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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

XZ-Tank Cannon
Super Rare

Machine / Fusion / Effect
ďX-Head CannonĒ + ďZ-Metal TankĒ
This monster can only be special summoned by removing from play the above monsters on your side of the field. You do not use ďPolymerizationĒ to special summon this monster from your Fusion deck. Discard 1 card from your hand to destroy 1 face-down Spell Card or Trap Card on your opponentís side of the field.

Type - Light / 6 / 2400 / 2100
Card Number
- MFC-053

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 2.18.04

Wednesday - XZ-Tank Dragon
Not only does it have the second highest XZY ATK at 2400, it also has the ability destroy face-down Spell/Trap cards at will. The XYZ Monsters are all obviously thriving for a Sinister Serpent in hand.
Sadly, as cool as it may be, it's still extinct in the current environment. I'm almost positive it will never be a top tier deck, but that's what casual play is for.
Damn near impossible to play in Limited. Enjoy it in casual, and that's about it.
Constructed - 2/5
Limited - 1/5
Umbra Wednesday, February 18, 2004
XZ-Tank Cannon

Yes, I am still alive, and I try to CotD when I can, but thereís this thing called life that gets in the way. Anyway welcome to the third day of the XYZ week. Here is, in my honest opinion, the best of the three 2 combo-ed fusions. First the 2400 attack makes it on par with the boost given if X and Z were union-ed. Also this works as a nice compliment to MST, breaker, Heavy Storm, HFD, and all the m/t removal. Sure it doesnít work on face ups, but the worse threat tends to be the unknown one, even if it may just be a psychological one. Plus with Sinister Serpent you really cut down on the cost.

And as always, the lack of required polymerization makes this card much easier to get out. Also both parts are witch-able and Z even is searchable via sangan. So to get out the parts themselves is made much easier. Plus XZ is easier to obtain than XY rarity wise and its more useful.

Casual: 4
Tournament: 3 
ExMinion OfDarkness Wednesday: XZ-Tank Cannon

This card is well worth the change in effect from XY. YES, I understand your opponent can chain the Magic or Trap you are targeting. If you use this effect on a Waboku or Scapegoat, you just wasted a card. But this card will help you make sure the coast is clear before you go into an all-out assault.

This card's 2400 attack makes sure it won't get run over by a random Goblin Attack Force -- if you can protect this from field-clear magics (Raigeki, Dark Hole, etc.) it will be here for a little while, and tilt the game in your favor.

As long as you can afford the loss of cards in hand, you can open things up for a wide attack (or force your opponent to activate cards they wouldn't otherwise.)

I give this a 3/5. 
Gambit XZ-Tank Cannon

The middle of the 3 2-fusion X-Y-Z monsters in terms of strength also has the middle effect in terms of usefulness. You can get rid of the face-down Traps and Spells, which can help, but many are chainable anyway, so discarding may not make that much of a difference. Still, getting rid of that Mirror Force or Magic Cylinder can mean the difference between dealing some damage or winding up with a pile of unusable scrap metal. Again, you cannot bring this guy back from the graveyard.

3.0/5.0 Good ATK, can make the difference if you are going in for the kill. Still, use with caution. 
TheCommon FolksPath Wednesday February 18th
XZ-Tank Cannon

Sorry for my absence. I have been really sick the past three days and haven't really felt like getting up from my bed to go to the computer.

The XYZ set was really popular when Magician's Force first appeared.

However, after people played this type of deck for a couple of days/weeks, they found it way to hard to pull off the fusion combo(s).

The XZ Tank Cannon is an OK XYZ fusion. Although the XYZ fusions do promote bad hand management, it might be worth discarding that card to destroy their face-down M/T cards to assure yourself you won't hit a trap. The only problem is that they can chain those cards, making that discard completely pointless.

Another problem that is true with any of the XYZ fusions is that the fusion components are removed from the game. So, if something happens to the fusion, you wasted not only the fusion components, but any discards as well.

The only positives I can think of with this card is the destruction effect and the fact that it has a high attack for a 6 star fusion.

Constructed (XYZ Deck): 2.9/5
Sealed: N/A (Unless you perform a miracle and get a bunch of XYZ parts -_-) 
Omega XZ-Tank Cannon is my second personal favorite of the XYZ fusions, first being of course XYZ. However, if youíre ever in a bind, and can only fuse 2 of the 3 XYZ monsters, XZ-Tank Cannon is the one youíre going to strive for.

Not only is his attack the greatest of the 3 Double Fusions, his effect is probably the one youíre going to want to use. Because lets face it, youíre going to be more paranoid about a facedown Spell/Trap card, than a face down Monster card, and this monster allows you with a simple discard to destroy what may be your opponents last line of defense. However on the flip side, the card youíre targeting could be a card that could activate instead of being destroyed. (I.e. Ring of Destruction, Waboku, etc) However sometimes you need to take a chance, and it will pay off if the card you destroy is a Mirror Force.

And with 2400 attack, this monster is nothing to scoff at.

And hey itís not like it takes space in your deck right? It will just sit in the fusion deck until you need it.

So overall, if you are going to strive for any of the XYZ fusions, but donít want to risk it all for XYZ, then my pick would be go to for XZ-Tank Cannon.

My Ranking for this card is obviously going to be for XYZ decks only.

This card gets a 4/5 
Quickshot MFC-053 XZ-Tank Cannon

+ Uses X and Z, two cards that have a better chance of poking at the opponent while on the field (LOL.. yea right)
+ Kill a Facedown s/t.
+ Can take down a Jinzo.
+ Sinister.

- Where do I begin?
- Not nearly strong enough for removing 2 monsters from play.
- Ugh. Iíll discard my last card in my hand only to attempt to destroy a ring, but instead my monster gets ringed.

Well, with this card you can be punked pretty badly. Ring of Destruction. Waboku. Book. Any chainable created. All of these completely kill this card. IMO, I would definitely rather have the other dude that destroys face up s/t.

Casual Ė 2.2
Actual Ė 1.3

:Closing OTD: Out of the fusions for XYZ my opinion is that this one is the easiest for the opponent to gain advantage. 

Stats: Like its siblings, XZ-Tank Cannon is a Fusion, so its Level being 6 means little-you canít go under Gravity Bind, but hey it counts for six levels of a Ritual Summon (wow-that still sounds lame).  Like the whole XYZ Series, itís a Light monster.  On the off chance you havenít read the two previous reviews, Iíll remind you that means you can support it with a Field Spell card, run it in Light decks, use it for Chaos Monster summoning fodder, etc.  As I stated the last two days (and will in the next two reviews), I like Machine monsters; there are things that target just them.  Some are good (Limiter Removal).  Some arenít (other than tribe, which hurts any mono-type deck, I donít think they are out yet).  Its attack is 2400-just about right for a Level 6 with an effect.  While this card, as we will see, isnít as potent as say, Jinzo, it still has its uses.  Only a few single tribute monsters can give it trouble, like Dark Ruler Ha Des, Summoned Skull, Skull Archfiend of Lightning, etc. are not what youíd call staples (at least in general).  There are also a handful of non-tribute monsters that will annoy it, but (like Injection Fairy Lily) they are costly to play.  It can run over most beatsticks and of course Vampire Lord, which is good.  Itís Defense, while probably not something youíd make use of a lot, is pretty good (not like we have to search the deck for it).  At 2100, only the top beatsticks can get around it, though most tribute monsters can.

Card Text (Effects): Like XY-Dragon Cannon, YZ-Tank Dragon, and XYZ-Dragon Cannon, this card can only be summoned by removing from play the required pieces.  This is not so good-you canít use convenient Fusion substitutes, you have to remove the pieces used from play, and you canít revive them even when they were properly summoned.  Fortunately, the two more useful (imo) pieces combine for this one.  X-Head Cannon, as stated Monday, is a decent 1800 Level 4beatstick searchable by Witch of the Black Forest.  Z-Metal Tank can be searched out by Witch, Sangan, and Shining Angel.  Shining Angel is what really helps this Fusion.  Since you donít need Polymerization, you can just let your opponent run over a Shining Angel, use it for Z-Tank (assuming they have not other monsters to attack with), then summon X-Head Cannon, and if it makes it, remove them from play for XZ-Tank Cannon.

The second effect is somewhat useful.  Destroying a face-down Spell/Trap card is sometimes worth discarding a card.  First, you probably will use it to make sure your coup de grace isnít spoiled by a Mirror Force or the like.  Second, you will also probably use Sinister or something else you want to discard (like a Jinzo).  About half the time, though, youíll probably nail a Chainable Spell/Trap, which means they will chain it, thus making it an illegal target.  This causes the effect to fizzle, so that they still get their Spell/Trap (though possible at a less than useful time) and you discarded a card for (next to) no reason.

Uses/Combinations: Again, anything that works well with Light, Machine, and Union Monsters can be considered.  This will mostly see play in a Light/Machine deck, so Jinzo, Mechanical Chasers and a Reflect Bounder are probably good partners for it.  Again, there are Union specific Spell and Trap cards-since I havenít ever run or faced a Union deck (they arenít really mainstream), Iíll leave the lists of what is useful to the more experienced reviewers.  And of course, run it in an XYZ-deck. XD


Casual: 3.5/5-Posibly my favorite of the two-piece XYZ-Fusions.  Best attack, good defense, and a decent effect.  Toss in some Limiter Removals and you might consider running this against the big boys.

Tournament: 3/5-Same as above, but the whole XYZ deck is less playable here.

Limited: 2.5/5-Few spell/trap cards in these events, so its effect is much less useful.  A decent attacker though, provided you can somehow summon it.

A good cardÖ for XYZ-decks only.

-Otaku (


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