw at the Butler Regionals) this card is still worth playing if your opponent has been setting some things.

If you don't like surprises, or know your opponent sets cards that would give you trouble if you attacked them, I might try to get this fusion out before the others. Otherwise, I'd stick with XY or XZ.

I give this a 2.25/5. 
Gambit YZ-Tank Dragon

The weakest attack of the 3 2-fusion X-Y-Z monsters, and it has the best effect. There are too many monsters that can really mess you up if not destroyed outside of battle. If you are worried about Fiber Jar, Spirit Reaper, Cyber Jar, D.D. Warrior Lady, or even an annoying Sinister Serpent, this effect can help you out. You didn't go to all this trouble just to have this guy attack face-down defense monsters every turn. Again, you cannot revive this card.

3.5/5.0 Still enough ATK to kill Vampire Lord, and a good effect to boot. Again, use with caution. 
Omega Today’s card of the day is YZ-Tank Dragon. This may be the easiest of the XYZ fusions to summon because both of the fusion materials can be searched with Sangan, both may be special summoned by Shining Angel, and Z Metal Tank can also be searched by Witch of the Black Forest.

By using the card Frontline base, both of these monsters are able to be special summoned (1 monster per frontline base).

But YZ-Tank Dragon’s downside is that it has the weakest attack power out of all of the XYZ fusions, but it makes up for it by having one of the best effects (not including XYZ). If your opponent is relying on their Cyber/ Fiber Jar then all it takes is 1 discard from your hand to ruin their plans. But be careful, as it won’t stop Witch of the Black Forest, and Sangan from getting their effects.

Overall it’s good to have all 4 XYZ fusions in your fusion deck if your running any of the XYZ monsters because you never know what combinations you can pull off.

3.5/5 is my rating for this card. Of course this is taking into consideration that you would be using it for a Machine/ XYZ deck.  
Quickshot MFC-054 YZ-Tank Dragon

+ Destroys a Facedown monster.
+ Sinister.

- REALLY low attack.
- Requires the two worst of the 3 XYZ counterparts.
- Kycoo.
- Sangan. Witch. Sinister.

Lately only a couple monsters are set, witch, sangan and sinister. Slate warrior, from time to time, is set. That means this is a completely useless fusion. Ugh.

Casual – 2.0
Actual – 1.1

:Closing OTD: Use this card as some sort of fuel for some sort of fire. Even if the fire is meant to danger somebody, who cares. Trade it for as much currency in any country that you can, except don’t be fooled by pesos because last time I checked one peso = 11 cents. God, this card isn’t even good as a paper weight or a door stop………unless 

Stats: As I have stated repeatedly, since YZ-Tank Dragon is a Fusion (that as we find out “later” can only be summoned through its effect), its Level only really matters if you are running a Ritual with it (maybe in a freakish draft or while inebriated?) or if you face a Gravity Bind deck (well, they are a touch more common in casual matches).  Light is a supportable theme, and can serve as fodder for Chaos Monsters as well.  Machine’s are getting more common, and have some good tricks available to them.  The attack is just high enough to run over Vampire Lord, but not high enough to protect against Goblin Attack Force or even Giant Orc.  The Defense isn’t high enough to block those to either. 

Card Text (Effects): Like its siblings, you can’t summon it in any way but through its own effect.  This is annoying.  Aside from no Fusion substitutes, it means that you can’t, for example, Monster Reborn it.  At least you don’t need Polymerization.  As for its second effect, it’s not bad, but not great.  For the effort of getting this thing out, they could have let it nuke a monster in any position for the cost of a discard.

Uses/Combinations: Obviously, only use this in an XYZ deck, but always due since it goes in your Fusion Deck.  Same as we’ve been saying, a Sinister Serpent means one free use of the effect.  Take advantage of cards that help machines, Like Limiter Removal to help take advantage of a field you hopefully just cleared.  One little tidbit-with Tribe-Infecting Virus, you can keep an opponent on edge if you can keep these two alive.


Casual: 3/5-Nail those annoying set monsters… though you should of course be trying for a full XYZ-Dragon Cannon.

Constructed: 3/5-Same score as monsters are set less but usually have more devastating effects here (meaning they are usually one of the Jars).

Limited: 3/5-Here you see a lot of monsters being set, though most are for blocking.  Of course, this score doesn’t reflect the difficulty of actually drafting what you need to run this-for one thing, you never know when a company will decide reprints are good and we’d might see a more common version.  No, this is not based on anything I have hear, just justifying not penalizing the score for rarity. :-P


Not the least of the 3 smaller XYZ-Fusions, but not the best.  Try for the XZ-Tank Cannon or of course the full XYZ-Fusion over this.

-Otaku (


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