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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

XY-Dragon Cannon
Ultra Rare

Machine / Fusion / Effect
“X-Head Cannon” + “Y-Dragon Head”
This monster can only be special summoned by removing from play the above monsters on your side of the field. You do not use “Polymerization” to special summon this monster from your Fusion deck. Discard 1 card from your hand to destroy 1 face-up Spell Card or Trap Card on your opponent’s side of the field.

Type - Light / 6 / 2200 / 1900
Card Number
- MFC-051

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 2.17.04

SomeGuy Tuesday - XY-Dragon Cannon

XY-Dragon Cannon is one, if not the, worst XYZ Monsters that we have available. What good face up Spell/Trap cards are worth destroying besides Imperial Order? Don't expect many in a competitive environment.

Not only does it have one of the worst effects, but it also has the second weakest ATK. If you're going to use your resources to acquire an XYZ Monster in play, you might as well go for one of the more playable versions.

Next to impossible to play in Draft. 

Constructed - 1.5/5
Limited - 1/5 
ExMinion OfDarkness Tuesday:  XY-Dragon Cannon

This is, in my opinion, the least useful of the 3 two-piece fusions. It has more attack than YZ, but we'll get to that when we actually review YZ. If you're Fusing pieces, it's usually for their effect. There aren't that many face-up Magic/Traps that stay on the field. There are enough to warrant using it though. Premature Burial, Snatch Steal, Equips, Call of the Haunted, and Imperial Order are the ones you'd most likely be hitting with this. There's Mirage as well but usually you don't want to destroy your opponent's Mirage during their Main Phase. :P

As a general note, for all the Fusions for these pieces, it's a good idea to run Sinister Serpent in your Deck, because Sinister = 1 free shot per turn from whatever Fusion you happen to be using.

The only reason you would summon this is if you either didn't have the Z down, or your opponent has one of the above-mentioned cards out and you want it gone.

I give this card a 2.5/5.
Gambit XY-Dragon Cannon

The strongest of the 2-fusion X-Y-Z monsters, and the weakest effect. In case you haven't noticed, all of the X-Y-Z fusion monsters have the same ATK as their Union counterparts (even XYZ is 1800 + 400 + 600). Getting this one out is quite frankly not to your advantage, unless you are faced with continuous Spells or Traps, or if you have already activated Limiter Remover on your X-Y Union. Taking your main players in a deck out of play is always a risky chance to take, but if the situation calls for it do it. Otherwise, don't. Hold out for X-Y-Z or a nice Combination Attack kill. Also, be aware that you CANNOT "properly" summon this monster, so there is no way to revive him from the graveyard.

1.5/5.0 Should only be Special Summoned when absolutely needed. 
Quickshot MFC-051 XY-Dragon Cannon

+ Can Destroy a Spell/Trap
+ Sinister Serpent

- Heh. Must require these two on the field.
- Harder to get out than you my think.
- Stats are Horrendous.
- Destroy only one face-UP Spell/Trap..? Looks like advantage will be theirs.
- Kycoo.
- Requires cards in your hand.

Well today I reveal to you even more of my thoughts of XYZ. By the end of the week you’ll know enough about XYZ than you’ll be able to handle. 

A) You waste 2 monsters to get this monster out, only for its “Good” effect to be getting rid of spells/traps by discarding.
B) You’re going to waste all your time to get out a monster like this only to be destroyed by a set trap, and even better yet all this card can destroy are face-up S/T’s, which are rare.
C) You’re wasting your time to get out a 2200 attack monster..? I could do that with a mere goblin and save you of your troubles.

Casual – 2.5
Actual – 1.7

:Closing OTD: Ugh. Don’t waste your time buying these supers and ultras for a dead-end strategy unless you insist on being unique. I’ve seen there is no way to compensate for your Yugioh Spendings unless somebody REALLY wants to buy your cards. As if. 

XY-Dragon Cannon

XY-Dragon Cannon is a Fusion, so its Level being 6 means little-you can’t go under Gravity Bind, but hey it counts for six levels of a Ritual Summon. ;) Now to something a little more pertinent: as a Light Monster, there are a few support cards.  Since all of the XYZ Fusion (and the component monsters used yesterday) are also Light, so a card that boosts Light Monsters across the board (like the Field Magic card Luminous Spark) could be used for a boost.  Plus, when the monster goes to the Graveyard, you can use it for Chaos Monster summoning requirements.  As I sated yesterday, I like Machine monsters, as they have some good support cards.  Best is Limiter Removal-it makes for an excellent final shot.  It is an Effect/Fusion monster, which I’ll address in the next section.  Its attack is 2200-a touch low for Level 6 (even a fusion one) in my opinion, but at least it’s high enough to run over Vampire Lord.  The 1900 DEF will rarely matter, but it is a decent amount since you don’t need to worry about searching it out of your deck.  I can’t imagine you purposely wanting to put it in DEF mode unless your opponent summoned something huge last turn and will just run over it on their next. 

Card Text (Effects): Well, the good news is that even though it’s a Fusion, it doesn’t need Polymerization to be summoned.  Unfortunately, both Fusion components must be on the field to summon it and that is the only way to summon it.  Given what that text means on similar cards, I assume that this card can’t be revived through Monster Reborn, even after being properly summoned.  That’s annoying.  As for the real effect of the card, it’s pretty weak.  You can destroy one face-up Spell or Trap card on your opponent’s side of the field.  There are few occasions when this will be particularly useful, as few permanent or Equip Spell cards are played, and even fewer lasting Traps.  However, while few, there is one Trap you will want to be able to nuke that remains on the field and is considered a staple: Imperial Order.  Now, most people use Imperial Order as a free “Magic Jammer”-they activate it to counter one Spell card, then let it expire on their next stand-by phase.  However, when your opponent has a huge hand, most competent players I know will leave it out while you prepare to deal with said hand.  Given most players so heavily favor Spell cards, it’s a safe bet that a large hand is mostly Spell cards.  Well, I said it was a rare use.  Other than that, Pre-Mature Burial, Call of the Haunted, Snatch Steal, and a few other cards can be nailed by this card.  The effect’s cost may seem steep, but there’s always good old Sinister Serpent to give you a “freebie” each turn.  Plus, you can use the discard on the odd Tribute Monster.

Uses/Combinations: The main place to use this is in your XYZ-deck’s Fusion deck.  While it will almost never prove useful, at least it can help hand a few cards.  In addition to Imperial Order, there is the occasional Gravity Bind or Messenger of Peace decks.

The normal Machine combos apply-a double Limiter Removal for when something attacks it could pay off real big.

3/5-Actually where it’s most useful-the XYZ-decks are one of those “not quite” decks that while being well known and organized, still don’t quite measure up to more cutthroat competition.  Meaning XYZ-decks are strong in casual but weak in serious Tournaments.  Also a boon is that here, things like Gravity Bind and Messenger of Peace are also stronger here, as are many other decks that use the Spell/Trap cards that have a field duration.

Tournament: 2.5/5-Since your have plenty of room in a Fusion deck, you might as well toss it in-it could even be useful from time to time.

Limited: 2/5-Even if you get what you need to get it into play, in this format, Tribute Monsters show up more, and thus ATK scores sore.  There will also be even fewer Spell/Trap cards that have a field duration.

Personally, I think they should have beefed up the two card Fusions a bit more-especially this one.  Separating face-up/face-down (XZ-Tank Cannon can nuke the face-down Spell/Trap cards only) into different monsters was foolish-they never targeted the hand at all, though perhaps they feared that would be too much.  Still, they could have at least beefed this things ATK/DEF scores to compensate for a lame effect.  It has the lowest DEF and second lowest ATK, but the worst effect.

Let me add that I am still awaiting the results of the Judge Test, and have never seen an XYZ-deck played.  If I am missing some beautiful combo, e-mail it to me.

-Otaku (

infinitekhaos The XY "upgrade" of yesterdays cards is probably the least useful, and most expensive (ultra rare). It is very seldom you will need to destroy a face UP spell or trap. The most common cards that are played face up for extended periods of time are Imperial Order, Mirage of Nightmare and sometimes, Messenger of Peace. It the likelihood of you bringing out this monster and Imperial Order being on the field is low. Also, Imperial might not even be bothering you considering all you did to bring it out. This card is good if you want to keep up with the theme, but his effect isn't worth losing a card in your hand. If you packed it, go ahead and toss it in your fusion deck, it looks freaking cool.

Tourney - 2.0/5

Draft - 0.0/5 - LOL i hope you pulled a Gagagigo if you packed this.

Artwork - 5.0/5



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